Saturday, July 21, 2012

Carroll/East Carroll Newspaper Excerpt Books


I have compiled several books that are typed out excerpts from the columns of several Northeastern Louisiana's newspapers.  These series of books, which I titled "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of Carroll Parish" and "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of East Carroll Parish, La." These excerpts are from local newspapers in and around Lake Providence, La., and cover the years of 1845 and also years from 1866 to 1928. As you will see, there where many hardships our ancestors went through, along with many joyous occasions they had,  that I've placed within these page.  There are what I've always refered to as "the gossip columns" here, but also there is so much more; there were town meetings, church goings, hunting trips, yellow fever epidemics, floods, fires, slave trades, plantation BarBQues, births, deaths, marriages, entertainments, etc., etc., etc.   I could go on and on the different subjects which is contained in these books. It shows the way of life in those years.

Below is a list of the books and the years that are contained in each one, and number of pages contained in each book:

One book "Carroll Watchman" is only 39 pages long. It covers the year 1845.

Book I. "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of Carroll Parish, Louisiana", is from the years 1866 thru 1876, right after the Civil War. The parish seat was in Floyd until the division of the parish into the 'East' and 'West' parishes, with the division line being the Macon Bayou in 1877. This book is 308 pages.

Book II. "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of East Carroll Parish, La. II". It's excerpts are from the years 1877 - 1888, over 275 pages.

Book III. "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of East Carroll Parish, La. III", excerpts from 1889 - 1891, over 250 pages.

Book IV. It covers 1892 - 1895, and contains 1892 map sections of the town of Lake Providence. The book is 365 pages plus.

Book V.  This book will cover years 1896 thru 1899.

Book VI. "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of E. Carroll Parish,La. VI" contains 200 pages. It covers 1904 - 1906 and 1918 - 1928, issues during this time period where somewhat scarce.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these books.
Sandy Guthrie Moore