Sunday, August 8, 2010


These folks… some born here… some coming from different parts of the world… but all came to this area…the very northeast corner of Louisiana…all of their lives and their descendents lives…combining together to create the history of our… East Carroll Parish, Louisiana.

All names listed below, and on the next two posts are people that I came across in my E. C. research. Most info was gathered from my series of books titled "Murder, Mayhem, & Misc. of E. Carroll Parish, LA.", or mentioned in "A Place to Remember" by Georgia Pinkston, or "Between the Rivers", by Florence McKoin. "Biographical & Historical Memoirs of LA.", by Goodspeed, and other sources such as the internet, books, census records, etc. - all are wonderful resources of information.
I would appreciate any additional information applying to these and any other local persons to be placed here on this blog.

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