Monday, June 15, 2009

My Other Blogs of East Carroll Parish, La.

Northeast Louisiana Soldiers in the Civil War
I am trying to put all the rosters of the regiments/units that was organized in the area of Carroll Parish. Lots of these soldiers lived near and were mentioned in the Lake Providence vicinity. If you know of any regiments or units rosters that I do not have in this list please contact me.

Headstone Pictures of East Carroll Parish, La.
I am trying to collect headstone pictures of all the Carroll/East Carroll Parish cemeteries. I really could use your help and would be grateful for anyone contributing to the headstone pictures. The only requirement is that the person would have to have been from Carroll Parish or what use to be a portion of Carroll Parish, but is now a part of Ouachita, Warren, or Concordia parishes. I thought about putting all the pics on the blog itself, but I don't think I could do all that, so I decided that I was going to 'mark' on the cemetery lists the ones I have a picture of. If you see anyone on the list marked that I have the picture, please contact me and I will get you a copy of it. A person can receive a copy of a headstone picture, upon request, by snail mail ($1. for cost of envelope, stamp, & photo paper), or FREE via email. Please see what I have started and visit the "East Carroll Parish Headstones" blog. picture [DEADON Willie Worm Wood, born May 29, 1882 died May 4, 1958]
If you know of, or have any headstone pictures of, any cemeteries that is or was once considered a part of the old Carroll Parish ... I would appreciate knowing the name and location of that cemetery. I would be sincerely grateful for all headstone pictures. The only cemeteries that I have on my lists, so far, are what is located in East Carroll Parish.

Newpaper Stories of East Carroll Parish
I will be adding interesting stories concerning people and happenings around the parish of Carroll and East Carroll. I have lots of newspaper stories and will try to add quite often. CHECK IT OUT !!! I hope you will enjoy them.

Carroll Parish/East Carroll Parish People's Pictures
I have had several people to send me pictures of their ancestors & relatives and I have run across pictures of people that lived in the Carroll Parish area myself that I would like to share with you. I would like to place all these pictures on my 'pictures' blog. I would appreciate any other pictures of people that lived in the parts of Ouachita, Concordia, or Warren parishes which is now East Carroll Parish. I am going to try to keep all pictures pre-1940's, to try to keep it under control and interesting. If there is anyone that recognizes some of the people that isn't labeled I would appreciate your letting me know who this person is... some of my sticky labels was separated from the pic and I apologize for losing that information. I will add pics as I can and hope that everyone enjoys them as much as I do.
Thanks, Sandy Moore
P. S. I am collecting E. C., La. Civil War material, old business journals, diaries, all kinds of pics (such as churches, schools, buildings), maps, biographies, etc., etc....
[Email me for my snail mail address]

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