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East Carroll Guards go to Lake Charles, La.

July 11, 1896
The Banner-Democrat

The following is the roster of the East Carroll Guards that will attend the encampment at Lake Charles. They will leave tomorrow night on the Annie Laurie, and every person in our parish wishes the boys a pleasant trip and a safe return home:
R. N. Rea, Captain T. B. Davis, 1st Lieutenant
C. F. Davis, 1st Lieutenant W. R. Powell, 1st Sergeant
M. M. Goodwin, 2nd Sergeant C. K. Seghers, 1st Corporal
W. J. Blansfield, 4th Corporal M. B. Deeson, Color Sergeant
Captain J. S. Guenard, Ordinance Officer
PRIVATES: J. W. Barber, E. W. Belden, Ed Frost, J. L. Kennedy, W. H. McCulloch, T. E. Pinkston, C. A. Webb, T. S. Delony, C. E. Barwick, J. B. Brown,l Paul Gardham, S. B. Kennedy,. J. P. McCutchen, F. H. Schneider, R. L. McKee, James Beard, Jr., and Urias Conn, Armorer.
Mrs. Joseph E. Ransdell, Chaperon Miss Kittie McCulloch, Sponsor
Miss Nannie Rhodes, 1st Maid of Honor
Miss Dollie Kennedy, 2nd Maid of Honor
Miss Nellie Montgomery, 3rd Maid of Honor
The following persons will accompany the soldiers on the encampment: Rev. C. D. Mack and wife, Hon. J. E. Ransdell, E. J. Delony, and others.

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