Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stack Island or Lake Providence, La.

"Life on the Mississippi"
(Mark Twain's memory of L. P. or Stack Island)
[sketch by Sandy Guthrie Moore]

STACK ISLAND [some called it Stock Island]
"I remembered Stack Island; also Lake Providence, Louisiana--which is the first distinctly Southern-looking town you come to, downward-bound; lies level and low, shade trees hung with venerable gray beards of spanish moss; 'restful, pensive, Sunday aspect about the place,' comments Uncle Mumford, with feeling--also with truth.
... These mosquitoes had been persistently represented as being formidable and lawless; whereas 'the truth is, they are feeble, insignificant in size diffident to a fault, sensitive'--and so on, and so on; you would have supposed he was talking about his family. But if he was soft on the Arkansas mosquitoes, he was hard enough on the mosquitoes of Lake Providence to make up for it--'those Lake Providence colossi, 'as he finely called them. He said that two of them could whip a dog, and that four of them could hold a man down; and except help come, they would kill him--'butcher him,' as he expressed it. Referred in a sort of casual way--and yet significant way-- to 'the fact that the life policy in its simplest from is unknown in Lake Providence--they take out a mosquito policy besides."

Monday, May 25, 2009



Mural (top left & right) is located in downtown Lake Providence. It is a wonderful painting of the alligators' territory in the swamps of E. C., Louisiana. (the right picture is actually the left side of the entire image). Bottom left is the Old Gossypia Plantation. It is located on a building close to the Mississipi River levee (downtown) in L. P., La. Both murals have faded considerably, and the mural of the plantation is almost covered by a building next to it. [pictures by Sandy Guthrie Moore]

Sunday, May 24, 2009

E. C. Parish, LA Land Patents

18 N, 10 E
BRYANT, GEORGE W 07/05/1849 531B LA1430__.031
GREEN, ROBERT 06/01/1850 9378 LA1040__.127
HAGOOD, PLEASANT T 09/01/1849 9594 LA1040__.280
HOLLEY, JAMES 08/30/1858 16537 LA1160__.027
LAND, LITTLEBERRY J 09/01/1856 13621 LA1100__.37
18 N, 11 E
CHILTON, SARAH N 07/05/1849 525 LA1430__.093
COOPER, THOMAS 09/15/1854 13235 LA1090__.477
COPLEY, GEORGE W 07/05/1849 609 LA1430__.092
COPLEY, GEORGE W 07/05/1849 651 LA1430__.090
COPLEY, MARGARET A 07/18/1854 609 LA1430__.422
MCENERY, JAMES D 09/01/1849 9657 LA1040__.324
STORY, ARCHIBALD 07/30/1849 651 LA1430__.108
18 N, 12 E.
BEARD, ISHAM B 04/10/1843 6400 LA0970__.255
BOULDIN, ROBERT E 04/10/1843 6423 LA0970__.278
BOULDIN, ROBERT E 04/10/1843 6424 LA0970__.279
BOULDIN, ROBERT E 04/10/1843 6425 LA0970__.280
CAVILEER, EDMUND 07/05/1849 644B LA1430__.069
CAVILEER, EDMUND 06/05/1848 8977 LA1030__.239
CAVILEER, EDMUND 06/01/1848 9011 LA1030__.272
CAVILEER, EDMUND 09/01/1849 9266 LA1040__.026
DUNLAP, JOSEPH 04/10/1843 6398 LA0970__.253
DUNLAP, JOSEPH 04/10/1843 6399 LA0970__.254
GOOD, ANDREW 04/10/1843 6031 LA0960__.447
HARDISON, BENJAMIN 04/12/1847 8680 ?LA020__.392
HENDERSON, JOHN 04/10/1843 6443 LA0970__.297
MORGAN, OLIVER I 04/10/1843 6032 LA0960__.448
MORGAN, OLIVER I 04/10/1843 6033 LA0960__.449
MORGAN, OLIVER J 04/12/1847 8710 LA1020__.423
MORGAN, OLIVER J 04/12/1847 8711 LA1020__.424
THOMPSON, JEREMIAH A 04/10/1843 5916 LA0960__.377
THOMPSON, JEREMIAH A 04/10/1843 6027 LA0960__.444
THOMPSON, JOAB 04/10/1843 6393 LA0970__.248
WILLIAMS, ISAAC F 10/01/1845 7811 LA1000__.222
WILLIAMS, ISAAC F 10/01/1845 7812 LA1000__.223
18N, 13 E
CAVENS, ELIJAH 06/15/1837 453 LA0860__.381
DOWNS, THOMAS D 06/15/1837 258 LA0860__.277
EVANS, ALLEN 04/02/1829 77 LA0860__.059
GREEN, THOMAS J 08/02/1837 1844 LA0900__.288
HENDERSON, WILLIAM 08/01/1838 1843 LA0930__.080
HOOD, ALFRED M 05/01/1827 73 LA0860__.052
MORGAN, OLIVER I 10/20/1838 1864 LA0890__.015
OVERTON, JOHN H 06/20/1837 1562 LA0880__.285
OVERTON, JOHN H 06/20/1837 1563 LA0880__.286
OVERTON, JOHN H 06/20/1837 1570 LA0880__.293
OVERTON, JOHN H 06/20/1837 1579 LA0880__.302
OVERTON, JOHN H 06/20/1837 1580 LA0880__.303
OVERTON, JOHN H 06/20/1837 1647 LA0880__.360
OVERTON, JOHN H 06/20/1837 1648 LA0880__.361
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1565 LA0880__.288
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1576 LA0880__.300
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1577 LA0880__.299
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1578 LA0880__.301
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1585 LA0880__.308
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1586 LA0880__.309
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1587 LA0880__.310
PETTIT, WILLIAM M 09/22/1845 188 LA0990__.500
SIMMONS, FRANCES J 08/01/1844 7564 LA0990__.192
WINN, RICHARD 06/20/1837 1568 LA0880__.291
WINN, RICHARD 06/20/1837 1569 LA0880__.292
WINN, RICHARD 06/20/1837 1581 LA0880__.304
WINN, RICHARD 06/20/1837 1582 LA0880__.305
WINN, RICHARD 06/20/1837 1604 LA0880__.327
18N, 14 E
CAVINS, ELIJAH 06/20/1837 1442 LA0880__.176
MORANCY, HONORE P 06/20/1837 1484 LA0880__.21
19N, 10E
CLAMANDS, MARTHA W 08/10/1858 13592 LA1140__.252
RICHARDSON, CHARLES B 07/05/1849 178B LA1430__.029
SCARBROUGH, WILLIAM 12/16/1850 426B LA1430__.220
19N, 11E
ARCHBOLD, EDWARD 07/05/1849 406B LA1430__.038
CONINES, RICHARD 07/06/1849 563B LA1430__.014
COPLEY, GEORGE W 07/05/1849 651 LA1430__.090
COUCH, JOHN W 09/01/1849 9598 LA1040__.282
DEESON, WILLIAM 09/01/1849 9664 LA1040__.331
GEORGE, EVAN 10/30/1857 15805 LA1140__.184
GUIER, PETER J 08/20/1858 16220 LA1150__.285
GUIER, PETER J 06/22/1850 9662 LA1040__.328
GUIER, PETER J 09/01/1849 9663 LA1040__.330
KENNEDY, SAMUEL 09/01/1849 9659 LA1040__.326
KENNEDY, SAMUEL 09/01/1849 9660 LA1040__.327
KENNEDY, SAMUEL 09/01/1849 9661 LA1040__.329
KENT, WILLIAM W 09/01/1849 9600 LA1040__.284
KNOX, EMILY A 08/20/1858 16204 LA1150__.269
MCNEILL, JAMES H 10/30/1857 15727 LA1140__.146
MOORE, WILLIAM S 10/30/1857 15665 LA1140__.113
OLIVER, WILLIAM T 10/30/1857 15673 LA1140__.120
ROSS, EZEKIEL O 09/01/1849 9606 LA1040__.287
RYAN, MARTHA 07/05/1849 406B LA1430__.026
SPEARS, JOSEPH T 07/05/1849 406B LA1430__.032
STORY, ARCHIBALD 07/30/1849 651 LA1430__.108
VINSON, DANIEL S 08/20/1858 16186 LA1150__.256
VINSON, DANIEL S 08/20/1858 16187 LA1150__.257
WHEELER, PENNINAH 09/01/1849 9642 LA1040__.312
YOUNG, THOMAS B 09/01/1849 9545 LA1040__.263
19N, 12E
BALLARD, WILLIAM 08/01/1838 2454 LA0920__.092
BEARD, HENRY H 10/01/1845 5825 LA1000__.113
BEARD, HENRY H 09/01/1849 9408 LA1040__.157
BEARD, ISHAM B 10/01/1845 5813 LA1000__.101
BEARD, ISHAM B 10/01/1845 5814 LA1000__.102
BEARD, ISHAM B 10/01/1845 5824 LA1000__.112
BEARD, JAMES 10/01/1845 5823 LA1000__.111
BREARD, DANIEL A 04/10/1843 5616 LA0960__.184
BREARD, DANIEL A 04/10/1843 5617 LA0960__.185
BREARD, DANIEL A 04/10/1843 5618 LA0960__.186
BROWN, THOMAS 05/04/1848 2430 LA1030__.227
BUTLER, MARY 04/10/1843 2444 LA0960__.078
DEESON, WILLIAM M 10/01/1845 5829 LA1000__.117
DEESON, WILLIAM M 04/10/1843 5860 LA0960__.340
KEENE, ALEXANDER C 03/08/1837 1729 LA0860__.208
KELLAM, JOHN H 12/01/1846 1935 LA1010__.444
KELLAM, JOHN H 08/02/1837 2465 LA0900__.373
KELLAM, JOHN H 08/02/1837 2467 LA0900__.375
KELLAM, JOHN H 08/02/1837 2469 LA0900__.377
KELLAM, JOHN H 07/20/1838 2471 LA0920__.10
KELLAM, JOHN H 07/20/1838 2473 LA0920__.106
KELLAM, JOHN H 07/20/1838 2475 LA0930__.110
KELLAM, JOHN H 07/20/1838 2479 LA0920__.109
KELLAM, JOHN H 07/20/1838 2481 LA0920__.110
KELLAM, JOHN H 07/20/1838 2483 LA0930__.113
KELLAM, JOHN H 10/05/1838 4833 LA0940__.289
KELLAM, JOHN H 11/10/1841 5510 LA0950__.491
KELLAM, JOHN H 11/10/1841 5511 LA0950__.492
KELLUM, JOHN H 02/15/1838 2519 LA0940__.106
LACROIX, MICHAEL 12/01/1846 2477 LA1010__.448
LEDBETTER, JAMES W 10/01/1845 5826 LA1000__.114
LEDBETTER, JAMES W 10/01/1845 5827 LA1000__.115
LUCAS, JOHN 11/10/1841 4835 LA0950__.040
MCDONNOLD, THOMAS 04/04/1881 3429 LA1260__.500
MCMAHAN, DANIEL 04/10/1843 5784 LA0960__.307
MCMAHAN, DANIEL 04/10/1843 5785 LA0960__.308
MCMAHAN, WILLIAM C 04/10/1843 5786 LA0960__.309
MCMAHAN, WILLIAM C 04/10/1843 5787 LA0960__.310
MORGAN, OLIVER J 06/20/1837 1651 LA0880__.364
MORGAN, OLIVER J 07/20/1838 2428 LA0920__.082
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/08/1842 2432 LA0960__.017
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/08/1842 2436 LA0960__.018
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/08/1842 2438 LA0960__.019
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/08/1842 2440 LA0960__.020
MORGAN, OLIVER J 02/17/1846 2442 LA1010__.297
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/08/1842 2446 LA0960__.021
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/08/1842 2448 LA0960__.022
MORGAN, OLIVER 03/21/1843 2452 LA0960__.080
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/23/1843 2456 LA0900__.369
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/08/1842 2458 LA0960__.023
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/10/1837 2463 LA0920__.009
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/08/1842 2787 LA0960__.024
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/08/1842 2789 LA0960__.025
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4805 LA0940__.302
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4821 LA0940__.294
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/10/1841 5501 LA0950__.486
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/10/1841 5503 LA0950__.488
MORGAN, OLIVER J 04/03/1843 5504 LA0960__.120
MORGAN, OLIVER J 04/03/1843 5591 LA0960__.160
MORGAN, OLIVER J 04/03/1843 5592 LA0960__.161
MORGAN, OLIVER J 04/10/1843 5967 LA0960__.407
MORGAN, OLIVER J 04/12/1847 8709 LA1020__.422
MORTON, DAVID 08/01/1844 7682 LA0990__.265
MORTON, DAVID 08/01/1844 7683 LA0990__.266
MORTON, DAVID 10/01/1845 7840 LA1000__.392
REED, WILLIAM 08/02/1837 2434 LA0900__.365
SELBY, LEWIS 10/01/1845 5815 LA1000__.103
SELBY, LEWIS 10/01/1845 5816 LA1000__.104
SIMMERS, NICHOLAS 04/12/1847 8733 LA1020__.443
SIMMONS, NICHOLAS 05/01/1847 8916 LA1030__.110
SUTTON, WILLIAM 10/01/1845 5817 LA1000__.105
SUTTON, WILLIAM 10/01/1845 5818 LA1000__.106
19 N, 13E
BEAN, CHRISTOPHER 06/15/1837 1069 LA0870__.342
BEAN, CHRISTOPHER 06/15/1837 314 LA0860__.306
BEAN, CHRISTOPHER 06/15/1837 486 LA0860__.398
BEARD, JAMES 04/01/1829 96 LA0860__.078
BILLS, ROYAL 11/01/1826 43 LA0860__.019
CARSON, JAMES G 11/05/1852 12140 LA1070__.471
HOOD, HARBERD 08/01/1838 1056 LA0930__.054
HOOD, HARBERD 08/01/1838 1057 LA0930__.055
HOOD, HARBERD 06/15/1837 1058 LA0870__.334
HOOD, HARBERD 08/01/1838 310 LA0930__.022
HOOD, HARBERD 08/01/1838 311 LA0930__.023
HOOD, HARBERD 08/01/1838 326 LA0930__.025
HOOD, HARBIRD 06/15/1837 312 LA0860__.304
HOOD, HARBIRD 06/15/1837 315 LA0860__.307
HOOD, HARBIRD 06/15/1837 355 LA0860__.322
HOOD, HARBIRD 06/15/1837 487 LA0860__.399
KEENE, ALEXANDER C 02/28/1837 189 LA0860__.205
KEENE, WILLIAM B 09/01/1829 101 LA0860__.085
KELLAM, JOHN H 08/01/1838 1847 LA0930__.082
KELLAM, JOHN H 08/01/1838 1876 LA0930__.087
MORGAN, FERDINAND 05/01/1827 72 LA0860__.051
MORGAN, JONATHAN 06/15/1837 302 LA0860__.299
MORGAN, JONATHAN 06/15/1837 313 LA0860__.305
MORGAN, OLIVER J 08/01/1838 1080 LA0930__.058
MORGAN, OLIVER J 08/01/1838 1693 LA0930__.067
MORGAN, OLIVER J 08/01/1838 2133 LA0930__.097
MORGAN, OLIVER J 06/15/1837 316 LA0860__.308
MORGAN, OLIVER J 06/15/1837 484 LA0860__.396
MORGAN, OLIVER J 08/01/1838 488 LA0930__.043
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/30/1826 53 LA0860__.032
NEWMAN, HENRY 08/01/1838 206 LA0930__.013
THOMPSON, JOAB 05/01/1827 70 LA0860__.049
TRIMBLE, ALEXANDER G 08/01/1838 649 LA0930__.050
19N, 14E
EVANS, ALLEN 12/01/1846 548 LA1010__.44
20N, 11E
DAVIS, ISAAC 9/01/1849 9599 LA1040__.283
HASHBARGER, BENJAMIN 09/01/1849 9467 LA1040__.203
INGRAM, NICHOLAS D 08/10/1850 10205 LA1050__.132
JONES, JEREMIAH 07/05/1849 561B LA1430__.037
LUDELING, JOHN T 07/01/1859 18916 LA1180__.323
MARTIN, JOSHUA E 09/01/1849 9491 LA1040__.227
MCINTYRE, JOHN H 08/03/1899 18985 LA0310__.315
MOSLEY, FRANCIS M 08/10/1858 15849 LA1140__.491
OLD, WILLIAM W 04/30/1859 15556 LA1160__.220
PARKER, CAMPBELL 09/01/1849 9684 LA1040__.344
PARTON, ANN 08/30/1858 16778 LA1160__.093
RICHARDSON, JAMES G 07/01/1859 19310 LA1190__.055
SMITH, JOHN L 01/15/1858 9945 LA1120__.418
WRIGHT, ROBERT 11/10/1874 16734 LA1260__.368
BASS, JAMES A 05/01/1847 8920 LA1030__.114
BELL, THOMAS T 11/10/1841 5485 LA0950__.471
BOON, CLATON 04/10/1843 6554 LA0970__.398
COPLEY, GEORGE W 11/10/1841 5496 LA0950__.481
COPLEY, GEORGE W 04/10/1843 5607 LA0960__.176
COPLEY, GEORGE W 12/01/1846 5608 LA1020__.004
CRAWFORD, DAVID B 07/05/1849 737 LA1430__.073
DOBBS, HENRY M 10/01/1845 5842 LA1000__.128
GIBSON, GIBEON 03/09/1850 675 LA1430__.132
GIBSON, GIBEON 05/01/1847 8891 LA1030__.087
GIBSON, GIBEON 06/01/1848 8994 LA1030__.256
HOOD, GOVY 03/30/1883 3070 LA1250__.478
KEEN, JOHN W 04/10/1843 5479 LA0960__.118
KEEN, WILLIAM B 04/10/1843 5473 LA0960__.112
KEEN, WILLIAM B 04/10/1843 5474 LA0960__.113
KEEN, WILLIAM B 04/10/1843 5475 LA0960__.114
KEEN, WILLIAM B 04/10/1843 5476 LA0960__.115
KEEN, WILLIAM B 04/10/1843 5477 LA0960__.116
KEEN, WILLIAM B 04/10/1843 5478 LA0960__.117
KEEN, WILLIAM B 04/10/1843 5612 LA0960__.180
KEENE, ALEXANDER C 03/08/1837 1729 LA0860__.208
KEENE, WILLIAM B 03/08/1837 1728 LA0860__.207
KEENE, WILLIAM B 12/06/1837 3386 LA0930__.005
KEENE, WILLIAM B 08/01/1838 3386 LA0930__.499
KEENE, WILLIAM B 07/09/1847 4817 LA1030__.164
KELLAM, JOHN H 10/05/1838 4785 LA0940__.285
KELLAM, JOHN H 10/05/1838 4823 LA0940__.287
KELLAM, JOHN H 11/23/1843 4825 LA0990__.341
KELLAM, JOHN H 03/10/1840 4827 LA0940__.359
KELLAM, JOHN H 03/10/1840 4829 LA0940__.361
KELLAM, JOHN H 10/05/1838 4831 LA0940__.288
KELLAM, JOHN H 10/05/1838 4837 LA0940__.290
KELLAM, JOHN H 10/05/1838 4839 LA0940__.291
KELLAM, JOHN H 10/05/1838 4841 LA0940__.299
KELLAM, JOHN H 10/23/1838 4843 LA0940__.303
KELLAM, JOHN H 11/23/1843 4845 LA0990__.343
KELLAM, JOHN H 11/10/1841 5509 LA0950__.490
KELLAM, JOHN H 11/10/1841 5512 LA0950__.493
KELLAM, JOHN H 04/03/1843 5619 LA0960__.187
KELLEY, PATRICK 08/01/1844 7550 LA0990__.178
KELLY, PATRICK 08/01/1844 7575 LA0990__.200
LILES, WILLIAMSON 11/10/1841 5480 LA0950__.466
LILES, WILLIAMSON 11/10/1841 5481 LA0950__.467
MCENERY, JAMES D 06/01/1848 8985 LA1030__.247
MORGAN, CHARLES 07/09/1841 5506 LA0950__.136
MORGAN, CHARLES 07/09/1841 5507 LA0950__.138
MORGAN, CHARLES 07/09/1841 5508 LA0950__.137
MORGAN, CHARLES 05/01/1847 8918 LA1030__.112
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4773 LA0940__.279
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4775 LA0940__.280
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4779 LA0940__.281
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4781 LA0940__.282
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4783 LA0940__.300
MORGAN, OLIVER J 04/13/1840 4787 LA0940__.364
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4791 LA0940__.283
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4793 LA0940__.284
MORGAN, OLIVER J 03/22/1843 4799 LA0980__.358
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4801 LA0940__.301
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/23/1843 4803 LA0990__.340
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4807 LA0940__.286
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4809 LA0940__.295
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4811 LA0940__.296
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4813 LA0940__.297
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4815 LA0940__.293
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4819 LA0940__.298
MORGAN, OLIVER J 10/05/1838 4867 LA0940__.292
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/10/1841 5497 LA0950__.482
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/10/1841 5499 LA0950__.484
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/10/1841 5500 LA0950__.485
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/10/1841 5502 LA0950__.487
MORGAN, OLIVER J 11/10/1841 5505 LA0950__.489
PAGAN, LEANDER 11/10/1841 5513 LA0950__.494
PAGAN, LEANDER 11/10/1841 5514 LA0950__.495
PHELON, JAMES 11/10/1841 5482 LA0950__.468
PIKE, WILLIAM S 04/01/1861 17644 LA1230__.389
PRESCOTT, JAMES B 12/02/1833 257 LA0860__.157
RICHARDSON, JAMES N 07/01/1859 17517 LA1170__.140
SELBY, LEWIS 11/10/1841 5491 LA0950__.477
SELBY, LEWIS 11/10/1841 5492 LA0950__.478
SELBY, LEWIS 04/10/1843 5493 LA0960__.119
SELBY, LEWIS 11/10/1841 5494 LA0950__.479
SELBY, LEWIS 11/10/1841 5495 LA0950__.480
SELBY, LEWIS 12/01/1846 5590 LA1020__.003
SELBY, LEWIS 04/10/1843 5770 LA0960__.294
SELBY, LOUIS 08/01/1844 7291 LA0980__.465
STEVENSON, WILLIAM 11/10/1841 4795 LA0950__.038
TOMPKINS, CYNTHIA A 10/01/1845 7755 LA1000__.181
TOMPKINS, FRANCIS Y 10/01/1845 7348 LA1000__.143
TOMPKINS, JACKSON B 11/24/1846 8807 LA1010__.429
TRAVIS, EDMUND R 11/10/1841 5490 LA0950__.476
VINSON, DANIEL 11/10/1841 4913 LA0950__.073
VINSON, JESSEE M 01/10/1841 5483 LA0950__.469
VINSON, JESSEE M 11/10/1841 5484 LA0950__.470
VINSON, WILLIAM J 11/10/1841 5486 LA0950__.472
VINSON, WILLIAM J 11/10/1841 5487 LA0950__.473
VINSON, WILLIAM J 1/10/1841 5488 LA0950__.474
VINSON, WILLIAM J 04/10/1843 6471 LA0970__.322
WEBB, CHARLES H 04/10/1843 5609 LA0960__.177
WINGATE, HENRY C 11/10/1841 5489 LA0950__.475
WRIGHT, NEPSEY 08/01/1844 7525 LA0990__.153
20N, 13E
BARTON, DAVID O 08/01/1838 3807 LA0930__.156
BARTON, DAVID O 08/01/1838 4415 LA0930__.490
BASS, JOB 11/30/1833 575 LA0860__.176
BASS, JOB 06/15/1832 653 LA0860__.110
BASS, JOB 05/10/1827 68 LA0860__.047
BASS, JOB 05/01/1827 71 LA0860__.050
BEARD, HENRY H 08/01/1838 3740 LA0930__.151
BENJAMIN, WILLIAM 08/01/1838 1083 LA0930__.059
BENJAMIN, WILLIAM 08/01/1838 1417 LA0930__.062
BOYCE, JAMES R 11/01/1826 38 LA0860__.015
COCKE, HARTWELL 11/01/1826 39 LA0860__.016
ELIOTT, THEODORE D 08/01/1838 2738 LA0930__.122
ELLIOT, THEODORE D 08/01/1838 2891 LA0930__.124
ELLIOTT, THEODORE D 06/15/1837 468 LA0860__.384
EVERETT, ABNER 06/15/1837 592 LA0860__.454
EVERETT, ABNER 06/15/1837 661 LA0870__.019
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH C 08/01/1838 629 LA0930__.045
GRAHAM, WILLIAM 11/01/1826 37 LA0860__.014
GRAHAM, WILLIAM 11/30/1826 54 LA0860__.033
GRAHAM, WILLIAM 11/30/1826 56 LA0860__.035
GUIER, GEORGE 08/01/1838 637 LA0930__.046
GUIER, GEORGE 08/01/1838 642 LA0930__.047
GUIER, PHILIP 05/01/1838 1707 LA0930__.072
GUIER, PHILIP 05/01/1838 1708 LA0930__.073
GUIER, PHILIP 08/01/1838 1854 LA0930__.083
GUIRE, PHILIP 12/06/1837 1381 LA0930__.003
HOOD, GOVY 03/30/183 3070 LA1250__.478
HOOD, GOVY 06/15/1837 320 LA0860__.309
HOOD, HARBERD 12/06/1837 306 LA0920__.099
HOOD, HARBERD 12/06/1837 307 LA0920__.100
HOOD, HARBERD 12/06/1837 308 LA0920__.101
HOOD, HARBIRD 06/15/1837 356 LA0860__.323
HOOD, HARBIRD 04/02/1829 91 LA0860__.073
HOOD, HARBIRD 04/01/1829 97 LA0860__.079
KEEN, WILLIAM B 12/06/1837 1084 LA0930__.002
KEENE, ALEXANDER C 02/28/1837 190 LA0860__.206
KEENE, WILLIAM B 12/06/1837 1416 LA0930__.004
KEENE, WILLIAM B 02/28/1837 181 LA0860__.204
KEENE, WILLIAM B 12/06/1837 441 LA0930__.001
KEENE, WILLIAM B 06/15/1837 650 LA0870__.014
KEENE, WILLIAM B 04/02/1829 90 LA0860__.072
LARCHE, NAPOLEON E 06/15/1837 574 LA0860__.444
LILES, ZEPHENIAH 05/03/1851 4761 LA1050__.419
NEIBERT, JOSEPH 08/01/1838 3365 LA0930__.140
NEIBET, JOSEPH 08/01/1838 3342 LA0930__.139
NORRIS, THOMAS L 08/01/1838 1700 LA0930__.069
NORRIS, THOMAS L 08/01/1838 1701 LA0930__.070
OSBORNE, ICHABOD 11/30/1826 57 LA0860__.036
RICHARDS, WILLIAM L 06/01/1829 100 LA0860__.082
SELLERS, M B 05/01/1827 74 LA0860__.053
SELLERS, MATTHEW B 04/02/1829 75 LA0860__.057
TOMPKINS, FRANCIS 11/01/1826 36 LA0860__.025
TRAVIS, EDMOND 08/01/1838 1413 LA0930__.060
TRAVIS, URBIN E 08/01/1838 1414 LA0930__.061
VINSON, DANIEL S 04/02/1829 83 LA0860__.065
VINSON, WILLIAM J 05/10/1827 69 LA0860__.048
21N, 11E
ELLIS, ANDREW 04/10/1882 13766 LA1250__.457
EPPES, JOHN W 12/16/1850 783B LA1430__.239
INGRAM, NICHOLAS D 08/10/1850 10205 LA1050__.132
LANFAIR, ROBERT C 08/10/1850 10204 LA1050__.131
MERSHON, JAMES 08/20/1858 16399 LA1150__.439
MOTES, SAMUEL 04/10/1882 15335 LA1250__.458
BOYLE, ROBERT 08/28/1832 224 LA0860__.116
BOYLE, WILLIAM 06/15/1837 415 LA0860__.361
BROWN, TURNER 06/20/1837 1785 LA0880__.462
CHAMBERLAIN, LOUIS B 06/20/1837 2311 LA0890__.233
CHAMBERLAIN, THOMAS J 06/20/1837 2314 LA0890__.236
CHAMBERLAIN, THOMAS J 06/20/1837 2315 LA0890__.237
CHAMBERLAIN, THOMAS J 06/20/1837 2316 LA0890__.238
CHAMBERLAIN, THOMAS J 06/20/1837 2317 LA0890__.239
CHAMBERLAIN, THOMAS J 06/20/1837 2318 LA0890__.240
CHAMBERLAIN, THOMAS J 06/20/1837 2319 LA0890__.241
CHAMBLISS, ROBERT J 02/05/1833 238 LA0860__.147
CHILDERS, HASTIN M 03/14/1835 246 LA0860__.199
CHILDRES, HASTEN M 08/01/1838 406 LA0930__.029
CLARY, DUKE G 08/01/1838 1622 LA0920__.501
CLARY, DUKE G 08/01/1838 1622 LA0920__.502
CLARY, DUKE G 08/01/1838 1622 LA0920__.503
CONN, ALEXANDER 06/15/1837 297 LA0860__.296
DORSEY, ZACHARIAH H 04/11/1835 343 LA0860__.200
DREW, JAMES C 06/20/1837 1420 LA0880__.156
DREW, JAMES C 06/20/1837 1771 LA0880__.453
DREW, JAMES C 06/20/1837 1772 LA0880__.454
DREW, JAMES C 06/20/1837 1773 LA0880__.455
DREW, JAMES C 06/20/1837 1774 LA0880__.456
DREW, JAMES C 06/20/1837 1775 LA0880__.457
DREW, JAMES C 06/20/1837 2547 LA0890__.361
DREW, JAMES C 06/20/1837 2548 LA0890__.362
DREW, JAMES C 08/02/1837 264 LA0900__.267
DREW, JAMES C 06/15/1837 341 LA0860__.317
DREW, JAMES C 06/15/1837 392 LA0860__.355
DREW, JAMES C 06/15/1837 473 LA0860__.385
DREW, JAMES C 06/15/1837 474 LA0860__.386
DREW, JAMES 06/20/1837 2549 LA0890__.363
EVERETT, ABNER 06/15/1837 591 LA0860__.453
EVERITT, ABNER 06/15/1837 283 LA0860__.288
FORD, JAMES C 03/02/1843 219 LA0920__.096
GIBSON, WILLIAM W 06/20/1837 1790 LA0880__.467
GIBSON, WILLIAM W 06/20/1837 1791 LA0880__.468
GIBSON, WILLIAM W 06/20/1837 1792 LA0880__.469
GIBSON, WILLIAM W 06/20/1837 1793 LA0880__.470
GIBSON, WILLIAM W 06/20/1837 1794 LA0880__.471
GIBSON, WILLIAM W 06/20/1837 1795 LA0880__.472
GIBSON, WILLIAM W 06/20/1837 1796 LA0880__.473
GRAHAM, WILLIAM 04/13/1840 210 LA0940__.362
GRAHAM, WILLIAM 10/30/1834 212 LA0860__.178
GRAHAM, WILLIAM 11/03/1852 416 LA1070__.470
HAMBLIN, JOHN M 06/20/1837 2362 LA0890__.278
HENSON, WILLIAM 12/01/1846 342 LA1010__.437
HOOD, ALFRED M 06/15/1837 304 LA0860__.301
HOOD, GORY 06/20/1837 1786 LA0880__.463
HOOD, GORY 06/20/1837 1787 LA0880__.464
HOOD, GOVY 06/15/1837 303 LA0860__.300
HOOD, GOVY 05/03/1859 3072 LA1160__.221
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1712 LA0880__.410
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1757 LA0880__.440
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1758 LA0880__.441
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1759 LA0880__.442
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1760 LA0880__.443
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1782 LA0880__.459
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1783 LA0880__.460
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1784 LA0880__.461
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1788 LA0880__.465
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1789 LA0880__.466
HOOD, HARBERT 06/15/1837 301 LA0860__.298
HOOD, HARBIRD 06/15/1837 276 LA0860__.284
HOOD, JOHN S 06/15/1837 305 LA0860__.302
HOWARD, BENJAMIN 09/22/1845 243 LA0990__.503
HOWARD, CAROLAS B 12/01/1846 242 LA1010__.434
KERR, JOSEPH 06/20/1837 1523 LA0880__.251
KERR, JOSEPH 08/01/1838 1829 LA0930__.078
LACOSTE, CHARLES A 08/05/1837 3232 LA0910__.082
LARCHE, NAPOLEON E 04/12/1847 8750 LA1020__.460
LAUGHMAN, SAMUEL 06/20/1837 2307 LA0890__.229
LAUGHMAN, SAMUEL 06/20/1837 2308 LA0890__.230
LAUGHMAN, SAMUEL 06/20/1837 2309 LA0890__.231
LAUGHMAN, SAMUEL 06/20/1837 2310 LA0890__.232
LAUGHMAN, SAMUEL 06/20/1837 2312 LA0890__.234
LAUGHMAN, SAMUEL 06/20/1837 2313 LA0890__.235
MARTIN, JOHN L 08/01/1838 269 LA0930__.019
MARTIN, JOHN L 08/01/1838 270 LA0930__.020
MARTIN, JOHN L 08/01/1838 442 LA0930__.034
MORGAN, JONATHAN 06/20/1837 1719 LA0880__.417
MORGAN, JONATHAN 03/23/1843 3068 LA0980__.359
OLD, JAMES E 06/15/1837 408 LA0860__.356
OLD, REBACCA 06/20/1837 2484 LA0890__.332
OLDS, CHASTIEN 09/09/1845 202 LA0990__.485
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1802 LA0880__.477
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1803 LA0880__.478
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1804 LA0880__.479
SELLARS, MATTHEW B 08/01/1838 330 LA0930__.026
SELLARS, MATTHEW B 08/01/1838 404 LA0930__.027
SELLERS, MATHEW B 06/20/1837 1441 LA0880__.175
SELLERS, MATHEW B 06/15/1837 279 LA0860__.287
SELLERS, MATTHEW B 08/21/1832 331 LA0860__.124
SELLERS, MATTHEW B 08/05/1837 3408 LA0910__.223
SHELBY, JENKIN W 06/15/1837 418 LA0860__.363
SNOW, WILLIAM P 06/20/1837 1805 LA0880__.480
WHITSON, CHARLES 08/01/1838 251 LA0920__.098
BAILEY, WILLIAM 12/31/1846 2114 LA1020__.102
BOYLE, ROBERT 08/28/1832 223 LA0860__.115
BOYLE, WILLIAM 06/15/1837 718 LA0870__.065
CHILDERS, HASTIN M 08/01/1838 249 LA0920__.097
CHILDRES, HASTEN M 09/22/1845 250 LA0990__.504
FAIRCHILD, ABRAHAM 06/15/1837 287 LA0860__.291
HOOD, HARBERT 08/02/1837 191 LA0900__.261
HOOD, HARBIRD 06/15/1837 309 LA0860__.303
HOOD, RACHAEL 08/02/1837 211 LA0900__.263
HURDLE, CELIA 06/15/1837 322 LA0860__.310
HURDLE, CELIA 06/15/1837 323 LA0860__.311
JACKSON, JESSE 06/15/1837 198 LA0860__.258
JAMES, JEREMIAH 08/02/1837 288 LA0900__.271
KEENE, WILLIAM B 09/25/1833 394 LA0860__.154
KEENE, WILLIAM B 09/24/1832 444 LA0860__.119
KERR, JOSEPH 04/27/1832 294 LA0860__.101
KERR, JOSEPH 04/27/1832 295 LA0860__.102
KERR, NATHANIEL M 04/27/1832 296 LA0860__.103
LILES, WILLIAMSON 06/15/1837 489 LA0860__.400
LILES, WILLIAMSON 06/15/1837 764 LA0870__.103
MARTIN, JOHN L 08/01/1838 267 LA0930__.017
MARTIN, JOHN L 08/01/1838 268 LA0930__.018
MARTIN, JOHN L 06/15/1837 275 LA0860__.283
MARTIN, JOHN L 11/28/1832 443 LA0860__.127
MORGAN, ASHER 06/20/1837 1888 LA0890__.034
MORGAN, JONATHAN 06/15/1837 262 LA0860__.280
MORGAN, JONATHAN 06/15/1837 285 LA0860__.289
MORGAN, JONATHAN 06/15/1837 286 LA0860__.290
MORGAN, JONATHAN 06/15/1837 434 LA0860__.370
NEWCOMER, HENRY 12/01/1846 239 LA1010__.433
NEWCOMER, HENRY 10/01/1845 252 LA1000__.034
NEWCOMER, JOHN 06/15/1837 200 LA0860__.260
RIPPEY, JOHN 09/24/1832 293 LA0860__.118
SUTTON, JOHN 06/15/1837 213 LA0860__.261
WHITE, JOHN 06/15/1837 427 LA0860__.367
WHITSON, CHARLES 06/15/1837 247 LA0860__.274
WHITSON, CHARLES 04/22/1846 348 LA1010__.310
BARRETT, JOHN 09/01/1852 10829 LA1060__.151
HERRIN, ABEL 12/16/1850 105B LA1430__.200
JACKSON, JANE B 12/15/1851 154B LA1430__.324
MERSHON, JAMES 08/20/1858 16399 LA1150__.439
PULLEY, THOMAS N 03/30/1883 17099 LA1250__.479
BOWMAR, JOSEPH H 08/05/1837 3245 LA0910__.095
BOYLE, HENRY 06/15/1837 220 LA0860__.265
CHAMBLISS, ROBERT J 06/20/1837 1483 LA0880__.213
CHAMBLISS, ROBERT J 12/01/1846 337 LA1010__.435
CHANEY, JESSEE H 08/02/1837 259 LA0900__.266
CHANY, JESSEE H 06/15/183 338 LA0860__.316
CHILDERS, HASTINE M 06/15/1837 481 LA0860__.393
CHILDRES, HASTEN M 08/01/1838 405 LA0930__.028
CHILDRES, HASTEN M 08/01/1838 407 LA0930__.030
CHILDRES, HASTEN M 08/01/1838 440 LA0930__.033
CHILDRES, HASTEN M 08/01/1838 469 LA0930__.039
CHILDRES, HASTEN M 08/01/1838 470 LA0930__.040
CHILDRES, HASTEN M 08/01/1838 471 LA0930__.041
CHILDRES, HASTEN M 08/01/1838 472 LA0930__.042
CLANTON, JOHN J 06/15/1837 218 LA0860__.264
DAVIS, THOMAS 09/01/1853 12031 LA1080__.115
DAVIS, WILEY 06/15/1837 413 LA0860__.359
DAVIS, WILEY 06/15/1837 414 LA0860__.360
DORSEY, GREENSBURG S 06/01/1848 8998 LA1030__.260
DREW, JAMES C 08/05/1837 3253 LA0910__.103
EVERETT, ABNER 06/15/1837 485 LA0860__.397
FORD, JAMES C 06/15/1837 216 LA0860__.263
FORD, JAMES C 08/02/1837 217 LA0900__.265
FORD, JAMES C 01/22/1844 395 LA0990__.386
FORD, JAMES C 01/22/1844 396 LA0990__.387
FORD, JAMES C 01/22/1844 397 LA0990__.388
FORD, JAMES C 01/22/1844 398 LA0990__.389
FORD, JAMES C 03/02/1843 399 LA0980__.355
FORD, JAMES C 01/22/1844 400 LA0990__.390
FORD, JAMES C 01/22/1844 401 LA0990__.391
FORD, JAMES C 09/22/1845 402 LA0990__.508
FORD, JAMES C 03/02/1843 403 LA0980__.356
FORD, NICHOLAS W 06/20/1837 2928 LA0900__.185
FORD, NICHOLAS W 06/20/1837 2929 LA0900__.186
GOFF, NATHAN G 05/01/1847 8919 LA1030__.113
GOOD, ANDREW 10/08/1838 3997 LA0920__.413
GOZA, GEORGE W 06/20/1837 1839 LA0890__.001
GOZA, GEORGE W 06/20/1837 1840 LA0890__.002
GOZA, GEORGE W 06/20/1837 1842 LA0890__.004
HAMBLEN, JOHN M 06/15/1837 449 LA0860__.379
HAMBLEN, JOHN M 06/15/1837 475 LA0860__.387
HAMBLEN, JOHN M 06/15/1837 476 LA0860__.388
HAMBLEN, JOHN M 06/15/1837 842 LA0870__.162
HAMBLIN, JOHN M 06/20/1837 1732 LA0880__.423
HAYWOOD, RICHARD 08/20/1858 16520 LA1150__.497
HOOD, GOVY 12/01/1846 509 LA1010__.439
HOOD, HARBERD 06/15/1837 1055 LA0870__.333
HOOD, HARBIRD 06/22/1846 317 LA1010__.409
HOOD, HARBIRD 06/22/1846 319 LA1010__.410
HOWARD, CHARLES B 08/01/1838 409 LA0930__.031
HOWARD, CHARLES B 08/01/1838 410 LA0930__.032
JACOBS, CHARLES A 08/05/1837 3265 LA0910__.115
JACOBS, CHARLES A 08/05/1837 3266 LA0910__.116
JACOBS, CHARLES A 08/05/1837 3267 LA0910__.117
KERRE, JAMES D 08/01/1838 3965 LA0920__.381
LARCH, NAPOLEON E 12/01/1882 1917 LA1250__.475
LARCHE, NAPOLEON E 08/01/1838 3834 LA0920__.257
LILES, WILLIAMSON 09/24/1832 490 LA0860__.120
LILES, WILLIAMSON 06/15/1837 834 LA0870__.158
MAXWELL, JO 06/20/1837 1369 LA0880__.112
MAXWELL, JOHN 06/20/1837 1370 LA0880__.113
MAXWELL, JOHN 06/20/1837 1371 LA0880__.114
MORGAN, JOHNATHAN 06/15/1837 510 LA0860__.407
MORGAN, JONATHAN 10/01/1832 282 LA0860__.123
MORGAN, JONATHAN 10/01/1832 318 LA0860__.125
MORGAN, JONATHAN 10/01/1832 393 LA0860__.126
MORGAN, OLIVER J 08/02/1837 1777 LA0900__.285
NELSON, MARY 06/15/1837 237 LA0860__.273
OLD, JAMES E 08/01/1838 3964 LA0920__.380
OLDS, REBECCA 12/01/1846 204 LA1010__.432
OLDS, REBECCA 12/01/1882 3207 LA1250__.476
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/15/1837 1060 LA0870__.336
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/15/1837 1061 LA0870__.337
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 06/20/1837 1801 LA0880__.476
PATTEN, JOSEPH M 06/15/1837 446 LA0860__.376
PATTEN, THOMAS R 06/15/1837 1050 LA0870__.329
PRESCOTT, JAMES B 12/02/1833 256 LA0860__.156
Joseph M. Patten, Dr. Prescott, and Aaron Goza lived in
the Bunches Bend area.
RICHARDSON, CHARLES B08/01/1838 4000 LA0930__.165
RICHARDSON, JAMES N 08/01/1838 4001 LA0920__.416
RICHARDSON, JAMES N 08/01/1838 4002 LA0920__.417
James N.T. Richardson and C.B. Richardson operated
Monticello Plantation. Monticello was one of the
earliest settlements in East Carroll located on Bayou Macon.
ROBERTS, ROBERT M 12/31/1846 6827 LA1020__.103
ROLAND, ANDREW A 08/05/1837 3264 LA0910__.114
SELBY, LOUIS 06/01/1848 8984 LA1030__.246
SHELBY, JENKIN W 12/27/1832 345 LA0860__.136
SHELBY, JENKIN W 12/27/1832 346 LA0860__.137
SHELBY, JENKIN W 06/15/1837 417 LA0860__.362
WALKER, WILLIAM 06/15/1837 411 LA0860__.357
WALKER, WILLIAM 06/15/1837 412 LA0860__.358
WILLIAMS, ROBERT W 08/20/1858 16492 LA1150__.486
WILLIAMS, ROBERT W 08/20/1858 16493 LA1150__.487
WILSON, EPHRAIM K 06/15/1837 1062 LA0870__.338
WITKOWSKI, JULIUS 08/30/1858 16708 LA1160__.062
22N, 13E
ROBERTS, ROBERT M 12/31/1846 6827 LA1020__.103
ROLAND, ANDREW A 08/05/1837 3264 LA0910__.114
SELBY, LOUIS 06/01/1848 8984 LA1030__.246
SHELBY, JENKIN W 12/27/1832 345 LA0860__.136
SHELBY, JENKIN W 12/27/1832 346 LA0860__.137
SHELBY, JENKIN W 06/15/1837 417 LA0860__.362
WALKER, WILLIAM 06/15/1837 411 LA0860__.357
WALKER, WILLIAM 06/15/1837 412 LA0860__.358
WILLIAMS, ROBERT W 08/20/1858 16492 LA1150__.486
WILLIAMS, ROBERT W 08/20/1858 16493 LA1150__.487
WILSON, EPHRAIM K 06/15/1837 1062 LA0870__.338
WITKOWSKI, JULIUS 08/30/1858 16708 LA1160__.062
HARRIS, WILLIAM R 10/01/1845 327 LA1000__.036
HOOD, GOVY 06/20/1837 1486 LA0880__.216
HOOD, GOVY 06/15/1837 479 LA0860__.391
HOOD, GOVY 06/15/1837 483 LA0860__.395
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1487 LA0880__.217
HOOD, HARBERD 06/20/1837 1488 LA0880__.218
HOOD, JOHN S 06/15/1837 480 LA0860__.392
IRISH, GEORGE 06/15/1837 435 LA0860__.371
IRISH, GEORGE 06/15/1837 436 LA0860__.372
IRISH, GEORGE 06/15/1837 437 LA0860__.373
IRISH, GEORGE 06/15/1837 438 LA0860__.374
IRISH, GEORGE 06/15/1837 439 LA0860__.375
IRISH, GEORGE 06/15/1837 447 LA0860__.377
IRISH, GEORGE 06/15/1837 448 LA0860__.378
LILES, WILLIAM 06/20/1837 2195 LA0890__.184
LILES, WILLIAMSON 06/15/1837 762 LA0870__.102
LILES, WILLIAMSON 06/15/1837 765 LA0870__.104
LILES, WILLIAMSON 06/15/1837 766 LA0870__.105
LONG, GEORGE M 04/29/1848 2253 LA1030__.226
MOONEY, GEORGE 06/15/1837 749 LA0870__.091
MORGAN, OLIVER J 06/15/1837 495 LA0860__.402
OVERTON, JOHN H 06/29/1833 869 LA0860__.152
OVERTON, JOHN H 06/29/1833 870 LA0860__.153
PRENTICE, HORACE 09/22/1845 430 LA0990__.512
PRENTICE, HORACE 09/22/1845 431 LA0990__.513
PRENTICE, HORACE 09/22/1845 432 LA0990__.514
ROBINET, JEREMIAH 02/26/1849 253 LA1030__.375
ROLAND, ANDREW A 11/30/1833 433 LA0860__.175
ROLAND, ANDREW A 10/17/1833 445 LA0860__.155
SHELL, JACOB 12/01/1846 203 LA1010__.430
SHELL, JACOB 12/01/1846 203 LA1010__.431
SMITH, CONSTANCE 10/01/1845 328 LA1000__.037
SMITH, THOMAS 06/15/1837 199 LA0860__.259
SMITH, THOMAS 06/15/1837 428 LA0860__.368
SMITH, THOMAS 06/15/1837 429 LA0860__.369
SMITH, THOMAS 06/15/1837 524 LA0860__.420
STEPHENSON, WILLIAM 06/15/1837 862 LA0870__.179
STEPHENSON, WILLIAM 06/15/1837 863 LA0870__.180
WILSON, EPHRAIM K 02/26/1849 1470 LA1030__.374
WILSON, EPHRAIM W 06/20/1837 1468 LA0880__.201
WILSON, EPHRAIM W 06/20/1837 1469 LA0880__.202
23N, 11E
COCHRAN, SIDNEY 11/10/1841 5257 LA0950__.282
HASH, JACKSON 11/10/1841 5109 LA0950__.151
HASH, JOHN 11/10/1841 5108 LA0950__.150
LEWIS, JOHN T 12/01/1846 5253 LA1010__.484
LILLEY, THOMAS L 11/10/1841 5287 LA0950__.306
SAPPINGTON, ALEXIS 11/10/1841 5439 LA0950__.437
SELBY, LEWIS 11/10/1841 5437 LA0950__.435
SELBY, LOUIS 11/10/1841 5302 LA0950__.321
STARK, WILLIAM H 11/10/1841 5136 LA0950__.169
23N, 12E
BLUE, JESSE 11/10/1841 5206 LA0950__.235
BLUE, JESSE 11/10/1841 5207 LA0950__.236
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH O 11/10/1841 5132 LA0950__.165
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH O 11/10/1841 5201 LA0950__.230
CARPENTER, WILLIAM W 11/10/1841 5191 LA0950__.220
CARPENTER, WILLIAM W 11/10/1841 5192 LA0950__.221
CARPENTER, WILLIAM W 11/10/1840 5193 LA0950__.222
CARPENTER, WILLIAM W 11/10/1841 5194 LA0950__.223
CARPENTER, WILLIAM W 11/10/1841 5195 LA0950__.224
CARPENTER, WILLIAM W 11/10/1841 5196 LA0950__.225
CLOMAN, WILLIAM 08/20/1858 16221 LA1150__.286
CLOMAN, WILLIAM 08/20/1858 16225 LA1150__.290
CLOMAN, WILLIAM 08/20/1858 16417 LA1150__.454
CLOMAN, WILLIAM 11/10/1841 5203 LA0950__.232
CLOMAN, WILLIAM 11/10/1841 5204 LA0950__.233
CLOMAN, WILLIAM 11/10/1841 5205 LA0950__.234
CLOMAN, WILLIAM 11/10/1841 5246 LA0950__.272
CLOMAN, WILLIAM 12/01/1846 7593 LA1020__.228
COPLEY, GEORGE W 11/10/1841 5202 LA0950__.231
COPLEY, GEORGE W 04/10/1843 6529 LA0970__.377
DAWDY, ASA 08/01/1844 7586 LA0990__.211
DAWDY, ASA 08/01/1844 7587 LA0990__.212
FILHIOL, JOHN B 11/10/1841 5254 LA0950__.279
FILHIOL, JOHN B 11/10/1841 5255 LA0950__.280
FILHIOL, JOHN B 11/10/1841 5256 LA0950__.281
GOZA, AARON 11/10/1841 5118 LA0950__.157
GOZA, AARON 11/10/1841 5119 LA0950__.158
Aaron Goza lived in the Bunches Bend area.
He owned Gossypia Plantation. (Location now known as
Panola, in the Panola Pepper Plant area)
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1841 5145 LA0950__.175
GOZA, GEORGE W 08/01/1844 7591 LA0990__.216
GOZA, GEORGE W 08/01/1844 7592 LA0990__.217
GOZA, GEORGE W 08/01/1844 7594 LA0990__.218
GOZA, WILLIAM 11/10/1841 5115 LA0950__.154
GOZA, AARON 11/10/1841 5230 LA0950__.258
GOZA, AARON 11/10/1841 5231 LA0950__.259
GOZA, AARON 11/10/1841 5232 LA0950__.260
GOZA, AARON 11/10/1841 5233 LA0950__.261
GOZA, AARON 11/10/1841 5234 LA0950__.262
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1841 5174 LA0950__.203
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1840 5175 LA0950__.204
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1840 5176 LA0950__.205
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1840 5177 LA0950__.206
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1840 5178 LA0950__.207
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1841 5179 LA0950__.208
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1841 5180 LA0950__.209
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1841 5181 LA0950__.210
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1841 5182 LA0950__.211
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1841 5183 LA0950__.212
GOZA, GEORGE W 11/10/1840 5184 LA0950__.213
HOLMES, JANSON W 11/26/1849 5148 LA1040__.408
HOLMES, WILLIAM G 11/26/1849 5149 LA1040__.410
HOLMES, WILLIAM G 11/10/1841 5150 LA0950__.180
HOLMES, WILLIAM G 11/10/1841 5214 LA0950__.243
HOLMES, WILLIAM G 11/26/1849 5214 LA1040__.412
IMBODEN, DAVID 11/10/1841 5306 LA0950__.324
JONES, JESSE 11/26/1849 5133 LA1040__.404
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5208 LA0950__.237
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5209 LA0950__.238
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5210 LA0950__.239
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5211 LA0950__.240
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5212 LA0950__.241
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5213 LA0950__.242
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5221 LA0950__.250
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5244 LA0950__.270
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5245 LA0950__.271
JONES, JESSE 11/10/1841 5250 LA0950__.276
JONES, THOMAS 11/10/1841 5199 LA0950__.228
JONES, THOMAS 11/10/1841 5200 LA0950__.229
KIGER, DANIEL 11/10/1841 5053 LA0950__.130
LAFFERTY, BENAGA 11/10/1841 5197 LA0950__.226
LAFFERTY, BENAGA 11/10/1841 5198 LA0950__.227
LEWIS, WILLIAM 11/10/1841 5322 LA0950__.337
LEWIS, WILLIAM 04/10/1843 5542 LA0960__.132
MERIWETHER, ROBERT D 04/10/1843 5666 LA0960__.230
MERREWEATHER, ROBERT 11/12/1841 5116 LA0950__.155
MOONEY, GEORGE 11/10/1841 5131 LA0950__.164
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5153 LA0950__.183
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5165 LA0950__.194
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5166 LA0950__.195
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5167 LA0950__.196
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5168 LA0950__.197
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5169 LA0950__.198
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5170 LA0950__.199
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5171 LA0950__.200
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5172 LA0950__.201
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5173 LA0950__.202
MOORE, JOSEPH H 11/10/1841 5223 LA0950__.252
NEWCOMER, ABRAHAM 12/01/1846 5114 LA1010__.480
NEWCOMER, MICHAEL 12/01/1846 5112 LA1010__.478
NORRIS, THOMAS L 11/26/1849 5152 LA1040__.411
OSBORN, JACKSON 11/26/1849 5144 LA1040__.407
OWEN, SHAPLEY 11/10/1841 5228 LA0950__.256
OWEN, SHAPLEY 10/01/1845 7831 LA1000__.385
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 11/20/1841 5218 LA0950__.247
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 01/20/1848 5219 LA0950__.248
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 11/10/1841 5220 LA0950__.249
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 11/10/1841 5222 LA0950__.251
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 12/01/1846 5224 LA1010__.483
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 11/10/1841 5291 LA0950__.310
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 11/10/1841 5292 LA0950__.311
PARGOUD, HYPOLITE 11/10/1841 5293 LA0950__.312
PITCHER, MASON 11/10/1841 5225 LA0950__.253
PITCHER, MASON 11/10/1841 5226 LA0950__.254
PITCHER, MASON 11/10/1841 5227 LA0950__.255
PITCHER, MASON 11/10/1841 5229 LA0950__.257
PITMAN, DAVID S 11/10/1841 5050 LA0950__.127
PITMAN, DAVID S 11/10/1841 5051 LA0950__.128
PITMAN, JAMES 11/10/1841 5117 LA0950__.156
RAWLINGS, GARRETT P 11/10/1841 5142 LA0950__.173
REED, WILLIAM 11/26/1849 5054 LA1040__.403
SELBY, LEWIS 11/10/1841 5320 LA0950__.335
SELBY, LEWIS 11/10/1841 5337 LA0950__.352
SELBY, LOUIS 11/10/1841 5215 LA0950__.244
SELBY, LOUIS 11/10/1841 5216 LA0950__.245
SELBY, LOUIS 11/10/1841 5217 LA0950__.246
SMITH, ABNER 11/10/1841 5146 LA0950__.176
SMITH, THOMAS 11/10/1841 5147 LA0950__.177
STUART, FRANKLIN 11/10/1840 5185 LA0950__.214
STUART, FRANKLIN 11/10/1840 5186 LA0950__.215
WARD, JOHN 12/01/1846 5113 LA1010__.479
WILKINS, WILLIAM W 11/26/1849 5164 LA1040__.409
23N, 13E
CLOMAN, WILLIAM 10/01/1845 7895 LA1000__.436
OSBORNE, JACKSON 10/01/1845 8014 LA1000__.258
PILCHER, MASON 10/01/1845 7892 LA1000__.433
PILCHER, MASON 10/01/1845 7893 LA1000__.434
PILCHER, MASON 10/01/1845 7894 LA1000__.435
PILCHER, MASON 10/01/1845 8307 LA1010__.126
PITMAN, DAVID S 10/01/1845 8011 LA1000__.255
PITMAN, JAMES 10/01/1845 7943 LA1000__.493
THENIX, ABNER 10/01/1845 7896 LA1000__.437
WILLSON, EPHRAIM K 10/01/1845 8248 LA1010__.069
WILLSON, JESSE H 10/01/1845 7966 LA1000__.480
WILLSON, JESSE H 10/01/1845 8227 LA1010__.048
WILLSON, WILLIAM M 10/01/1845 7979 LA1000__.450
WILSON, JAMES H 06/01/1846 8525 LA1010__.358

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Panola Cemetery and the Gossypia Plantation

by Sandy Guthrie Moore
On my previous visit down to Lake Providence I was unable to locate the Panola Cemetery. I couldn’t find a soul around the Brown’s Plantation, or any of the homes in the area to ask where it was located, but my luck changed completely on my return trip.
On May 20th, 2009, I made a another trip down there to take pictures of some of the headstones at the L. P. Cemetery. Going into the state of Louisiana passing through Millikin, Lebonon, and Gassoway. I decided to give it another try after doing a little more research. I pulled into the enchanting driveway into what I had always referred to as the ’Bubba Brown Farm’. I was thrilled to see a truck parked near the home with the door opened, so I figured someone was near. As I exited my vehicle and neared the door a man appeared at the side door of the house. He introduced himself as Michael Brown, and I knew that he might not know me but I knew he would recognize my Dad‘s name. My Dad had poisoned a lot of the plantations‘ cotton. His family also owned the Gailliard Gin for which my brother had worked at so many years. He was a very nice gentleman, as I had been told by my Dad. We talked about the cemetery, how I had tried to find it before. He asked about my interest in it, and I was eager to tell him why. But when he started mentioning the old Gossypia Plantation and where it stood, unbeknowst to me I had no idea that the 'Bubba Brown Farm' was a part of that old Plantation! He asked me if I would like to see where it once stood, and I could not refuse the offer. He explained that the old plantation home had burned and that he had rebuilt his family home on it's very location. I was so excited to find out all of this information. As we trekked down a road leading past the Panola Pepper Plant and along the meandering Mississippi River levee, I immediately envisioned the sweet plantation life, the extradinary balls, the bountiful Bar B Que's, the magnificent steamboats plowing the river, etc. flashed through my head. Mr. Mike Brown was a very sweet and courteous man. He invited me in his wonderful home and I was introduced to his wife. She too, was sweet and gracious host and a very lovely lady. They told me some of the history of the Gossypia Plantation. The top floor was a jail and the house had 16’ ceilings… the grandness of it all. He showed be a beautiful water colored painting of Gossypia, pictures of his ancestors standing in front of it, and stories of it that had published in books. I could have stayed a long while, but I knew Mr. Brown had to get to his cotton and I too had a long day ahead. He told me that the drive around the backside of the farm would lead me right to the old Panola Cemetery and that I was welcomed to visit it. Mrs. Brown offered to take me there, but their description of the old cemetery, I thought it best if she didn't accompany me. I didn’t want her to have to wade through the water, weeds, and poison ivy to show me it’s location… I would find it. Before I started on my way Mr. Brown made mention of an old headstone next to his home and I never expected it to be that of Mr. George W. Goza of whom I had read so much about. Mr. Brown said that an infants grave lays beside this headstone, very old and sunken in. It was that of an infant of Mr. & Mrs. George Goza. I was thrilled to get a picture of it. As we said our goodbyes I told him I had a picture of Gossypia that he did not have in his collection, and I would be glad to send it to him (its the picture located at the top of this story). He seemed excited to hear of it… and the least I could do was to send it to him. As I started down the little pathway behind his farm, just where the dirt road ended and a tiny pathway began - I began to think that I might have a problem finding the graves. Johnson grass, weeds, and vines had taken over the entire area back there which probably covered several acres, and they could be overlooked very easily. There was a large open gate, though overgrown with vines, drew me to go in that direction. As I entered through it I caught a glimpse of a grey headstone. The headstones that I located seemed all to be of more recent graves than I expected. Some were of soldiers, of which I was very pleased to locate, and will do some research to find out who they were. I am going to return to it at another time for I had been told of some really old ones back there and some of my images I took did not turn out as clear as I'd hoped. Well, I fought off mosquitoes, poison ivy, ants, and the like, but I will be more prepared for my next trip to the mysterious Old Panola Plantation Cemetery.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


"Small Towns Struggle to Survive -
Town Leaves Legacy of Gun Smoke"

by Jimmy Hatten
(interview with Gus Thompson, Jr.)
[drawing by Sandra Guthrie Moore]
Seven saloons lined Main Street and blue smoke curled from the barrel of the gun held by the best shooter.
If the townspeople didn’t like the outcome, they strung up the victor from the gallows tree.
Parson Gulley, an aged preacher in 1937: “I’ve buried six of them men who’ve been hung on them limbs or from the gallery of the courthouse that sat betwixt the gully and the jail”.
This was pioneer justice in Floyd, the seat of government in the old parish of Carroll before it broke into East and West.
What had been the most important town in Carroll Parish, and after that West Carroll Parish, had virtually vanished by 1918.
The construction of a good highway between Delhi and Oak Grove did it. Business and residents moved four miles west to a newer village, Darnell, to share in the benefit’s the new road would bring.
For a time Darnell was called Floyd Crossing because of a new rail line, thus people came to call the faded town of Floyd by the name Old Floyd.
But from 1807 until more than 100 years hence, Floyd was one hell of a town.
It began piously enough. Moses Floyd, a young minister, organized a Methodist church and began practicing medicine.
Around that nucleus a trading post developed and the settlement grew. It prospered so well that when Carroll Parish was carved from Ouachita Parish in 1832, it was already a threat to the Carroll seat, Lake Providence.
By 1855, voters between Bayou Macon and Bouef River out numbered those east of the Macon.
They snatched the seat of government for Floyd and contracted for a two-story brick courthouse and jail for $3,100.
McKoin (author of “Between the Rivers”) said her family once lived in the old jail building. “They made a dwelling house of it. There were two rooms downstairs, and one large room upstairs and one large room upstairs. The bars were torn away, of course.”
“We leased it. It was the only brick house in Old Floyd then.”
Life in Floyd was a gamble throughout its existence.
“Thompson (Gus… being interviewed) tells this story: “A Mr. Griffin came here with his daddy to a store that belonged to a Mr. Hendricks right over there. They loaded five bales of cotton on their wagon and brought them back of Hendricks store.”
“Mr. Jess said his daddy suddenly pulled him down. A shootin’ started out right in front of that store and his daddy pulled him down behind that cotton.”
He said, “I thought it must have lasted longer than he thought it did.” He said his daddy told him it didn’t last but five or 10 minutes--all that shootin’ that was goin’ on.”
“And they went around to the front and there was five people layin’ there dead. They had rode them horses back and forth shootin’ people. This was a bad place. For what reason, I don’t know.”
Old Floyd today belies its legacy. A right turn LA 577 off LA 17 south from Delhi takes a motorist four miles to a broad expanse of greenery dotted with trees and a few scattered, modest houses.
“They’re all good folks living here -- every one of them”, says Gus Thompson.
In the early days, the people who lived between the Macon and the Boeuf were recognized as being a good deal different from those who lived between the Mississippi and the Macon.
What is now East Carroll Parish was home to affluent plantation owners: what became West Carroll was being opened up by a hearty band called backwoodsmen.
That’s the situation that existed at least up to the Civil War. The story goes that Jesse James and his gang that included Cole Younger were frequent visitors to the area.
“They had people here”, says Thompson. “They had an uncle who lived at Delhi. They came here when my wife’s great-uncle owned a store right there. Jesse, Frank, and the Younger boys came there many a night.”
“They had a big old fireplace there and they’d come in and lay down in front of that fireplace, but they never would pull their clothes off. They didn’t know what was coming next.”
“They were good people when they were here. They never bothered a soul… people down here didn’t look on them as … they were killers --- you know that as well as I do…”
No matter. They still were the stuff of legend. One story goes that as the Civil War was winding down, Quantrill’s Raiders, with Jesse in the lead, beat back a Union attack, thus saving Floyd.
Another says Jesse met the troops before they got to Floyd and convinced them that the village was so well defended they had no chance of taking it. The federals reversed course and left.
Still another has it that Union troops indeed laid waste to the town. One version says it was damaged very little.
Whatever happened, the new courthouse and jail as well as the hanging tree remained intact. [See note at bottom]
By the 1830’s boats were making their way up bother the Macon and the Boeuf.
After the courthouse was built in the 1850’s, the boats became better and the interiors plush -- red carpets for traveling professionals, politicians and the elite.
They came and went to the new state capital in Baton Rouge and visited friends and relatives in Lake Providence, Natchez, Port Gibson, New Orleans, Memphis, and Vicksburg.
Freight wagons made overland trips on better roads. And the men gathered Saturdays in Floyd to learn the news, talk about the issues, drink, gamble, pitch horseshoes and silver dollars and engage in horse racing.
The Legislature divided Carroll Parish into West Carroll and East Carroll in 1877. Lake Providence became the parish seat for the east.
Floyd remained the seat of West Carroll, but the handwriting was on the wall.
The election of 1915 deciding Oak Grove over Pioneer as the new parish seat was the clincher fro Floyd.
The new courthouse in Oak Grove opened in 1917.
Between elections, Floyd made one last claim to fame. A group of Floyd citizens formed a syndicate in 1900 and build a line to Kilbourne in northern West Carroll to connect at the Arkansas-Louisiana line with Valley Telephone Company.
Pransksters and vandals took the line down so frequently the endeavor was quickly abandoned.
McKoin said in her book that in the 1880’s when the seven saloons were located on Main Street, “There was much drinking and no man left his home without his gun.”
The litany of violence was appalling:
* “Johnny Anderson was shot down on the streets one night after he had escorted Miss Estell Hendrick to church. It seems everyone knew who did the killing, but on one came to trial even thought the Anderson family was among the best families in town.
* Charlie Williams and Lawrence Younger were killed without the benefit of trial because it was believed they had killed Tom Kees.
*Jeff Dunn was shot down while at the voting booth. He was about to be elected sheriff and ’old-times’ say there were those who did not want two Dunns as sheriffs.” Jeff’s father was the sheriff in East Carroll. There was no trial.
*The last shooting I heard about was Mansfield Crowe shooting Jim Herring while he was the mail carrier from Floyd to Oak Grove. Later, Crowe was elected assessor for the parish.”
McKoin wrote that when the courthouse was built at Floyd a deep-toned bell imported from France was erected
Dr. G. W. Patterson wrote to Mary Catherine Moss Thompson that the bell “could be heard for miles into the forest and this bell was rung for lost hunters whenever they had not returned.
“I was told this and many other tales about the bell, and it was my heart’s desire to grow, go on a hunt, get lost and be saved by the bell.”
He said in later years while living in Arizona he glanced at a Louisiana map and looked for Floyd.
“The first place I wanted to find was Floyd, the county seat of West Carroll Parish. There was no such town, “ he said. “It was gone.”"
My uncle by marriage, Ogden Coody, said that in the 1950’s saw a couple of 'blacks' hanging from the “hanging tree” in Floyd, La.
(I saw Gus Thompson's obituary in the newpaper in 2008)

The Flood of 1893

[In the May 23, 1893 issue of the Banner-Democrat]

The crops wre growing grandly,
The cotton and the corn;
The May month smiled down blandly,
Upon each roseate morn.

All nature seemed rejoicing
In this glad sunny clime;
The bending stalks were voicing,
The future’s happy time.

A wealth of untold pleasure,
Came clearly into view,
With the full harvest treasure,
Which Christmas time was due.

The corn cribs overflowing,
The fat and shining team,
The flecey fields seemed showing,
So life like is the dream.

But ah! How changed the prospect;
A dismal cry is heard.
The Wyly levee broken,
On May the 23rd.

A wilderness of water
New where the crops did grow;
Our faith in levees totter,
Not reaping where we sow.

A wreck of desolation,
Thus stares us in the face;
What hope or consolation
In future, can we trace?
[Unkown, but probably D. L. Morgan}

Sunday, May 17, 2009

East Carroll Parish Businesses in 1890

(newspaper of Sept. 6, 1890)
[Supplement to the Carroll Banner]
In the 1st Ward
Henderson Store.
J. & Stein Company, Proprietors
J. P. Alexander
Outpost Store
Mr. Charles Langham
Muir’s Store.
Robert Nicholson, Proprietor
In the 2nd Ward
Goodrich Store
Jonas Bloch, Proprietor
Melbourne Store.
H. C. McQuaide, Proprietor
Mounds Store.
J. W. Dunn, Proprietor
Stamboul Store.
S. H. Mobberly, Agent.
Bank Store.
John W. Cook & Co., Proprietors
Atherton Store.
Capt. Keene and E. W. Constant
H. K. Barwick & Company.
Dessona Store.
John W. Cooke & Co., Proprietors.
Alsatia Store.
J. Stein & Co., Proprietors
In the 3rd Ward
W. H. Fisher Store.
McGuire’s Livery Stable.
John McGuire, Proprietor
Dan O’Sullivan, Agent
Red Star Store.
Dave Dreyfuss, Executor.
Louis Anet.
Practical Swiss watchmaker. Next door to Hamley’s butcher shop.
Blue Store.
J. W. Cooke, Proprietor.
E. J. Hamley.
Proprietor of the old established butcher shop on Levee Street.
Braxton House.
Keeps a first class butcher shop on Lake Street, between Pittman Brothers and McNeal’s. “Brack” is a steady working colored man, who has been employed in the above business since about ten years ago, and almost everything in the meat line can be found there.
Gillis Franklin.
Dealer in dry goods, groceries and general plantation supplies,
Lake Street.
McLaughlin’s Store.
Formerly owned by T. J. Burell.
J. C. Pittman & Bro.
Mrs. A. C. Ryan.
N. Fousse.
Successor to William Keegan. Tinner. Lock and Gun Smith. He came here in September, 1886 and from that time to this has been kept stirring. He makes a specialty of repairing boilers and machinery of all kinds. His shop is on the levee, opposite Pittman’s store.
S. A. McNeal.
Midland Store

Proprietor G. H. Sutton. This plantations is generally called the Island, as it is surrounded by the lake in high water times. This store does a wholesale and retail grocery business, and also handles a large assortment of dry goods. Sutton is one of the most successful colored men in the parish; and by his enterprises and proper bearing, has won for himself a good name among the white people with whom he is acquainted.

Teddy Roosevelt Bear Hunt in East Carroll


The Jewel Head Metallic Coffin

From “Between the Rivers”, Florence Stewart McKoin
There is an Indian mound - or was - in West Carroll Parish, located east of Oak Grove on the Jewel Head farm where Highway 2 crosses the Macon River to Lake Providence. According to Mr. Head, this mound was about 60' high and covered nearly one acre. He employed Henry Tyson to clear land and level this mound so the area could be cultivated. This took place some fifteen or twenty years ago (1951 or 1955). Mr. Tyson uncovered an iron casket, without seams on either side or bottom, indicating it was made in a mold several centuries before. When the lid was removed the remains faded like ashes; however, they were able to tell it was a white man with grey, reddish hair. He had on an apron with the Masonic emblem. The buttons on his coat indicated an officer of some army.
This casket was reburied with no one knowing the age, where he came from, or who was in it. Mr. Head believes this type casket was once made in England. It was narrow at the head and feet, wide at the shoulders, to exactly fit the man. Several have speculated that the man was with an expedition on the Mississippi River and died in the vicinity of Lake Providence. The Indians, being friendly, allowed his comrades to bring him across the swamp, no doubt dry at the time, and bury him in their burial ground, where high water never came.
Joe Kelly, who viewed the remains in the casket, believed the man was the husband of a rich heiress, who came to this area where she had acquired a large tract of land . He saw this land record in the Clerk of Court Office, and he could be right about the man in the casket. No one will ever know for sure.
Several years later while the highway department was building a new road along Macon River, graves were unearthed with mussel shell in them. These were on the edge of the old mound, and Mr. Head believes these were Indian graves as they were filled the depth of several inches with mussel shells, used probably for preservation.
We will never know what history this mound or those at Poverty Point held as many have been completely destroyed, but one thing we can be sure of, the Indians were here many hundreds of years before the white man came.
In 2007 I made a trip into East Carroll Parish, doing more research and taking pictures along the way. My sister, Sherryl Miller, and her husband, Jack and I, all made the trip together. We decided that we would like to get a bunch of the ‘Oak Grove tomatoes' to take back to Lonoke with us as we were traveling along the backroads along the river. As we approached Highway 2 at the bridge, on the East Carroll side of the Macon River, we noticed the sign “Jewel Head Farm Produce” just ahead of us. We decided this would be a good place to get our tomatoes, and then I thought about something I'd read and started scrambling through my notes seeking to find something I'd written down that clicked with the surname contained on this advertisement sign. Yes, it was the same location contained in my notes. Finding what I was looking for - I wondered if this could possibly be the same family concerning the metallic coffin that was discovered many years earlier and hoping that the owner of the produce stand had some family connection. The produce owner told me that HE was the son of Mr. Jewel Head of whose land the coffin was found. I asked him to please tell me his recollection of it, and he graciously responded with his story. He had remembered almost as clear as if it were yesterday. He had seen it as a young child, when it was unearthed, and his description of it. (same as in above story) and their decision to return it to the ground. “After I grew up I asked my mother about the coffin.” he said. “But I was not sure of the particular spot of where it had been layed to rest. Mom took me out in the yard and showed me right where she remembered it was placed. She had a bush in the yard at that time... and the coffin had been placed along side of it. Though the bush was no longer there she knew that it was right at 15 feet straight out from our back door, and I was able to dig it up again. I recovered the Masonic emblem, but the mud and water had seeped in and destroyed everything else inside. I cleaned up the coffin and stored it in a building on my property here.”
After telling me the story of the metallic coffin I was then privileged to be able to view this wonderful historic relic. Above is a picture I took of it.

Some East Carroll Inventors

The Rust Brothers, Mark and John
- the mechanical cotton picker -
Around 1929, the Rust brothers came to Hollybrook, La. to work for Mr. Tib Mitchiner and Mr. Oscar Ameringer. During their spare time the brothers worked on an invention at the Amacker’s seed-house. They eventually developed a motorized cotton picker that could pick five bales of cotton a day. In 1934, it was tested at an experiment station in Mississippi and was eventually adopted by all large-scale farmers.
BIOGRAHIES: “Alphy Pittman Surles helped back the Rust brothers in their development of the cotton picker.” From “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.

George T. Hider
In 1937-’38, a local planter perfected a “May-pole Tractor”. In the center of the cotton field, a twelve-foot tower was erected with a drum 12 ¼ inches in diameter atop it. A cable leading from the drum was connected to a tractor. When the tractor was started and placed at the outer edge of the field (or at the center), the cable winding around the drum guided the tractor steadily around the field. A field as large as 120 acres could thus be plowed, planted, and cultivated.
Mr. Hider, a graduate in mechanical engineering from Cornell University, a planter, ginner and former bank Vice-President, failed to obtain a patent from the U. S. Patent Office, but he did patent his invention in Russia, Germany, France, and Great Britain.
Mrs. Hider is further credited with another important agricultural development. A cotton dryer for gins was tested at Transylvania, and Mr. Hider was asked by ginners in Madison Parish to devise and install one like it for them, which he did. ("Aside", Mr. Hider adds, “Almost burning the gin up, in the process!”)
Mr. Hider in 1929 went to Peru to install several for ginners there. This idea never was patented, but it is widely used today with modifications.
BIOGRAPHIES: “Mr. Hider won national recognition with an automatic device which controls a tractor by remote control.” From “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.

W. E. “Pop” Patrick (from newspaper)
Mr. Patrick, a farm owner on Route Done, in 1970 invented a special sprayer mounted on farm machines to automatically spray the grass or weeds that stand higher than the cotton or bean crops. The sprayer saves both money and time since spraying can be done simultaneously with cultivation. The sprayer is patented and is sold by the Patrick Sprayer Corporation. E. W. Patrick, President. It is widely used in the Louisiana-Mississippi-Arkansas area, and is comparatively inexpensive.

Taylor, F. M. (from newspaper)
We are informed that our friend F. M. Taylor, Agent, has invented a self-adjustable corn prop.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Settling of Northeast Louisiana

(Now East and West Carroll Parishes)

“The first settlement in East Carroll in the early 19th century was on the Mississippi River in the vicinity of Lake Providence, which then called Stock/Stack Island Lake. James Floyd claimed a section of land between the river and the lake, alleging that he had settle upon it in 1803. William Culfield and William Collins each claimed a section of land on the lake, their tracts adjoining Floyd‘s claim. They also dated their occupancy from the year 1803.
John Millikin, registrar of the land office, knew of a Mrs. Bruit who resided on the river a mile below the mouth of Stock/Stack Island Lake. Other early names are Hugh White, Samuel White and Herbert/Harbird Hood, who were granted land here in 1812.
William Barker and two or three persons named Dempsey were reported to be living on the lake in 1813 and raised corn and other produce. One of them, Joe Dempsey, hunted along the banks of what is now called Joe‘s Bayou, which was named for this early hunter.” “Between the Rivers” by Florence McKoin

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poem of Lake Providence, LA.

This old town has an interesting tale to tell
To our young folks and late comers here to dwell;
Mud huts and mounds prove the Indians had their day
Before the white man settled down to stay.
A pirate caused this town to get its site and name.
Bunch and crew were a gang that played a crooked game.
Robbed boats of goods and freight in spite of pleas and cries.
Escapees fleeing to a land nearby to save their lives,
Knelt to thank Providence for its kind intervention,
Stayed here, or moved on, with renewed intention.

Our first town was layed out by streets in 1833,
Not much of a town we all must agree.
Washed into the river by the year of 1866.
A new town arose with stores of wood and bricks,
The streets running north and south were only four,
Those going east and west were a few more.
Through LEVEE Street flowed the traffic of the town
With freight and passengers the boats brought down,
SPARROW, lawyer, jurist, Senator of State fame,
SCARBOROUGH, famous judge who left a street his name,
HOOD, Harbird and Govy, father and son, and other kin
Were here to help homes, churches, and schools begin.
DAVIS, a doctor who saved lives or sent them to heaven,
Streets, after LAKE and MORGAN, were numerals FIRST to SEVENTH.

Out in the middle of the street buckshot mud was two feet deep,
Water filled, bricked-in cisterns helped firemen fight the heat,
For sidewalks, long thick boards end to end were layed,
To protect boots and shoes of old and young, lad and maid.
Kerosene lamps on walls in stores and along the streets
Lighted the dark pathways for pedestrians’ hurrying feet.
Known far and wide as an important steamboat town,
The MARY KEENE, home-owned, was first to wear the crown.
For this town a steamboat has once been named,
Giving town and boat equal river fame.
Beautiful is our lake with its waters so blue,
Mile wide, six miles long, one of nature’s works to view,
A mirror for the heavens above and the brilliant sky,
A plat of serene loveliness to each passer-by,
A joy to boaters, swimmers, and those on water skiis,
Framed by stately homes and majestic cypress trees,
Scene for a painter, picture of God’s untouched beauty;
To keep it as such is man’s sacred duty.
It is the earth’s own glory made by God’s own hand,
We who live here prize it as an Eden of Louisiana land.
Maude Van Fossen

The 1880 Census of East Carroll Parish, La.

I believe this came from a 1960’s newspaper.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was born in Manila, Arkansas, in 1952, and was raised in Lake Providence, La.. I had a really terrific childhood. I was usually out riding one of my horses, swimming at the dock, across from the Ship-AHoy, skating at the rink over the lake, fishing, playing softball, or basketball, anything outside of the house.
My Dad, Buddy, was a crop-duster, 1st working at Fleeman's Airport in the 1950's, Wilson's in the 60's, and later at Charlie Davis' Flying Service. My Mom, Jeri, did waitress work at most of the eating places in town. She started at the Old 400 Club, Nellie’s [Newton] CafĂ©, and Zimmerman’s Restaurant, and even later working at the 16 Hour Grocery store.
Mom and Dad later had their own convenience store called the Hitching Post, along with my brother Bobby, and his wife, Juanita [nee Husbands, from Oak Grove, La.], which was on the ‘other’ side of the lake at the 4-Way stop. When in my 11th grade of school my sister, Sherryl, [married to Jack Miller of Oak Grove, La.] wanted me to help her gather the headstone inscriptions from the old Lake Providence Cemetery. Since she had become interested in local history, I didn‘t give it a second thought.
That summer I worked at the concession stand in the Lake Theater where I met Gordon Harrison, from Monticello, La, and after school the following year we married moving to Houston, Texas where I raised two children: Lori Ann & George. I traveled back and forth ’home’ visiting my family and making some trips to Lonoke, Arkansas visiting my sister and helping her with her Fish Frys, Motorcycle Rallies, Quilt Raffles, etc., making money to help start the new Lonoke County Museum she was putting together of which she was Curator. She was living and breathing genealogy, and history was in her blood. After 21 years of marriage I divorced.
My work at Sears kept me busy and then at work I met and married my second husband. We lived in Eureka Springs, a very beautiful tourist town. Still traveling to help Sherryl from time to time we would talk about all the history that was in and around the Lake Providence area and I began to get anxious about finding out more on East Carroll Parish. It was during this time she reminded me of the headstone inscriptions that we had done so many years before. She told me that she had given that list to Mrs. Howard, of L. P.. and if I had that it would be a start for me. I sought out to find Mrs. Howard to see if she still had a copy and hoped to get a copy of them for myself. Not only did Mr. Howard still have a copy but in my amazement Mrs. Howard gave me the original copies of our work. It was a small miracle! My marriage to Scott Schmitz only lasted 9½ years.
I had started working at the closest Wal-Mart store which was in Berryville, Arkansas. But when I could I was helping my sister with her Museum benefits, and I would go over to Lonoke. But what happened during this visit to my sister’s was the best of all. During one of our chats about my typing out the L. P. inscriptions that she told me that she had saved her hand copied 1850, 60, 70, & 80 [whites only] Census records of East Carroll Parish, of which I never knew she even had done. I could hardly believe it… WOW… what a start I had. I saved years of copying there!
It was during one of these benefits, the ‘Cajun Festival’, where I was cooking the Seafood Gumbo, when my sister introduced me to R. B. Moore, a local genealogy researcher. I made many more trips over and decided later to transfer to the Cabot, AR.. Wal-Mart. I was “overseer” for a cabin on the outskirts of Lonoke where I lived until R. B. & I married in 2003. Now, everything concerning East Carroll Parish I am collecting, and hope that if you have anything of historical value concerning the wonderful parish of East Carroll that you would like to share it. I would love to hear about any of your local Northeast Louisiana ancestors.
My name is Sandra Guthrie Moore.
My email addresses:


(from New Orleans to Ouacha or German Villages)
(to the region known as Illinois)
(1850 - 1930 WHITES ONLY)

1840 WARREN CO., MS.



Civil War, Korean War, WWI, WWII, Viet Nam,
Desert Storm, and Iraqui Freedom


(1) CARROLL RECORD - 06/16/1866 - 06/18/1867 & 02/08/1868 - 06/12/1869
April 05, June 14 & 21, Nov. 01, June 07, Aug. 02, & Oct. 16. -- 1875;
April 08 - Sept. 30, & Oct. 07. -- 1876; Sept. 09, 1877; Sept 15. -- 1878;
July 20, Aug. 17, Nov. 23, 30, & Feb. 1
(3) EAST CARROLL DEMOCRAT - 05/05/1883 - 05/24/1888
(4) CARROLL BANNER - 07/14/1887 - 06/11/1892
(5) BANNER DEMOCRAT - 08/06/1892 - 12/28/1895
(6) BANNER DEMOCRAT - 01/04/1896 - 12/31/1898
(7) BANNER DEMOCRAT - 01/;07/1899 - 12/27/1902
(8) BANNER DEMOCRAT - (SCATTERED ISSUES) 1904 - 1906; 1918 - 1928
(books for sale from microfilms)
“1866 - 1876 Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of Carroll Parish, LA.”
by Sandy Schmitz~Moore
“1877 - 1888 East Carroll Parish, LA.
Old Newspaper Gleans of the Local Folk” by Sandy Moore

(1) "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Pinkston & INDEX
(2) "Brokenburn, A Kate Stone Journal", by John Q. Anderson & INDEX
(3) "Between the Rivers", by McKoin & INDEX
(4) "4th LA. Infantry" book on the "Trailleurs", regimental history.
(5) "Louisiana Plantation Homes", by La. Dept. of
Commerce & Industry Tourist Bureau.
(6) “Murder, Mayhem, and Misc. of Carroll Parish”, (1866 - 1876)
by Sandy Guthrie Moore
(7) Have composed exerpts also from 1877 up through 1894, but not in book form yet.
(8) “Life on the Mississippi”, by Mark Twain.
(9) “Louisiana Plantation Homes”, by the LA Dept. of Congress & Industry.
(10) “Steamboat Gothic”, Francis Parkinson Keyes.
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(12) “Tales of the Mississippi(River)”, by Ray Samuel,
Leonard V. Huber, & Warren C. Ogden.
(13) 1966 Telephone Book for Lake Providence, LA.
(14) "Three Roads to the Alamo", by William C. Davis. [James Bowie tells of some land deals happening around the northeast Louisiana area]
(15) "Genealogy of the Roberdeau Family", by Roberdeau Buchanan

I have collected several headstone pictures from the cemeteries in East Carroll Parish, and are listed below. I am in the process of doing the Lake Providence Cemetery. If you are interested in any of these pictures please email me.
I also have a few headstone pictures that I have collected on the internet from these cemeteries:



Harper’s Magazine:
"The Canal at Lake Providence" (sketch)
"Cutting the Levee at Lake Providence" (sketch)
"Union Jim’s Prisoners" (sketch)
"A ’Contraband’ Volunter" (sketch)
Reader’s Digest: “Poorest Town in the U. S."
George Magazine: “10 Most Corrupt Cities in America”

“A Bird in Flight, on Broken Wings”, by Troy Buckner
“Louisiana Swamp Doctor”, by John Q. Anderson
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Vicksburg Genealogy Society Quarterly.
Vol. 1, #1, 2, 3, & 4 (#3 - Milliken's Bend Academy);
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Vol. 5, #1
(Recollections of James Old, Concordia Tax List 0f 1806);
Vol. 6, #1, & 4 (#1 - 1st Graduates of St. Francis Xavier Academy);
Vol. 7, #1 (Wills: (1) John Johnson & Emily Williams (2) Bridget Furgusen)
Baton Rouge Genealogical. I have an index of all published LeRaconteur magazines listed above and below:
Vol. XI, Nos. 3, & 4; Vol. XII, Nos. 1, 2, 3, & 4; Vol. XIII, No. 1

1929 ECHO
1963 Deltan, 1964 Deltan, 1965 Deltan, 1966 Deltan,
1968 Deltan, and 1970 Deltan

“Robert E. Lee”
“the steamboat”

"Major Todd’s Leg”, from a Vicksburg newspaper


Saturday, May 9, 2009

August 1, 1706 CENSUS
(Families & Habitants of LA., by Nicolas de la Salle)
(Compiled & transcribed by Charles R. Maduel, Jr.)

M. de la Salle, wife, 4 children, 6 persons
Guillame Boutin, wife, 2
Jean Roy, wife, 2 children, 3
Jean La Loire, wife, child, 3
Jean Le Camp, with the 1st child born in La., 2
Francois May, wife, 2 children, 4
Nicolas Lafreniere, a boy, 1
Francois Trudeau, wife, child, 3
Estienne Burelle, wife, child, 3
Madame widow Le Suere, of Canada, 3 girls, 1 boy 5
Mle. Boisrenaud, girl, 1
Gabrielle Bonnet, girl, her husband a deserter, 1
Michel Kisbe 1
Laurenso Clostigny, child, 2

Those following are in the pay of the king:
Le sieru Barrau, wife, 2
Andre Renaud, wife, child, 3
Gilbert Daudenne, wife, child, 3
Pierre Bravard, wife, child, 3
Pierre Allin, wife, child, 3
Rene Boyer, gunsmith, wife, child, 3
Jean Bourbonnois, wife, child, 3
Antoine Rivarri, wife, child, 3
Claude Trepanier, wife, child, 3
Jean Coulomb, wife, 2 children, 4
Joseph Penigaud, wife, 2
Jean Sossie, wife, 2 children, 4
Marie Mercier, girl, 1
Marie Cresot, midwife, 1
Marie Lignau, girl, 1
Jean Lous Miniuty, wife, 2 children, 4
Anne Perro, widow, 4 children, 5
Total………………………………..........85 persons