Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Notice in the Local Paper

I ran across this in the book "Slavery & the Constitution", by William Ingersoll Bowditch. It is a notice from a newspaper from the Lake Providence area. Thank goodness that things have changed! P. S. In the parenthisis is what I believe the word or name is actually suppose to be, I believe the ad to have been hard to read:

"Notice.--The subscriber, living on Carroway Lake (Gassoway Lake), on Hoe's Bayou (Joe's Bayou), in Carroll Parish, sixteen miles on the road leading to Lake Providence, is ready with a pack of dogs to hunt runaway negroes at any time. These dogs are well trained, and are known throughout the parish. Letter addressed to me at Providence will secure immediate attention.
"My terms are $5 per day for hunting the trails, whether the negro is caught or not. Where a 12 hours' trail is shown, and the negro is caught or not taken, no charge is made. For taking a negro $25 and no charge made for hunting.

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