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Carroll/East Carroll Newspaper Excerpt Books


I have compiled several books that are typed out excerpts, or the originals, from the columns of several Northeastern Louisiana's newspapers as well as some other U. S. newspapers.  These books start from scarce mentions of the area in 1818.   As you will see, there where many hardships our ancestors went through, along with many joyous occasions they had,  that I've placed within these pages.  There are what I've always refered to as "the gossip columns" here, but also there is so much more; there were town meetings, church goings, hunting trips, yellow fever epidemics, floods, fires, slave trades, plantation BarBQues, births, deaths, marriages, entertainments, etc., etc., etc.   I could go on and on the different subjects which is contained here.  It shows the way of life during those years.

Basic history of East Carroll Parish:
Prior to 1814, all of the territory covered by the current East Carroll Parish was part of the now the defunct Warren Parish.   On March 14, 1832 the Parish of Carroll was created from the northern part of the original Concordia Parish and the eastern part of Ouachita Parish.  In 1877, with the line being the Bayou Macon, the parish of Carroll was divided into what is now East Carroll Parish and West Carroll Parish.

Below is a list of the books I have.  They are all works in progress.... Not to long ago I started finding more pictures of people, steamboats, etc., and started adding them into the books, as well as some of the original stories and ads that I clipped and pasted from the newspapers themselves.  I have also began placing some pictures for illustrations, such as some of the hotels people would visit in N.O. and St. Louis, etc.    A few of the books I have not been able to get to yet, they are still the originals. 

If you would like for me to check out any names to see if they contain any person you are seeking information about.... I would be glad to look to see for you if they are in any of these books... please send me at least first and last name to me at

"Early Days in the Vacinity of Carroll Parish" 1818 - 1860. This book also includes "Carroll Watchman" of 1845.

"Carroll Parish in the Civil War", 1861 - 1865.

Book I. "Murder, Mayhem, &  Misc. of Carroll Parish, Louisiana" covers the years 1866 thru 1876, right after the Civil War.  The parish seat was in Floyd.  [Carroll Parish]

Book II. "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of East Carroll Parish, La. II".  These excerpts are from the years 1877 - 1888. 

Book III. "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of East Carroll Parish, La. III", excerpts from 1889 - 1891.

Book IV. It covers 1892 - 1895, and contains 1892 map sections of the town of Lake Providence. 

Book V.  This book will cover years 1896 thru 1899. Still working on it..... [I have thru 1897 done].

Book VI. "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of E. Carroll Parish, La."  It covers 1904 - 1906 and 1918 - 1928, issues during this time period where somewhat scarce.

Sandy Guthrie Moore


  1. Hello Mr./Mrs. Moore,

    I hope this finds you well. I received your contact information from this link:

    I'm contacting you from the TIME Inc. Home Entertainment Division, as the Photo Editor for an upcoming 150th Anniv. of Gettysburg book project for TIME - which will be in production till next March & in book stores in June leading up to the Anniv.

    I'm writing first, to introduce myself and second in hopes that you can help me with an image request for our first deadline. We are looking to include a side bar on (your great-great grandfather, I believe...) Andrew Park & a few other local stories & I'm currently searching for images of him or his Company. Do you have any images you can send me of him in his Civil War Uniform or of his Company I, of the 42nd Mississippi Regiment, Davis' Bridgade, Heth's Division, A. P. Hill's Corps. A. N. V.? I'm hoping you may have some on hand you can share or direct me to the right place to find such material.

    Thank you in advance for your help & I hope to hear from you soon,

    Deirdre Read

  2. I am trying to find a picture and more information on the Old Stamboul Plantation....Later owned by the Shields family. My parents lived in and took care of the house back in the 1980's while the family decided what to do with it. The pecan orchard still stood at the time.
    My daughter, born in 1998 now wishes to find out more about it. I actually lived in Transylvania for about 5 years. I even worked at the East Carroll Parrish Hosp. at one time many many years ago.
    I am now living in Mid Michigan. I can be reached @
    DLJLOCO1305@YAHOO.COM and many other locations online.
    deb johnson

  3. I have sent some pics if it isn't too late.

  4. Is there a Surname Index for the books? I'm looking for Roundtree during the 1890s

  5. Is it possible to get a copy of Book 1? It covers the later years of my gr-gr-grandfather, Ferdinand Morgan Goodrich (1826-1876).

  6. Would like some information about Joseph Captain House and the Funeral Home he owned in the 1930-1950