Wednesday, September 16, 2009

1892 Term; 8th District Court

From the Carroll Banner Newspaper, Oct. 24, 1891
List of jurors drawn for the special criminal term of the Hon. 8th Ditrict Court.,
to be held in the parish of E. Carroll,
commeding on Moday the 7th day of December, 1891.
~For the 1st Week.~
Albert Johnson, E. W. Constant, Osee Wolf, J. J. Ross, Green White,
C. Langham, Joe Venable, J. G. Pittman, P. B. Wood, H. L. Newcomb,
William Crutchfield, F. B. Davis, Zach Hopkins, C. M. Whittington,
James Harris, Sr., W. A. Newman, Ruben Turner, Robert Gilliard,
Ned Edwards, Cyrus Meadow, J. G. Oldfield,
Jake Sweeny, Robert Davis, Sr., Shed Buckner,
Les Howard, Joe Galgen, Dan Pope, Nat Murfee, G. A. Barham,
William Hurd, Richard Pete, Ed Messenger, John W. Cooke,
Morgan Cornelius, John Hamilton, Jr., Elijah Hawkins, H. C. McGuire,
Zeke Reynolds, George Hill, Wesley Bankers, Preston Roberts,
George W. Buckner, P. D. Quays, Hole Pichard, Sanders Ford,
John Adams, Jr., R. H. Hamlin, Pete Hubbard, Gentry Jones,
and Z. Goldenburg.
~For the 2nd Week.~
Mr. DuBard, A. Burger, Henry Lee, John Q. Hamilton,
William Murchison, Henry Franklin, William Rose, J. P. Alexander,
Scott Sargent, J. W. Pittman, Henry Louis, Jerry Mitchell,
Walker Mathews, T. J. Saunders, Henry Kroninger, Nance Williams,
Vincent Garagro, Andrews Chambers, Spencer Lee, Israel King,
Henry Page, S. H Mobberly, Willis Bell, C. P. Harrison, Frank Tyson,
Jerry James, Johnson Whiting, George S. Owen,
C. P. Ruple, and Dick Davis.
~For the 3rd Week.~
Robert Petf, Dan Bankers, Chris Duffy, Hugh Rowell, Jim Humphreys,
J. C. Pittman, Dion Stewart, Taylor Bates, Ed King, Archie White,
Frank Wallace, Heskiah Young, T. L. VanFossen, J. R. Keller,
C. F. Davis, Mat King, L. Aschaffenburg, George Carter,
Alex Holbert, Clay Anderson, Peyton Bryant, Buck Prentis, Tom Anderson,
W. B. Smith, Walter Goodwin, Charles Atkins, E. J. Delony, Jr.,
James Johnson, John Blansfield, and Ed Cordilius.
A true extract from the original process verbal of jury drawing on file to my office, in the town of Providence, this the 15th day of October, 1891. J. D. Tompkins, Clerk of said Court.

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