Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Historical Land Item

East Carroll Delta News, July 22, 1965
"Looking at the large aerial photograph-map of Lake Hall Plantation owned by George T. Hider, a distinct triangular section of land appears annexed from adjoing Oakland (Plantation).
Mr. Hider supplies an interesting bit of relevant information as was told to him by the late Judge F. X. Ransdall.
During the days of the "floating palaces" on the mighty Mississippi, the owners of Lake Hall and Oakland were engaged in a card game aboard one of the famed river boats, going downstream to New Orleans.
Upon losing his cash and stocks in the game of chance, the owner of Oakland gambled a portion of his plantation, the plat of which he drew on a piece of papper.... and lost.
Thus the triangular section of Oakland was ceded to Lake Hall. It contains approximately 13 chains."

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