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Sheriffs of Carroll/East Carroll, Louisiana

From “A Place to Remember” by Georgia Pinkston
State Legislature created the office of Parish Sheriff in 1810.
Year & Name
1832 Duke G. Clary
1838 Thomas R. Patten
1839 John Harding
1841 George W. Gant
1843 James C. Drew
1846 Edmond R. Travis
1850 William Lucky Knox
1863 James M. Watson
1864 Alexander G. Lane
1867 W. W. Collins
1868 George A. Shendon
1869 J. W. Draughn
1871 Andrew S. Parlin
1873 Nicholas Burton
1875 Charles Hicks
1877 John Asberry
1878 John W. Scott
18?? Sanders D. Oliver
1879 John Asberry
1882 Marcus Shelby Powell
1885 John C. Bass, Sr.
1892 J.W. Dunn
1904 W.E. Dunn
1919 William C. McRae
1920 John C. Bass, Jr.
1937 William McFarland Long
1942 John W. Gilbert
1968 Sam L. House, Jr.
(See other information below)
“In 1855, there were enough votes west of the Macon River to move the parish seat of government from L. P. to Floyd. George Wilson and Sylvanis C. Floyd donated 2.5 acres of land for a courthouse square. In December, 1856, W. A. Doles was awarded a contract to build a 2 story brick building of modern design, plus a brick jail for the sum of $3,100. (This was verified by Clerk of Court records.) This courthouse was not ready for occupancy until late in 1857 and during this wait records were hauled back and forth from the courthouse in L. P. to Floyd by ox cart, or so the legend goes. William Lucky Knox was the parish sheriff at that time.” “Between the Rivers” Florence Stewart McKoin
“After the death of Alexander Keene, Julia married her cousin Oliver Tennile Morgan, son of Oliver Morgan’s brother Jonathan, who owned and lived at Salem Plantation and was a former sheriff of Ouachita Parish.” From the book “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.
BLACK CONTRIBUTORS TO EARLY HISTORY: “John W. Shoo was a deputy sheriff and a constable appointed by Governor John McEnery.” From “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.
BLACK CONTRIBUTORS TO EARLY HISTORY: “W. H. Hunter, was a deputy sheriff and constable and collecting agent in 1883.” From “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.
BIOGRAPHIES: “Burta (O’Riley) Pinkston was the 1st woman Deputy Sheriff (1920), as well as the 1st pianist at the local movie house.” From the book “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.
BIOGRAPHIES: “William Betron Ragland, Sr., long a familiar and popular citizen, was born Jan. 31, 1902, in Miss., the son of John & Lillian Wood Ragland.
“Mr. Bill“ along with his farming interest, served as Deputy Sheriff for 38 yrs. He purchased Helena Plantation in 1941 at Bunch‘s Bend. He later also purchased Alabama Plantation. Mrs. Ragland entered public life as a member of the School Board, representing her Ward for many years until her retirement in 1970. She has also been active in civic and community affairs.” From “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston
WOMEN OF E. C. PARISH TODAY (1977): Patrick, Nell (Hamilton) “secretary, office deputy sheriff” Georgia Pinkston’s book “A Place to Remember”
Bradford, Robert B., Notary Public and Deputy Recorder, Lake Providence. “Murder, Mayhem, & Misc.”, by Sandy Moore

Mayors and Board of Aldermen

From "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Pinkston
Year: Mayor: Salary:
1855-0857 Robert M. Campbell
1859 Francis M. Hayes
1861 George W. McCarroll
1862-1868 There was no local government officials during these years.
1869 R. W. Roberts & W. H. Schneider (appointee)
1870 Mayor Egelly $100. yearly
1870 MalachI DuBose
1871 D. B. Gorham
1872 A. W. Roberts
1873-75 Ed. F. Newman (colored)
1875 C. R. Egelly
1876 Edward J. Delony
1884 Mayor Therrell $200. Annually
1903 Mayor Powell $400. A year
1919-1943 Mayor Biggs
1920 Mayor Powell $500. A year
1930 Mayor Biggs $1,000. A year
1950 Mayor Johnson $1,200. A year
1956 William B. Cone
1974 Mayor Jackson $12,000. A year
(In one place it shows the in 1920 Mayor to be Powell, and in the bio of Biggs it shows him serving as mayor for 24 years, appointed in 1919.
1873 Willie Neal (colored)
1876 D. L. Morgan, Charles R. Egelly,
V. M. Purdy, James Maguire & Jason Hamilton
1876 F. S. Garner
1876 James Maguire
1876 Charles R. Egelly, D. L. Morgan & V. M. Purdy

Politicians & Judges of E. C., La.


John W. Cook, of Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La. Republican. Delegate to Republican National Convention from Louisiana, 1900. Burial location unknown.

Vail M. Delony was born in Lake Providence, E. C. Parish, La. on Jan. 5, 1901. His parents were Helen Montgomery Delony and Tobias Stephens Delony. He grew up and lived in L. P. all of his life. On Dec. 26, 1926, he married Elizabeth Louise Miller of Greenville, Mississippi. They had two daughters, Elizabeth Delony Ree and Vil Delony Baldridge. Democrat. Member of Louisiana state house of representatives, 1950; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Louisiana, 1956. He passed away on Nov. 18, 1967.
On March 25, 1968, Governor John J. McKeithen dedicated the Vail M. Delony Data Processing Center of the LA. Dept of Public Safety in Baton Rouge. Mrs. Delony and her daughters attended the ceremonies.

S. W. Green of Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La. Republican. Delegate to Republican National Convention from Louisiana, 1896, 1908, 1920. Burial location unknown.

John Martian Hamley, was the 2nd son of Edward J. Hamley, who was a native of St. Louis, prominent in local politics and civil affairs. The Hamleys moved to E. C. Parish in 1878. His father was mayor of L. P. for 12 years, His mother was born in Bavaria and came to this country in 1860.
He was born in 1883. He was a partner with his father for many years in the real estate business. He was elected parish tax assessor in 1933 and also served as a member of the La. Flood Control Committee.
Martian Hamley married Miss Kate Ransell in 1914. She was the daughter of the Judge F. X. Ransdell. They children attended the St. Patricks parochial school, and later the girls went to Maryville College in St. Louis.
He was a member of the State Legislature from 1912 - 1924, where he authored many significant legislative acts. He served as Clerk of the House for a total of 20 years. John Martian Hamley passed away in 1942.

William Jennings Jefferson of New Orleans, Orleans Parish, La. Born at Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La., on March 14, 1947. Democrat. Lawyer; member of Louisiana state senate, 1979-90; candidate for mayor of New Orleans, La., 1982, 1986; U.S. Representative from Louisiana 2nd District, 1991-; candidate for Governor of Louisiana, 1999; delegate to Democratic National Convention from Louisiana, 2000, 2004, 2008; named as unindicted co-conspirator by prosecutors in connection with Brent Pfeffer's guilty plea to bribery charges. He is of the Baptist faith. William J. Jefferson is still living as of Oct. 2009.

Willard Kilpatrick is from Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La. Democrat. Alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from Louisiana, 1948. Still living as of 1948.

John Edwards Leonard was born in Fairville, Chester County, Pa., February 22, 1845. The Benhams sold Oakland Plantation to J. Edward Leonard of Westchester, PA., a parish resident and law partner of Judge Joseph Mordeci Kennedy. He served as District Attorney at Lake Providence, La. Grandnephew of John Edwards. Republican. Justice of Louisiana State Supreme Court, 1876; U.S. Representative from Louisiana 5th District, 1877-78. The Watchman, parish newspaper of those days carried an 1875 article: "Col. J. E. Leonard's Law Book has been published. It contains a digest of the decisions of the Supreme Court of the U. S. in all Louisiana cases. It will be invaluable to Louisiana lawyers. We believe the price is $8.00."
He died in office 1878, at Havana (La Habana), Cuba, March 15, 1878. Interment at Friends Cemetery, Middletown Township, Delaware County, Pa.

J. S. Millikin of Millikin, East Carroll Parish, La. Republican. Born Jan. 08, 1847. He was Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Louisiana, 1920. James S. died Sept. 11, 1928 and burial was at the Lake Providence Cemetery.

Honoré Morancy became a state senator and is responsible for the formation and naming of Carroll Parish.

Judge Francis Xavier Ransdell was born on February 11, 1861 on Elmwood Plantation in Rapides Parish. During the Civil War a skirmish broke out between the Union and Confederate soldiers in their yard and his father sent his mother and the children in a covered wagon to refugee in Texas until the end of the war. Their father was killed in an accident in the sugar mill on his plantation soon after the war ended and the family had a hard time during the Recontruction time. Joseph helped F. X. through college, and then came to L. P. where he also studied law in the office of Judge F. F. Montgomery.
He was first elected to the post of District Judge for Madison and East Carroll Parishes in 1899, and later Tensas Parish. He was married to Katie Blackburn Davis on Nov. 1, 1892 at her home on Belle Meade Plantation. They 1st lived in Chattanooga, TN, but returned to L. P. in 1897 to live.
Judge Ransdell was a member of the St. Patrick's Church in L. P.. He died on May 23, 1939 at a hospital in Baltimore, MD. He was survived by his wife and 4 of his 6 daughters.
He served continuously in that office until his retirement December 31, 1936.
Headstone Inscription:
Ransdell, F. X. 1861 - 1939 "Judge"

Joseph E. Ransdell was born Oct. 7, 1858 in Rapides Parish on his father's plantation named Elmwood. (Later an acquired land in Ward 5, he named Elmwood after his boyhood home). He was a graduate of Union Callege in Schenectady, N. Y. He came to East Carroll Parish in June, 1882 to live with his sister, Mrs. Tom Montgomery. He read law in the office of Judge Montgomery and was admitted to the bar. He was first parish surveyor and then District Attorney - from 1884 to 1896. He served as a delegate in the Constitutional Convention of 1898. He married Miss Olive Irene Powell in 1885. He was a devoted husband, and named the plantation Olivdell, for his wife.
He served in Crongress for 32 years. US Congress 1899 - 1913, US Senate 1913 -1931
During Joseph and Felix Ransdell owned much of the land in Elmwood, La., a farming community just southwest of Lake Providence.
Died on July 21, 1954 at 95 years old.
The Roman Catholic Church, in 1976, is housed in a new building on a lot willed to the church by the late Senator J. E. Ransdell, located directly across the street from the earlier structure.

J. B. Robinson of Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La. Republican. Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from LA., 1900. Burial location unknown.

James J. Schneider from Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La. Republican. Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention from Louisiana, 1988. Still living as of 1988.

Frank Voelker of Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La. Democrat. Alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from Louisiana, 1944.
Headstone Inscription:
Voelker, Frank 08/30/1892 - 07/02/1963 LA 1st Lt Air SVC Air PDN ~ WWI

N. C. Williamson of Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, La. Democrat. Alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention from Louisiana, 1940. Still living as of 1940.

Tilghman Mayfield Tucker (1802-1859) — of Mississippi. Born in North Carolina, February 5, 1802. Son of John Tucker and Margaret (Mayfield) Tucker. Democrat. Lawyer; member of Mississippi state house of representatives, 1831-36; member of Mississippi state senate, 1838-42; Governor of Mississippi, 1842-44; U.S. Representative from Mississippi at-large, 1843-45. Died near Bexar, Marion County, Ala., April 3, 1859. Interment at Lake Providence Cemetery.


From "A Place to Remember", by Mrs. Georgia Pinkston
1832 Felix Bosworth
1845-46 Eli Harris
1868 George C. Benham
1871 Charles a. DeFrance
1874 C. E. Moss
1879 Sterling Austin
1879-80 Malachi DuBose
1832 4th District Thomas J. Cooley
1838 9th District Frederick H. Davis
1841 9th District Barnabas G. Tenney
1842 9th District Thomas Curry
1846 10th District Louis Selby
1849 10th District James Naper Tandy Richardson
1852 10th District John Perkins, Jr.
1854 10th District Alonzo Snyder
1855 10th District E. D. Farrar
1869 13th District Wade H. Hough
1877 8th District Edward J. Delony (Jan. 14, ‘88)Foreman: P. B. Woods
1889 8th District Field Farrar Montgomery
1900 (Feb.) 7th District Clifton F. Davis
1900(June) 9th District Francis X. Ransdell
1935 9th District Frank Voelker, Sr.
1963 9th District Clifton C. Adams
1974 9th District Alwine M. Smith

Parish Attorneys

From "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Pinkston
Parish records are filled with the names of lawyers serving in the parish.
Each year listed below is the year each name first appeared in the court records:
Year Names
1835 Henry T. Daggett
1837 James Friend, Louis Selby
1838 Messrs. Amerson Stacy, M. Browder, Dunlap, T. N. T. Richardson
1840 B. F. Bosworth
1841 Thomas N. Pierce, Samuel Dupuy, F. D. Galloway, G. W. Copley
1842 John W. Wilson, Charles Wilson, J. W. Wyly
1843 George G. Willson
1844 Bartlett, H. Short, Felix Bosworth, B. F. Bosen
1845 William E. Blackburn, A. B. Caldwell
1846 Messrs. Short Draw
1847 W. Bosworth, Aquila Bolton Caldwell, W. Bryan, Berry, Parham
1848 H. R. Bonner, John A. Collins
1850 M. DuBose, Ferd M. Goodrich, R. Graham
1851 Charles A. DeFrance
1852 Edward Sparrow, Goodrich, Caldwell
1853 L. Selby, R. Graham, Andrew B. Hynes, H. R. Bonner
1854 Goodrich, DeFrance
1855 Sparrow, Montgomery
1856 Hugh Short, Parham, F. F. Montgomery
1857 A. W. Roberts, E. J. Delony
1858 Benjamin F. Clark
1859 Charles M. Pilcher, W. G. Wyly, William J. Duncan, E. R. Duncan
1860 Ben D. Roberts, A. W. Currie
1862 Ed. F. Duncan, D. C. Jenkins
1863 H. W. Drake
1866 Ferd M. Goodrich
1869 Malachi DuBose, W. B. Spencer
1870 D. B. Gorham, John Edward Leonard
1871 Abaisha W. Roberts
1872 D. B. Gorham
1873 C. A. DeFrance
1879 William Gillespi
1880 A. H. Embry, R. G. Campbell
1883 Robert W. Whetsone, Ransdell, Ransdell
1888 Wayles S. Brown
1889 Robert Kennedy
1890 Charles S. Wyly
1892 Clifton F. Davis, Leonard K. Barber
1893 E. D. Saunders
1894 Gray, McIntosh
1898 C. F. Davis
1938 H. G. Noteis

Carroll/East Carroll Teachers & Educators

From “A Place to Remember”,
by Georgia Payne Pinkston,
& "Between the Rivers"
by Florence Stewart McKoin, else where mentioned
Pre-Civil War: Henry De Los Briggs @ Floyd, La.
1872: John Garner taught Charlie Reneau & Hugh Cheatham
1874: Mrs. Louisa France Pulley taught the Layman children
1875: Mr. R. K. Jayne @ Firemen’s Hall, L.P., La. (The Watchman)
1878: Henry Goodrich, Jr., Principal & Miss Saint, assistant
@ White Public School (Carroll Conservative)
1890's: Mr. Grubbs taught Mr. Chess Cawthorns brother's children
@ Unity Community
1893: At Mason Lodge; Mrs. R. W. Shillings, Mr. Dunken, & Mr. Burkett
1897 - 1914 Teachers:
1897: Miss Maud Taylor; 1st Assistant, Providence
Miss Mary Beard, 2nd Assistant, Providence
Miss Katie McCulloch, 3rd Assistant, Providence
Miss Emma Pope @ Longwood, Miss Ella W. Rous @ Shelburn,
and Miss Fannie Keene @ Transylvania
1898: Miss Edith Deval, and Miss Carrie M. Jackson
1900: (Opening of the new L. P. Public School) Professor Roberts
& S. B. Kennedy
1901: Mrs. F. A. Newman, Ward #1, Miss Bessie Nicholson
@Villa Vista, Miss Eddie Bass, Miss Carrie Byerly, and Miss Elodie Brown
1903: Miss Ethel Peck, & Miss Beula Goodrich
1904: Zula & Alma Rentz, G. B. Reneau, Mathew Redmond, Emily Jackson,
Claudia Pardue, Lydia Pearce, Estelle & Hattie Hedrick, Martilda Hornberger,
Clara Mae Rundell, & Estelle Allen @ Floyd School.
1905 Mary Redmond was added @ Floyd School.
1906 C. M. Tillman, trustee added @ Bayou Macon School.
1906 Miss Emily Jackson taught at Vaugh School (near Forest Home Plantation)
1907 - 1908 L. P. school:
Professor C. C. Lewis; Principal & Superintendent
Miss Lucie Nunn, 1st Assistant, Miss Irma Williams; 7th & 8th grades
Miss Belle Briant; 5th & 6th grades, Miss Eula Bean; 3rd & 4th grades
Miss Nettie Brown; Literature, Expression, & Physical Culture, and
Miss Minnie Collum teaches Music
1908: Reverend Grimes, Sr. @ Magnolia Church School
1909: Reverend Joseph Watkins @ Magnolia Baptist Church school.
1909-1910 Vaughn School:
Miss Emily Jackson, Miss Alma Rentz, Miss Claudie Pardue,
& Miss Clara Mae Rundell. Mr. Clyde Turner & Mr. H. M. O'Connell,
paid $10, for giving examinations.
Mathew Redmond, Principal, Julia White & Julia King @ Pioneer school.
Miss Lillian King @ Millikin, Miss Ethel Mitchell @ Transylvania,
Miss Marian Dunn @ Waddell, & Miss Susie Bell Peek @ Sondheimer,
Miss Pearl LeFerve @ Bayou Macon, Miss Jesse Moore @ Unity School,
Miss Lillian Long @ Floyd, and W. V. Hiter, Miss King, & Miss White @ Pioneer.
Miss Isabel Ransdell, Mrs. Eugene Guenard, Miss Narcisse Blackburn,
Miss Myrtle Rice, and Miss Carmen Breazeale @ L. P.
Miss Margaret Murphy @ Waddell, Miss Ola Johnson @ L.P., and
Miss Mary Hall, J. D. Stephenson, and Miss Robie Williams.
Misses Ola Johnston, Ethel Mitchell, Chrichton D. Cox, Lucy L. White,
Annie L. Cook, and Ruth Maguire. (during Spanish flu epidemic)
Miss Ethel Wyly, Miss Delma Beard, Miss Catherine Buchanan,
Miss Edna Fant, Miss Katie McSween, Miss Lucy White,
Miss Regina Reid, Miss Dorothy Vought, Miss Nita Mitchell
@ Sondheimer, and Miss Ernestine K. Soear @ Transylvania.
Miss Mary Bass, Miss Christine Johnston, Miss Marie Crosby,
Miss Beatrice R. Frey, M. H. Folk Jr., Miss Elizabeth Crymes,
Miss Sallie Faulk, Miss Laura Price @ Caney School, and
Miss Lorelle Melton.
Miss Bessie Louise Miller, Miss Etta Vaughn, Miss Mary Murff,
and Miss Louise Miller @ L. P. schools.
Mr. R. W. Watts, Principal & Mrs. R. W. Watts was a teacher
at Monticello School
Miss Edna McPherson @ Caney, Miss Mary Warren @ Bunch’s Bend,
Miss Katherine Mickie, Miss Inez Cox (piano & violin),
Miss George Huff, Miss Margaret Walters, Miss Mary Taylor,
Mr. Guy Summers, D. F. O’Steen, Mrs. Bessie Madray,
Miss Julia Waller, & Mrs. C. E. Hester (Kindergarten)
A Folk School was held at Monticello conducted by Miss Mary Mims.

Doctors, Physicans, and Surgeons

("A Place to Remember" by Georgia Pinkston)
Health Board Physicians
Egelly, C. R.
Armstrong, A.
Powell, T. J.
Hays, F. M.
Delony, E. J.
Hamilton, Jason
Commissioner of Yellow Fever Quarantine - Hamilton, Jason
Asst. to Commissioner- Spinette, John
Yellow Fever Board:
Long, Dr. W. E.
Davis, Dr. J. L.
Board of Health:
Bernard, Dr. F. R.
Bell, Dr. W. D.
Hamley, Messr E. J.
Hill, Messr. J. N.
Powell, Messr. T. J.
Dipththeria Epidemic Doctors
Bernard, Dr. F. R.
Bell, Dr.W. D.
Long, Dr. W. E.
Artaud, Dr.
Davis, Dr.
Board of Health:
Fisher, J. L.
Moore, W. J.
Bell, Dr. W. D.
Long, Dr. W. B.
Health Inspector: Kennedy
Town Physician: Bernard, F. R.
Town Health Inspector: Cobb, W. M.
Health Officer: Evans, Dr. W. K.
Local Board:
Bell, Mrs. Richard
Pinkston, Mrs. Burta R.
Levy, Golden Leigh
Hill, J. Newton
1832 - 1976
East Carroll Parish Physicians:
Anderson, Sheldon
Artaud, Frank
Bagley, Dr.
Bard, Samuel
Beatty, D.
Bell, W. D.
Benjamin, W. H.
Bernard, F. R.
Bernard, S. P.
Blackburn, D. F.
Bowet, W. H.
Bowman, Dr.
Brock, A. G.
Brown, DR.
Burgoyne, B. R.
Cain, F.A.
Carson, James G.
Cherry, O. H.
Coffield, Heratius Dancy
Coolins, R. T.
Dashiell, I. Y. (coronor)
Dashiell, L.F.
Davis, Donovan F.
Davis, J. E.
Davis, J. L.
Davis, J. P.
Davis, James Lewis
Delony, Edward
Dunn, Thomas W.
Eaton, Y. J.
Evans, W. K.
Fretwell, John
Fretwell, Richard
Goffe, G. Nathan
Goffe, N. G.
Gorham, Dr.
Graham, R. D.
Graves, R. L.
Gustine, Samuel
Hamley, William H.
Harris, W. A.
Hays, P. D.
Hedrick, Dr.
Herring, John S.
Hood, Govy
Hopkins, George
Houghton, N.
Janus, Francis
Jones, Robert P.
Jones, William B.
Kelly, Carl A.
Key, Richard Sewell
Landry, Dr.
Lanford, G. M.
Larche, N. E.
Long W. E.
Lyons, J.
McCulloch, William
McNutt, Robert
Means, Thomas O.
Montgomery, James
Morancy, Emilius
Morehead, W.
Nutt, C. R.
O'Sullivan, Thomas
Owens, Andrew
Pack, John C.
Paris, W.A.
Pierce, A. N.
Prescott, James B.
Purviance, James
Ralph, Dr.
Richardson, L.
Roach, M. A.
Roberts, Sebastian P.
Robinson, Henry
Ryan, Philip M.
Scruggs, John H.
Seay, John
Seay, R. W.
Shelby, J. A.
Skinner, N. C.
Stuart, W. T.
Tebbette, Hiram
Terral, Forrest M.
Tresevant, George W.
Waddell, Am M.
Whitehead, C. P.
Wright, George

Ferry Boats and Their Captains

As their were no bridges across the Mississippi, trade and travel made ferries necessary. Here are some of the early operators from Providence to the Mississippi shore. (*NOTE - Please read the note at the bottom of this page)
Captain Year
Silas R. Gilmore 1836
James C. Wilkins 1838 (from Wilkins Plantation to Washington, Co., Ms.)
George N. Parks 1841, 1844-1845
John P. Preston 1842
William Glathary 1843
Captain George Harrell 1887 (from Providence to Ben Lomond)
C. W. Edwards 1894
Maguire & Schneider 1907
Mrs. Ollie M. Wood 1911
Dr. John L. Kennedy 1916 (from 25cents to 35 cents)
C. LaCost & C. H. McMurray 1918 (price increased to 50 cents round trip)
John Edwards 1920
Here are some of the Ferry Boats that were used across other body's of water in Carroll Parish.
Ferry Location
"Bosworth Ferry" (Across the Tensas Bayou)
"Purvis' Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Lester's Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Jackson's Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Floyd Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Lane's Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Ashton Road Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Rush's Ferry" (Across Boeuff River)
"Wallis' Ferry" (Across Boeuff River)
"Owen's Ferry" (Across Boeuff River)

Notice in Carroll Parish Record Newspaper on August 4, 1866 Notice is hereby, given that the following named Ferries, in and for the Parish of Carroll, will be leased to the highest bidder for a term of twelve months from the 4th of Sept., A. D. 1865. Sealed proposals will be received by the undersigned at the Court House, in Floyd, on said 4th of Sept., 1866, for each Ferry, separately. And the parties to whom the said Ferries are awarded, will be required to give bond and approved security on the spot, and to pay one-forth of their bids in cash, and the remainder quarterly.
(ALL LISTED ABOVE) The lease of the Corbin Ferry to take effect from the first Monday in October next, and to expire at the same time of the leases of the other Ferries.
Given under my hand officially, at Floyd, La., this 1st day of Aug. A. D. 1866. H. M. Shaw, President Police Jury ATTEST: J. L. Cheatham, Clerk Police Jury. *NOTE: Please send any history, pictures, etc. of any of the Captains and/or Steamboats. They were so much a part of Carroll Parish's history. I will be glad to place them and your name here with it. I will also make a link to any websites that have any of the Steamboats that visited Carroll Parish's waterways.

Clerks of Court

1832 Parish Recorder Thomas J. Cooley
1837 9th District George G. Skipworth
1846 10th District Eli Harris
1859 10th District P. W. DeFrance
1860 13th District John L. Cheatham
1869 13th District R. K. Anderson
1873 13th District David Jackson
1877 13th District Benjamin H. Lanier
1880 8th District Cyrus A. Hedrick
1884 8th District William Rous
1888 8th District J. D. Tompkins
1898 9th District J. S. Guenard
1900 9th District George F. Blackburn
1912 9th District John C. Bass, Jr.
1920 6th District George F. Blackburn
1933 6th District Wm. McF. Long
1937 6th District Emilie Keene
1940 6th District James H. Guenard
1948 6th District Rubye N. Guenard
1952 6th District Edna Bishop
1956 6th District Edna Bishop Brock

“BLACK CONTRIBUTORS TO EARLY HISTORY: Henry Jones remembered favorably by many was a merchant. In 1896 he erected a nice residence south of the courthouse. Today the house is occupied by his son-in-law and daughter, the Henry Simmonses, Charles Hicks, another sheriff and member of the School Board, is mentioned in records for 1875. David Jackson was Clerk of Court and Marion Sweet was recorder.” From “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.

Assessors of Carroll/East Carroll

1873 Robert K. Anderson
1878 David L. Morgan
1882 James Beard, Sanders D. Oliver (Deputy)
1885 James Beard
1886 William J. Kilbourne
1888 O. H. Cherry
1890 James S. Guenard
1896 T. S. Delony (Deputy)
1897 W. C. McRae, Clark N. Hall (Deputy)
1899 C. F. Webb (Deputy)
1908 Yancy Bell
1932 J. M. Hamley
1942 Katie R. Hamley
1944 William Y. Bell
1964 Ella N. Bell
1965 Leonard Kennedy

Postmasters of Lake Providence, La.

Postmaster & Year Appointed
Thomas I. Chambliss 1835
William R. Jones 1837
Joseph C. Hollingsworth 1840
Hercules Hillman 1844
Thomas V. Davis 1845
James G. Fitzgerald 1856
Elihu Ferry 1847
John W. Miller 1849
James M. Berry 1853
Anozi W. Rendisell 1853
Isaac N. Kent 1855
J. K. Whitford 1855
John Harvey 1857
Frank H. Harvey 1858
George W. McCarroll 1859
Edward Matthews 1865
George C. Benham 1866
_______Bernard 1867
George C. Benham 1868
William H. Schneider 1869
Charles E. Moss 1870
George Van Kirk 1871
Charles E. Shearer 1872
Isaac L. Lewis 1875
Sterling T. Austin 1876
Robert L. Jones 1876
Thomas I. Galbreth 1878
Robert L. Jones 1879
Thomas I. Galbreth 1881
Robert L. Jones 1882
Felix H. G. Taylor 1885
Susie Taylor 1898
William Rous 1905
Adah Rous 1909
Alonzo J. McKee 1917
Lillian P. Witerow 1919
Mabel Tommy Biggs 1937
William E. Scott 1961
The first post office in Lake Providence was established on December 26, 1835. The town was located northeast of the present one, but the original site has long since caved into the Mississippi River or was destroyed during the Civil War. The Carroll Conservative of November 30, 1878, gives us the location of the post office: "The post office is now located on Lake Street (next door to Phil's Saloon). Where it will be located next week we will not venture to predict."
(out of the book by Mrs. Pinkston, "A Place to Remember")

Women Steamboat Captains

(from “Old Man River”, by Maude Van Fossen, newspaper article from 1980‘s)
In the course of time there were four women steamboat captains on the Mississippi River; Captain Callie French of the New Sensation, Mary Miller of the Saline, Mary Becker Green of the Greenland, and Blanche Douglas Leathers of the Natchez VIII.
No women’s lib, but there was keen completion and jealousy among the women captains. Capt. Mary Miller claimed to be the first but was challenged in later years by others. She got her Captain’s license on Feb 18, 1884.
Captain Callie Leach French or “Aunt Callie”, as she was known, was the genuine article, a bell-ringing, horn-tootin’, wheel-turnin’ captain!, was said by one of her examiners, Capt. O’Reilly. On the river she was captain and pilot from 1888 to 1907; but she also cooked, mended, nursed, acted, wrote gags, never lost a boat or had an accident! She handled boats, crews, actors, audiences, storms, floods, feasts and famines, with equal ease. Through it all, her strongest words were, “Well I’ll be dawg-goned!” Her husband was Capt. Agustus Byron French who ran the New Sensation.
Mary Becker Greene, the beloved “Ma” Greene obtained her pilots license in 1896 and her captain’s license in 1897. She had been married to Captain Gordon C. Greene in 1890, he had instructed her on operating a steamboat. She piloted the Bedford between Cincinnati and Louisville during 1897, it became extremely popular for its dependability and for its air of refinement. Her biggest thrill was taking the Greenland to the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904, the crowds went wild over her. The Delta Queen flies today the flag which flew on the masthead of the Bedford Steamboat.
In 1880, Bowling Leathers, son of Thomas Leathers, married Blanche Douglass, daughter of James S. Douglass. Bowling built seven steamboats without giving notes for their costs. Blanche loved the river, she loved her husband and wanted to be with him, and in 1891 they had the Natchez No. VIII built. She got her license in 1894. The “Little Captain” or “Boss” Leathers was described as the most distinguished of Louisiana women. The Natchez VIII sank in 1918. Blanche passed away in 1940.

Captains & Their Steamboats

I'm sure this is not all of the Steamboats and Wharf-boats that visited and plied along East Carroll Parish's coastal waterways. I will be adding more Steamboat, Wharfboat, and Captains names, along with some of their history, as I come across it going through the old 1800's parish newspapers. Most of the plantations had their own landings. (*NOTE - Please read the note at the bottom of this page)

"Arkansas City"
In May, 1884, the local paper reported that "Honorable J. M. Kennedy left on Sunday last per steamer "Arkansas City" to assume his duties in the Legislature."

"Ben Franklin"
It was in regular service 1833 - 1834

The "Charles P. Choteau"
This ship was constructed from the hull of another ship between 1879 - 1880. She was a great cotton carrier. This boat introduced the electric search-light for river navigation.

"City of Providence"
The "City of Providence" made it appearance in 1869. She made regular trips on the Mississippi River. It was a small steamboat and was used as cheap transportation to the interior of the state. One of the "Anchor Liners."

"City of Vicksburg"
The "City of Vicksburg" was one of the "Anchor Line". They establied a record of being free from accidents or disaster for more than thirty years.

The "Cotile"
Captain Patterson Traveled along the Bayou Macon.

The "Countess" John Henderson, Master; George S. Connery, Clerk "A regular Vicksburg semi-weekly packet." A fine passenger side-wheel steamer. Leaves Vicksburg every Tue. and Fri. at 5 p.m., leaves Greenville ever Sun. and Thur. at 5 a. m. For freight or passage apply on board.

"Davy Crockett"
It was in regular service 1833 - 1834

Francis B. Richardson sold a wharf-boat, "Eliza", with furniture, riggins, ropes, cains, and tackles, to Govy Hood." Date 1853

The "Frank Pargoud"
It was considered one of the "finest boats afloat" and a "floating palace of the western water". It passed Providence at 8 o'clock p.m. every Thursday, after leaving N. O. on Tuesday at 5 o'clock p.m., and on its' return trip would pass Providence on Friday nights.

"Grey Eagle" Captain John Shalcross The "Henry Clay" It was in regular service 1833 - 1834

Captain Cheek

On Feb. 23, 1884 the Issaquena went up Old River to Bunches Bend and surprised the inhabitants with its disturbance of the streams quiet waters. Many thought that the levee had given away. When it entered Old River the whistling attracted the attention of many people. The boat went as for as the Nolle Plantation and did a considerable business on her initial trip.

The "J. Hirsch & Co."
Messr. J. Hirsch "The Carroll Record" - Advertisement: Messrs. J. Hirsch & Co., Ashton, Louisiana want to call our attention to their advertisement of a new wharf-boat. They propose to exert themselves to accommodate those who will give them their patronage.

The "J. M. White"
The Editor of "The Democrat" wrote the following account of a river trip to N. O. "All aboard the palatial J. M. White. The officers are not one bit gallant. . .I suppose they think fine upholstery, good rooms, and lavish commissary suffiecient to cover all the other ills the taveling public is heir to. . ." All was not perfection aboard the steamer, nor were all the passengers given to gaiety, nor was the scenery thoroughly fascinating--at least not to this editor.

"Lady Gay"
Captain Tom Burke; Clerk Tatum An elegant, handsome, and a well officered steamer. Burke and Tatum were clever and accommodating gentlemen, and were old Confederate soldiers. Burke having commanded a gunboat in the Navy. The "Gay" makes regular trips between St. Louis and New Orleans.

The "Magenta"
In 1869 this boat whic operated from New Orleans to Memphis took the largest load of cotton of the season. It won a "bell rope", a fine prize offered by W. M. Williams & Co. of Vicksburg.

The "Billy Pennington"
Captain G. B. Oakes

The "Post Boy"
Captain Henry M. Shreve The Post Boy, or shallow-draft, powerful steam boat developed by its Captain was in regular service by 1821 between Louisville and N.O., La.

The "Providence" The Steamer "Providence" is listed as early as 1821. The " STAR"
Advertisement in the local paper in 1869: "Wharf-boat STAR: We do business on the 'live and let live' principle. (Signed) V. M. Purdy, J. L. Goffe, and E. J. Delony"

Here are more names of Captains of some of the Steamboats and wharf-boats that I found mentioned in newspapers, historical quarterlies, history book, etc... or sent to me by other researchers.
Mr. T. Bierne (wharf-boat L. P.) D. L. Morgan (wharf-boat, L. P.) Major S. D. Oliver (wharf-boat at L. P.) George W. Smith (wharf-boat)
Mr. S. Tucker (wharf-boat)

*NOTE: Please send any history, pictures, etc. of any of the Captains Steamboats, wharf-boats, etc. They were so much a part of Carroll Parish's history. I will be glad to place them and your name here with it. I will also make a link to any websites that have a Carroll Parish connection to the subjects mentioned on this page.

Masonic Lodges of Carroll Parish

Monticello Masonic Lodge #92
(Recorded on Sept. 1, 1866)
"Walter T. C. Anderson and wife, Pamela Jane Jackson, in consideration of his great desire to promote the cause of Masonry and morality throughout the land and for the general good of the community, has given and granted forever unto Hewett J. Drew, Master, and Walter T. C. Anderson, Secretary, and Littlebray J. Land, Junior Warden of the Masonic Lodge known as Monticello Lodge No. 92, and to their successors in office.... a parcel of land situated in the town of Floyd....."
MASTER: Hewett J. Drew
SECRETARY: Walter T. C. Anderson
JUNIOR WARDEN: Littlebray J. Land
Cyrus A. Hedrick, James S. Millikin, and James Graham Oldfield.
By 1889 the Monticello Lodge ceased to function.

Old Solomon Lodge #130
(Chartered in 1855)
Masons met near Goodrich Landing. Later this lodge joined with the Pecan Grove Lodge. Old Solomon suffered "the destruction of its hall, furniture, jewels and charter by the U. S. Soldiers during the Civil." From "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Pinkston)

The Pecan Grove Lodge #222
(Established May 5, 1875)
The Pecan Grove Lodge #222, was first located at Goodrich Landing, but in February of 1889 it was moved to Lake Providence. Its' first meeting hall was upstairs in a building on Levee Street. It remained there until a new building was constructed on the corner of Lake and Hood Streets in 1957.
D. L. Morgan
John C. Bass
Emanuiel Mayer
Joe Beard
Leopold Mayer
C. A. Hedrick
Jacob Stein
Henry Marks
W. R. C. Lyons
E. J. Delony
Ed F. Newman
S. Lewis.
Oliver J. Morgan of Wilton Plantation was WORSHIPFUL MASTER of Western Star Lodge in Monroe in 1823. He was also an attorney and parish judge. Dr. Edward Delony, great grandfather of Vail M. Delony, wrote the Rules of Order for the Masonic Lodge of Louisiana which are still followed.
On February 1, 1957 it was dedication day for the new two-story brick building, which was constructed at a cost of $75,000. There were two rental suites on the first floor, with the lodge hall, kitchen, and other facilities upstairs. Grady McDonald, a former officer, presented the trowel of the ceremony to Harold King, a member recognized for his untiring work toward the building program.
Claude Coleman
H. G. Schneider

Rotary Club International in L. P., La.

(Organized on October 29, 1935)
The luncheon club met every Wednesday at a local restaurant.
PRESIDENT: C. Rupert Evans
VICE PRESIDENT: J. Stuart Pittman
SECRETARY: Golden Leigh Levy
TREASURER: Golden Leigh Levy
SGT. at ARMS: Henry Maben
Franklin V. Boyd ~ *J. Hortaire Guenard
C. Ben Ellis ~ William H. Hamley
Albert G. Frost ~ J. Newton Hill, Jr.
Henry Goodstein ~ George S. Hopkins
Leo L. Kilpatrick ~ *Golden Leigh Levy
Mertie L. Levy ~ William H. Maben
*J. Stuart Pittman ~ J. Walter Pittman
Crawford A. Rose ~ Edward D. Schneider
*Frederick H. Schneider ~ Frederick H. Schneider, Jr.
Herman Schwartz ~ *A. P. Surles
William F. Trieschman ~ *Frank Voelker
Mark H. Brown ~ Leon Minsky
[*Board of Directors]
Two of the charter members, C. Rupert Evans and J. Walter Pittman,
were still active in 1967.
Past Presidents:
Rotary Club of Lake Providence, Louisiana
1935-36 C. Rupert Evans ~ 1956-57 Willam B. Ragland, Jr.
1936-37 James Stuart ~ 1957-58 Carl A. Kelly
1937-38 G. L. Levy ~ 1958-59 C. Hall
1938-39 J. Hortaire Guenard ~ 1959-60 W. M. Knobles
1939-40 Edward Schneider ~ 1960-61 John O. Nelson
1940-41 Crawford A. Rose ~ 1961-62 Buron A. Bayles
1941-42 William Y. Bell ~ 1962-63 L. Percy Ragland
1942-43 Henry G. Norris ~ 1963-64 Baxter O. Deal
1943-44 Donald F. Davis ~ 1964-65 F. Alton Babb
1944-45 Mertie L. Levy ~ 1965-66 J. D. White
1945-46 J. W. Pittman ~ 1966-67 LaRue M. Rhea
1946-47 George W. Rundell ~ 1967-68 William A. Harris
1947-48 Thomas G. Biggs ~ 1968-69 Robert R. Underwood
1948-49 Jack Wyly ~ 1969-70 T. E. Hankins
1949-50 James S. Green ~ 1970-71 George F. Fox
1950-51 Frank Voelker ~ 1971-72 James L. Howard
1951-52 Charles S. Perry ~ 1972-73 Bernard W. Waxman
1952-53 Frank A. Byerly ~ 1973-74 Leonard Kennedy
1953-54 Leo A. Lensing ~ 1974-75 W. H. Maxwell
1954-55 H. Newton Griffith ~ 1974-75 George S. Lensing
1955-56 Paul Geisler (filled unexpired term)
1975-76 M. M. Walsworth
(this is from "A Place to Remember ..." , Georgia Pinkston)

Order of the Easter Star, Chapter #42

(Organized on September 26, 1907)
The first meeting was at the Pecan Grove Lodge Hall. Early activities included social and musical programs, teas, receptions, a wedding reception for two members, Bessie Blackburn and Thomas J. Powell, and a reception in honor of the Grand Worthy Matron of Louisiana.
At the first meeting was Special Deputy, Mary S. Herring and member of the "Louise Chapter of Monroe".
1st WORTHY MATRON: Mrs. Rebecca Blackburn
1st WORTHY PATRON: Charles Hill
Mrs. Josephine Bass ~ J. W. Pittman
Phil McGuire ~ Mrs. Delha Bell Allen
Mrs. Roseta Levy ~ Mrs. M. J. Walker
Mrs. J. N. Hill ~ Mrs. Henry Maben
Mrs. Wilmoth Nemmo ~ Mrs. Lela Bell
Mrs. Susie Peck
GRAND ESTER: Juanita Ingram
DISTRICT DEPUTY:Grace Van Valkenburgh
DISTRICT DEPUTY: Helen Tschabold
Rosetta Levy ~ Omie Pinkston Warren
Ammiebelle Hill ~ Minnie Wagner
Delha Bell Allen ~ ^Mary Hall Reed
Anna P. Hill ~ Louise Porter House
Narcisse Blackburn Maguire ~ *Grace G. Van Valkenburgh
Annie Kaufman ~ Wilma Warren Russell
Katie White ~ Ethel King Watts
Bonnie Levy ~ Ottilie Wall
Clara May ~ *Minnie B. Erwin Bass
Dora Pepperman ~ Hazel Thompson White
Rae Stockner ~ Flora Maben Merrill
Helen Erwin ~ Lois Carnely
Susie Martin ~ Lorraine Mitchell
Bessie Powell ~ Bessie C. Walsworth
Mabel Biggs ~ Dora Roberts Nelson
Dora Stockner ~ Sue Maben Abernathy
Annie Belle Hill ~ Dolly Russell Newman
Annie Lindsey ~ Erwin Mildred ~ Allen House
Nellie Peck Kennedy ~ Helen Warren Tschabold
*^Maude M. Van Fossen ~ Doris LeFevre McDonald
Annie H. Abernathy ~ Iola Shay
Cora Lee Ragland ~ Fleeta Howell
Georgia Durham Pinkston ~ Icie Lovelady
Mildred Girod Muirhead ~ Alma Brown
Leona Perry ~ Sally Cochis
Lillie G. Bowers ~ Ruby Magee Deal
Juantia Taylor Ingram ~ Edna Arnold
Yvonne Taylor Tweedy ~ Betty Howard
(*Received Silver Certificates (in 1951) for 25 year membership)
(^Rec. Silver Certif. & Gold Chrysanthemums (in 1965) for 50 years membership)
"A Place to Remember ..." , Georgia Pinkston

BIOGRAPHIES: “Mary Warren Hawkins, the oldest daughter of Morgan L. & Omie Pinkston Warren, Mary, was born in the parish in 1904. She attended school in Transylvania and graduated from French Camp, Miss.. She received a degree from Northeastern University . She married W. B. Hawkins in 1928. Their son, W. B. Jr., graduated from Camberlain-Hunt Academy in Port Gibson, Miss., and from Louisiana Tech. He was a pilot during the Korean Conflict. For 30 years Mary Hawkins served as Treasurer of the Herrington Baptist Church in Monticello, La. She is a member of the Eastern Star and long taught 1st grade in the public schools. For more than 40 years she was a 4-H Club leader, and has served on the parish Welfare Board, the Library Board, the Red Cross and Parish Advisory Committees. “Miss Mary“ is known as a good neighbor and has given much of her time to the care of the sick and the needy.” From the book “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.
BIOGRPHIES: “Mrs. Kenner Howard has been a Sunday School teacher and department director at the 1st Baptist Church continuously since 1949. She has served as President of Baxter Bayou Home Demonstration Club and has been a member of the East Carroll Parish Library Board since the library opened in 1954. She is a member of the Trail Blazers Library Trustees; a 4-H Club leader; Rainbow Girl’s Leader; Cub Scout Den Mother; member of Eastern Star, and Chairman of Brairfield Academy library.” From Georgia Pinkston’s Book “A Place to Remember”.

Chapter 42, Rainbow Girls

Sponsored by the Order of the Eastern Star
This organization was organized in 1952 with forty-five members.
The following young ladies served as Worth Advisors:
Alice Hammack, Marilyn Wilson, Ann Pinkston, LuLu Posey,
Mary Ethel Watts, Linda Gail O'Steen, Tommy Sue Proctor, Mary Ethel Gill, Fay Hagel, Shirley Thompson, Margie Watts, Jean Earle, Shearon Regenold, Linda Howard, Elizabeth Davis, Janice Johnson, Ginger Cone, Frances Nell Erwin, and Janice Proctor.
(this is from "A Place to Remember ", Georgia Payne Pinkston)
(50 years membership)

The Providence Players

from "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Payne Pinkston

To gratify the needs for the performing arts, a group of the theatrically inclined citizens met in February, 1974, to organize the Providence Players. By 1976 there were forty members and 50 patrons or season ticket subscribers. The charter members making up the Board:
Peggy Madden, Dr. Bernard Waxman, William Gore, Kelly Salemi, Margaret Barham, Alice Amacker, Pat Taylor & Gracie Salemi.

Newspapers & Proprietors, Editors, Reporters, etc....

Before the newspapers came out there were three public places that listed notices.
(1) The oak tree at "the mouth of Hood's Lane",
(2) The Pecan Grove Post Office,
(3) and the road leading to the Village of Monticello, La.

"Carroll Watchman", publication was from 1845 until 1854.
"The Louisiana Republican", published in 1850 - 1851.
"Lake Providence Herald", established in 1854, published until 1861. T. B. Hatch as editor.
"Bayou Macon Times", publishing in Floyd, La. in 1857.
"The Louisianan" published from 1858 - 1859.
[During the Civil War all newspapers ceased publication]
"Carroll Record" began in 1866 in Floyd, La. Editors; Edward & E. J. Delony. Records show that it moved to Lake Providence in 1867.
"The Elton Eagle", publishing in 1869 by George Benham, a "Yankee" editor/writer.
"Carroll Republican" began in 1871. Was devoted to the Republican Party.
"The Lake Republican", was being published in 1873. It claimed to be the largest paper & containing more original matter than any other paper outside of New Orleans. It's owner was Cain Sairtain, a Negro man, and the publisher was August D. Wright.
"The Carroll Watchman"; 1875. A. W. Roberts was editor.
In 1877 "The Carroll Conservative" appeared and was edited by D. L. Morgan. It was the 1st printed journal of the newly formed East Carroll Parish, La. It closed in 1879 when J. A. Delauney was publisher.
In either 1882 or 1883 "The East Carroll Democrat" began publication. M. S. Powell was the manager and J. N. Turner was publisher. Turner was publisher until he sold the renamed "Banner-Democrat" to Owen S. Brown in 1941.
May 4, 1882 Mrs. M. L. Garner, bought newspaper; 1st woman publisher in E. C. Parish.
Later the paper sold to D. L. Morgan.
"The Carroll Banner" was being published at the same time as the "E. C. Democrat". Owner was S. B. Kennedy. On August 6, 1892, the East Carroll Democrat and the Carroll Banner merged together to form "The Banner-Democrat". James N. Turner was owner and both S. B. Kennedy and D. L. Morgan continued as editors. The Banner-Democrat is still being published today.
A. B. Custer, worked there for 43 years; Business manager.
"The Delta News", published by A. C. Carlton, owner & editor, since it's beginning in 1964.
Margaret Surles also served as editor. [The Delta News is no longer being published]
Other Newspapers:
"Lake Providence Sentry", published in 1900.
"The Pelican", published briefly in the 1960's by Van Dixon, a Negro.
Women in Journalism:
Mrs. M. L. Garner, and her sisters, daughters of Warren M. Benton, were early reporters. One of Benton's daughters, married to T. J. Powell, was owner and editor of a newspaper.
Margaret Surles, helped to start the Delta News and served as editor, reporter, & photographer.
Mildred Rushing, was the correspondent for the daily papers in the area. Her featured stories won many commendations.

Telephone Operators, Telegraphers, & Etc.

Colonel Barber, of Bunch's Bend, in the Pre-Civil War times, rode "posthaste" into L. P. to get the daily market report of the cotton market. The telegraph was a means of contact with the "outside" world, especially with Wall Street.
George Foster was president of the L. P. Telegraph Company established on April 6, 1881.
The Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co. was established in 900, superintendent living in Vicksburg, MS. [The Cumberland was also mentioned in the newspaper again in 1913]
By 1921 the telegraph system was acquired by the Western Union Company.
The Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co. was established in 1900, superintendent living in Vicksburg, MS. In 1906 B. A. Van Buren was manager. In 1906 the Mayor was authorized to exchange 6 electric lights for 3 phones:
(1) Mayor's office, (2) the light plant, and (3) at the residence of E. J. Berry [manager of the light plant]
The Telephone Company 1st operators, 1st location: Misses Carrie, Nettie, & Theresa Fousse. These ladies had to report the sad news of deaths during the yellow fever epidemic.
Other operators during this era were; Miss Mamie Sullivan & Annie Doran.
Operators 2nd location: Mrs. Hazel Razor Jones and Miss Melinda Turnipseed; chief operator.
Operators 3rd location: [1923 Southern Bell System] Mrs. Margie DuBose, was an employee.
South Central Bell operators:
Mrs. Hazel White; Chief opeator, employee for 32 years.
Mrs. Mildred Lick was an employee for 25 years.

Airports, Pilots, & Crop-dusters...

sketch by Sandy Guthrie Moore

In 1951, the Police Jury financed an airport, located about 2 miles east of L. P.. The first airport was the L. P. Flying Service, or "Fleeman's". Buddy Guthrie started working there in 1955, and John Edwards and Steve Guenard had an office and hangar there and helped keep the runway in usable condition. Roy Sanchez worked at the airport also.
Other pilots having a hanger there were: Charlie Davis, Buzzie Tomlinson, & George Shepherd.
Gene Wilson had an airport out Hwy 38, toward Delhi, La., that was located beside the Bayou Macon. Buddy Guthrie [late 50's - early 60's] was one of the crop-dusters there.

Charlie Davis had an airport on the other side of the lake near the beginning of the "shoot" of the lake. Some of the crop-dusters working out of here was Gene Vyvial and his brother, Buddy Guthrie [mid 60's], and Charlie Davis also.
Charlie Davis was just one of the many crop-duster that was killed doing what they loved to do, FLYING.

Baseball Players Mentioned In Newspapers

[compiled by Sandy Moore]
July 1875 Newspapers in Carroll Parish

Mr. Carpe, Captain of the nine. The game to take place at "Concord," the plantation of Mr. David Hall, in this parish.
The Carondelets are a club formed in and around the neighborhood of Goodrich's Landing.
Mr. Basil Kiger stands, we believe, as the best player among the Regulators, particularly on fly balls. Captain Rhoton, of the Regulators, stands par excellance with the bat.
Gatesby Green, certainly, is not behind when he sent a ball so far in the right field that Clark Hall made the entire run for him.
Carp - good on the catch and run.
Boyd - good on the catch and run.
Newman - good on the catch and run.

August 1875
“ Peerless VS Fearless “
A large attendance of ladies and gentlemen graced the occasion of the Base Ball game between the above Clubs, Tuesday afternoon. The score stood 75 to 7, in favor of the Peerless. The Fearless have good material. They must practice, and “try, try again”.

The Junior Base Ball Club organized on Tuesday night and took the name of the “Star”.
Mr. Phil Aicklen; boss

J. J. Stanhill; boss
The last agony is the
in which we were shown the names:
S. Dreyfuss, short stop
Col. A. W. Green, second base
Bernard Leddy, pitcher
William Maquire, catcher
Simon Lewis
S. T. Austin, Sr.
Govy Hood, and others, in the field. This is a club among the “Boys”.

June 7, 1873
At a meeting held last Sunday night at the courthouse, a baseball club was organized, composed of some of our most promising young men, noted in particular for their personal beauty and their proficiency in never refusing to "take sun'thin'" when asked.
W. W. Benham was unanimously chosen President
Frank P. Armstrong, Secretary.
With this pair of roosters, in the chair and wielding the pen, they business of selecting a playing nine and electing the other officers was a matter of comparative case.
W. M. Abbott, the light and airy Deputy Clerk of Carroll, was chosen to look after the money as Treasurer, (he'll have a nice time finding any)
Charles Sweet, Captain of the Field
Hugh Leddy, Lieutenant
The following are the playing nine, who are to immortalize themselves this season;
Charles Sweet, Catcher
Hugh Leddy, pitcher
Frank Armstrong, first base
Frank Leddy, second base
Thomas Leddy, third base
Eugene Leddy, short stop
James Dunn, left field
Abbe Richard, centre field
J. J. Stanfill, right field.
The Eurekas will hereafter meet every Saturday night, at 7 o'clock, in the Courthouse. The Secretary is now looking for challenges from the Haymakers, Bostons, and Baltimores, but we suppose those clubs will disband immediately when they hear of the Eurekas.

June 14, 1873
The following are the names of the young gentlemen composing the newly organized Base Ball Club under the style and name of the True Louisianans, JR..
W. C. McRae, Catcher
James Lyons, Pitcher
F. J. Cannon, 1st Base
W. T. Smith, 2d Base
J. W. Dunn, 3d Base
James Turner, Short Stop
George Powell, Left Field
Paul Jones, Center Field
W. K. Spurlock, Right Field.
June 7, 1873

Jim Leddy ~ Catcher
Leonard Kolhar ~ Pitcher
Fen. Cannon ~ 1st base
Thad Smith ~ 2nd base
Tompkins ~ 3rd base
Clark Hall ~ Short Stop
Dubois ~ Left field
Green ~ Right field

July 22, 1875
The "O. K." were composed of persons living in the neighborhood of Concord place, and some gathered up from the Independence Club in Providence.
Mr. Clark Hall, Captain
Charley Oliver is equal to Mr. Basil Kiger ,as the best player among the Regulators, on fly balls.
Clark Hall
We consider that the Captain of the O. K.’s, Mark Hall, deserves more credit than any one on the field, for he was like that little troublesome insect, he was here, there and every where, directing, encouraging and cheering his men.

August 28, 1886
The Oak Ridge Base Ball Club will play the Providence Club here on the 15th of September. The public can look for a first class entertainment.
The ball given by the Hay's Landing Base Ball Club last Tuesday was a delightful affair. Many of our town people went down, and they speak in the highest praise of their Issaquena hosts.
The Providence and Milliken's Bend Base Ball Clubs will play a match game at Milliken's Bend on Monday the 6th of September. The Steamer Issaquena has generously given them low rates, $2 round trip, not including meals.

September 11, 1886
Milliken's Bend Club, mentions Charley Hope & Ben Yerger
[to be continued...]

Knights of Pythians

Knight of the Pythians, No. 28. [newspaper articles]
July 21, 1883
Thomas O. Benton, Grand Chancellor of the District of Louisiana K. of P. visited our town in the interest of the order; A meeting of Lodge No. 28 was called and an entertainment given in honor of the event on Monday evening the 16th inst.
February 23, 1884
Two of our popular Bunches Benders, W. C. McRae and Mr. J. C. Murphy, were in town Tuesday night attending the meeting of the K. of P., Mr. C. C. Miller explained that both gentlemen are worthy aspirants for the "Knightly" rank.
March 06, 1884
Knight of Pythians.-- Mr. Browder Beard and Hon. Ed. F. Newman, District Attorney of the Floyd District came to town by the direct over land water route, from our sister city of Floyd, on Tuesday last. Mr. Newman was a visitor, we learn, to the Providence Lodge, K. of P., on Tuesday night, and witnessed the charging of Mr. C. C. Miller in the Chivalric rank. He saw something rare.
May 07, 1887
Our fellow citizen J. G. Oldfield is representing Providence Lodge 28, K. of P. in the Grand Lodge at New Orleans.
February 11, 1888
The following gentlemen were installed on Tuesday night as officers of Providence Lodge No. 28, K. of P. for the ensuing year: J. M. Kennedy, P. C.; E. J. Delony, C. C.; W. C. McRae, V. C.; James Beard, P.; F. R. Bernard, M. of E.; W. N. White, M. of F.; W. H. Schneider, K. of R. & S.; N. Reinstine, M. A.; James N. Turner, I. G.; V. Gargaro, O. G., Mr. Ed. Hamley as Representative to the Grand Lodge.
Knight of the Pythians, No. 28.
D. J. Delaney, Past Chancellor
W. C. McRae, Chancellor Commander
James Beard, Vice-Chancellor Commander
S. D. Tomkins, Preciate
W. H. Schneider, Keeper of Records
F. R. Bernard, Master of Exchequer
W. N. White, Master of Finance.
J. N. Turner, Master at Arms
V. Gargaro, Inner Guard
T. J. Fatheree, Outer Guard
June 11, 1892
Proceedings of Meeting of Confederate Veterans.-- L. P., La., June 5, 1892 in pursuance of a notice published in the Carroll Democrat, and in accordance with a call issued by Major John Glynn, Jr. the Confederate Veterans of East Carroll met at the Court House for the purpose of establishing a Camp Fire in this Parish.
The meeting was called to order by Judge F. f. Montgomery, upon whose motion Comrade Nat Murfee was elected temporary Chairman.
Upon motion of Comrade E. J. Delony, Charles R. Egelly was elected Secretary.
Comrade J. C. Bass briefly stated the object of the meeting, and upon motion of Comrade Montgomery, the Secretary of this meeting was instructed and authorized to communicable with Major Gen. John Glynn, Jr., commanding Louisiana Division of Confederate Veterans, and procure from him all necessary data relative to the permanent organization, to enroll their names at the Secretary’s office in the Town of Lake Providence, where the Roster can be found.
After transacting all business that could be accomplished at this meeting, Comrade J. C. Bass invited the Veterans and visiting gentlemen to partake of a sumptuous repast which he had caused to be prepared, and after spending several hours pleasantly in the interchange of incidents around the camp fire, the meeting adjourned to convene at the Court House on Monday, July 4th, 1892. Nat Murfee, Chairman, and Charles R. Egelly, Secretary.
December 24, 1892
Providence Lodge No. 28, Knights of Pythians, met on Tuesday evening last and elected the following officers for the ensuing years: J. D. Tompkins [C. C.], Yancy Bell [V. C.], G. M. Franklin [P.], W. N. White [M. of P.], W. H. Schneider [R. & S.], F. R. Bernard [M. of E.], and V. Gargaro, [M. at A.].
February 25, 1893
Providence Lodge K. of P. No. 28, met on Tuesday evening and installed the following officers: J. D. Tompkins, C. C.; Yancy Bell, V. C.; James Beard, M. of W.; W. H. Schneider, K. of R. & S.; D. H. Parker, P.; F. R. Bernard, M. of E.; W. N. White, M. of F.; G. M. Franklin, M. at A.; Walter Goodwin, L. G.; Dan O’Sullivan, O. G. The Lodge for the first time worked under the new ritual. A resolution was passed authorizing the C. C. to appoint a committee to draft a charter and submit it to the Lodge, to enable the Lodge to invest its surplus funds under the law as a body corporate. The C. C. appointed the following members of said committee; C. R. Egelly, W. N. White, and J. S. Milliken.
March 4, 1893
The Masonic fraternity held their regular semi-monthly communication on Wednesday evening, and worked in the first and second degrees. Pecan Grove is prospering.
December 23, 1893
Mr. J. D. Tompkins Chancellor Commander of Providence Lodge No. 28, K. of P. requests us to say that the officers elected on Tuesday night, will please be present at the next meeting Jan. 2nd to be installed. The members elected for the different positions are: Mr. Yancey Bell, Chancellor Commander; J. M. Kennedy, Jr., Vice-Chancellor; G. M. Franklin, M. of W.; Walter Goodwin, P.; Dr. F. R. Bernard, M. of E.; W. N. White, M. of F.; T. F. Montgomery, M. of A.; All the members are requested to be present.
May 12, 1894
Tribute of Respect.--Removed from this world our worthy brother Knight, Preston B. Wood, who was called away and whose spirit took flight from earth at the little town of Marietta, in the Indian Territory on the 25th of march, 1894.
He whom his brother Knights were pleased to honor with the high and honorable position of Prelate of this Lodge and upon whom doubtless higher honors would have been confirmed. We can only state that in the death of brother Wood, Providence Lodge No. 28, has lost a true and valiant Knight, friendly, cautious, and brave in every respect. While we morn his death, we can only offer to his heart-broken father and orphan child the consolation that he has gone to a better world, from whence no traveler returns. Fraternally submitted in F. C. and B.; Charles R. Egelly, W. H. Schneider, and J. M. Kennedy. April 30, 1894
[to be continued....]

August 02, 1884 [Newspaper Issue]
Colored K. of P.
On Friday night last the 25th inst, the above named Lodge of Colored Pythians assembled for the purpose of publicly installing their officers elected for the ensuing term. The large and commodious store on the corner of Lake and Levee Streets was secured for this purpose. Dr. C. A. Williams, Grand Chancellor of the State of Louisiana, officiating as Installing officer, assisted by William H. Green, Supreme Representative, officiating as Grand Master of ceremonies, in a clear and able manner performed the duties devolving upon them in their several official capacities and publicly installed the following officers: W. J. Yell, C: C; S. E. Overton, V., C; John Asberry, Prelate; T. I. Galbreth, K. of R. & S.; Jacob Ware, M. of E; Charles J. Brown, M. of F; G. W. Stewart, M. at A; Robert Diggs, I. G; Harry Harris, O. G. (skip)
This Lodge of Colored Pythians was instituted here only a short time since and from what we can learn is composed of good material and increasing in members, and is represented in the Grand Lodge by Grand Master-at-Arms, C. J. Brown, of this place, who was elected to that position at the recent session of that Body held at Monroe.
The summer lethargy of our town was enlivened on Monday last by the procession of colored Knights of Pythias, preceded by the Providence Brass Band, as they marched through our principal streets, and thence to the grove at the outskirts of the town, where an attractive and enjoyable picnic had been prepared.
January 22, 1887
Lakeview Lodge No.18
Mr. R. B. Baquir, Grand Chancellor, installed the following named officers of Lakeview Lodge No.18: W. J. Yell, P. G.; G. W. Stewart, C. C.; E. M. Baily, V. C.; Alex Armstrong, P.; Jacob Ware, M. of Ex.; M. E. Massee, M. E.; T. I. Galbreth, K. of R. & S.; Charles Gregory, M. at A. The Grand Chancellor is making his rounds of the Lodges throughout the state, sixty-five in number, preparatory to meeting the Grand Lodge, which convenes in Shreveport the third Monday in April next. He reports the Lodges doing well, affected only in some sections by the general financial depression.
March 31, 1894
S. W. Green, Grand Chancellor of the colored Knights of Pythias of the State, returned home a few days ago from his annual lecturing tour over the State. He is one of the best learned colored men in the State, and is competent to fill the high position. He tells us that the hard times are visible all over the State, and that East Carroll, in his opinion, is better off than the majority of the places he visited.
[to be continued....]

People In and Around East Carroll Parish.

Bands, Musicians, Pianists, Opera Singers, etc....
[compiled by Sandy Moore from local historical newspapers, unless otherwise acknowledged]

June 03, 1875The Concert.--Monday night the Bailey Troupe, aided by the Leddy Boys, and the Providence String Band, gave a minstrel Concert at the Firemen's Hall, which was an exceedingly laughable farce.The Baileys have gone. But the Leddy Boys propose to give one or two of their amusing Concerts during the June term of the District.

July 20, 1878
The boys of the Providence Cornet Band arrived home on the Grand Tower in great glee, about twelve o’clock last Tuesday night. They had all enjoyed themselves but in varied ways. Among them their leader, Professor J. M. Dunfield, who had met many of his old army acquaintances in Vicksburg, and had spent a joyous time. But the meeting of old friends called up the recollection of old times, and the consequent, necessity for old renewals of fidelity, over the flowing bowl. So when the boys arrived home proud of their Professor, and their Professor, proud of them for their performances in Vicksburg, they felt it to be proper courtesy towards the Grand Tower, which had treated them so sumptuously, to play some parting strains ere the left the wharf, under guidance of their Professor. So they got ready to play. But the Professor, had enjoyed so good a time that he felt it impossible to give it o’er without a little episode as a finale to so much pleasure. To aid him in his enthusiastic aspirations a mischievous rim to the wharf-boat, stood in his rear, the same having been made as a slight guard to the boat.
The Professor being ‘half seas o’er’ stepped, backwards awkwardly and striking his heels against this rim near the edge of the wharf-boat, went precipitately, head-for-most, backward into the waters, of the great river, between the wharf-boat and the steamboat, dropping, as he fell, his instrument, and books, into the river. His hat, in the meantime, taking care of itself, and dropping from his head into the water.
Johnny Maguire, caught at the professor, as he fell getting hold of his coat sleeve succeeded only in tearing loose the strip which he held as the heavy body went down, apparently into a watery grave.
But Dunfield was not destined, that time, to be drowned. R. C. Green, a member of the Band, and our efficient young Marshal, took hold of the first means of rescue in sight, a mop broom, which he snatched from the hands of one of the roosters, as it was being conveyed a cross the stage plank on to the wharf-boat. Getting down flat on the edge of the wharf-boat and reaching down with this broom he succeeded in getting the drowning man to take hold of it after, said the drowning man had sunk the second time. He says when Dunfield took hold of the mop, he felt exactly as though a heavy fish had taken hold of a hook thrown into the water. He was under the water when he clutched it. When Green felt the hold, he pulled at the handle until he raised the Professor above the water. Then Jason Hamilton was let down by the heels, between the boats and by his help with that of Peter White, and the strong arms of the Mate of the Grand Tower, Dunfield was raised on to the wharf-boat, and rescued from a watery grave. A most wonderful rescue from what was apparently certain death. Our friend Dunfield is now worth a dozen dead men. He is all right, and feels deeply grateful to his rescuers. We are sure he will not get so close to the edge of a wharf-boat again, under the same circumstances.
Providence Cornet Band; their leader, Professor J. M. Dunfield, who had met many of his old army acquaintances in Vicksburg, and had spent a joyous time. Johnny Maguire, caught at the professor, as he fell getting hold of his coat sleeve succeeded only in tearing loose the strip which he held as the heavy body went down, apparently into a watery grave.

Nov. 19, 1887
The Lake Providence Silver Cornet Band will enliven the speaking on Monday. We regret that Mr. Louie Leddy is as yet unable to take part with his fellows on that occasion.

Providence Cornet Band
Leader, Professor J. M. Dunfield
R. C. Green, a member of the Band
Louie Leddy, member of the band

Need to find stuff missed in the years…..1887 - 1890

August 30, 1890
Silver Cornet Band
The young men of the town have organized a Silver Cornet Band, and Have elected Mr. R. C. Green, President, and Mr. J. M. Shelton, Secretary.
Their intention is to get up a first class band, with all the necessary horns. A professor will be secured to teach the beginners, and to give them all the requisite training.
As it will cost a good deal to buy new horns, and pay a teacher, the merchants and citizens of the town have promised to help them out.
This is a good move on the part of the young men, and we hope to hear the strains of martial music floating on the air in a short while. Boys, don’t forget to serenade the Banner office.

Dec. 6, 1890
The Music at the Catholic Church.--Last Sunday many to the Catholic Church repaired to hear the fine music, and were fully repaid for their trouble. We went in with the devout worshippers, and with fixed attention we listened to strains after strains of most harmonious music, played by Prof. Genter’s orchestra during the service. Professor Genter lead with a clarinet, now accompanying the soprano, now supporting the altos, now playing in unison with the organ, but ever rendering delightful and charming music. The sweet tones of Charley Egelly’s silver cornet wafted through the building and filled it with melodious strains. Mr. F. X. Ransdell astonished us with his clear notes on the violin, whilst Mayor Hamley with his alto horn gave depth and richness to each piece. We would like to describe the effects of the organ, as touched by Mrs. Ransdell, in conjunction with the other instruments, but words fail us, and we are reminded that music is sooner and better understood by the soul.
Night before last, the Providence Silver Cornet Band, under the leadership of Prof. Genter, went the rounds serenading those who have kindly contributed towards its organization, and bestowing a lavish amount of harmonious sounds and melting strain on the stilly silence of the night. As the band is yet in its infancy, nothing extra was expected of them; still the music, was sweet enough to the bring lights in every house, and to elicit the praises of those who heard it. The boys wish us to state that as the town is so awfully large and the number of their pieces, so far, is so awfully small, they could not serenade every body Thursday night, but that in the near future, they intend to remember those they were compelled to pass by.

February 28, 1891
The sailboat the “Mayflower” will be overhauled and put in shape for the coming season, to be used by the band boys.
The band are discussing the proposition to procure uniforms.
The Providence Silver Cornet Band met in the Firemen’s Hall Monday night. In view the fact that Professor Genter intended to leave on the following Friday, the band proceeded to elect officers, as follows: Secretary; J. M. Shelton, Treasurer; F. E. Artaud, Librarian; W. S. Maguire, R. C. Green being already President. C. R. Egelly, Jr. was then elected Leader, and a committee of three, consisting of with the assistance of F. E. Artaud, Preds., pro tem, appointed P. S. Roberts, J. N. Turner, M. M. Goodwin, and to draft by-laws and regulations, and to report the following Sunday.

Opera House Band
“According to a local newspaper: ‘Dr. Kennedy spoke of the old Opera House days when Robert Kennedy, Mack Goodwin, Dave Parker, and Sam Kennedy helped furnish the music for the wonderful entertainments held there. Their pianist was Kate Davis Maben, a very talented musician, who played the piano in much the same style as the lady pianist on the Lawrence Welk‘s program.“ From the book “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.

[to be continued...]