Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1845 Carroll Watchman newspaper!

I am so thrilled... I just stumbled across almost the complete 1845 year's worth of the Carroll Watchman newspaper! I have been looking sooooo long for any digital free online newspaper articles and I am totally blown away... I am in the process of trying to save parts of the newspaper right now as images and put into book form....
If ANYONE knows of any other online historical newspapers for the Northeast Louisiana area, I would be ever so grateful to know about it. My books starts with newspapers just after the Civil War (1866, various newspapers, and not a continuous list)and my microfilm ends in 1928. Please contact me by a "Comment" at the bottom of this blog if you have any information concerning this subject. THANKS, Sandy


  1. That is great news Sandy! I can't wait to see what is unearthed and what new information this will provide!

  2. That IS a fabulous find! I know that early in my blogging, I did attempt to find newspapers from Louisiana. Maybe you can search my blog and see if there is anything I've forgotten? Hey, have you seen the new St. Charles Parish genealogy blog?

  3. Dr. Greg Pierce, Crossett, ArkansasApril 24, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    Sandy, My grandmother's family owned the Berry-Chambliss plantations at Lake Providence, all lost in the war. It is somewhat frustrating that the 4 Chambliss Plantations are never mentioned in any histories, yet one was where the town now sits, and another covered one-third of the inside of the lake. Here's a link of a great Library of Congress map that shows the plantations:

    Dr. Greg Pierce