Monday, July 6, 2009

Those Who Returned - Those Who Did Not

"Thus, it was to a ravaged and bitter land that the weary veterans returned from the easter battlefields. Maimed and scarred they came--Thomas Scarborough, Charles Purdy, Ed Kleinpeter,
John Draughon, Charles DeFrance, C. R. Egelly, E. J. Delony, J. S. Richards, Cyrus Hedrick,
W. R. C. Lyons, J. D. Lott, and Mark Valentine, Jr., among others."
"Sons of Carroll Lay buried from Virginia to Baton Rouge. Franc Whicher, Nathan Trotter, George Sanderson, George Burrus.
D. D. Kilcrease,
B. A. Sanford, W. H. Farrar, and young Wesley McGuirt--
these were but a few of the casualties."
(From "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Payne Pinkston)

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