Thursday, May 14, 2009

Settling of Northeast Louisiana

(Now East and West Carroll Parishes)

“The first settlement in East Carroll in the early 19th century was on the Mississippi River in the vicinity of Lake Providence, which then called Stock/Stack Island Lake. James Floyd claimed a section of land between the river and the lake, alleging that he had settle upon it in 1803. William Culfield and William Collins each claimed a section of land on the lake, their tracts adjoining Floyd‘s claim. They also dated their occupancy from the year 1803.
John Millikin, registrar of the land office, knew of a Mrs. Bruit who resided on the river a mile below the mouth of Stock/Stack Island Lake. Other early names are Hugh White, Samuel White and Herbert/Harbird Hood, who were granted land here in 1812.
William Barker and two or three persons named Dempsey were reported to be living on the lake in 1813 and raised corn and other produce. One of them, Joe Dempsey, hunted along the banks of what is now called Joe‘s Bayou, which was named for this early hunter.” “Between the Rivers” by Florence McKoin

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