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1853, 1878, and 1905 Yellow Fever Deaths

Submitted by Gordon A. Cotton: "Mississippi River Routes"
The Vicksburg Genealogical Society Quarterly Journal
Fall 1996, Volume 4, Number 1

Name - Occupation - Age - Nativity - Date of Death
Artley, Charles, carpenter, 28, U. S. , Sept. 25.
Beelier, J. L., 35, Sept. 09.
Berry, J., 18, La., Sept. 30.
Bloch, Herman (at Stines), 16, Prussia, Oct. 07.
Bryan, 50, U. S. Sept. 17.
Campbell, Mrs., 30, La., Sept 09.
Cannahan, Mrs. Pat., 25, Ireland, Sept. 22.
Child at McGinty's, 3, Ohio, Sept. 19.
Clark, Ben F., 40, Ky., Sept. 09.
Clary, __, (at Hospital), Ireland, Sept. 26.
Clifton, James, 30, Ala., Sept. 21.
Conley, John, 15, Sept. 27.
Conn, (at Hospital), 55, Germany, Sept. 20.
Conners, Mary, 20, Ireland, Sept. 27.
Connolly, James, 30, Ireland, Sept. 25.
Curry, Mrs., 30, Ohio, Sept. 20.
Dunn, Dr. T. W., 30, Md., Sept. 25.
Ernest, barber, 18, Germany, Sept. 23.
Fannin, Ireland, Sept. 26.
Feely, 30, Ireland, Sept. 01.
Ferry, Mrs. 28, Ohio, Oct. 01.
Fidler, George, 45, Scotland, Sept. 19.
Graham, William J., 35, La., Sept. 19.
Graves, W. T., 25, Tn., Sept. 09.
Greenwood, (at Hospital), 30, Sept. 21.
Griffith, Miss, 13, Ohio, Oct. 02.
Griffith, (T. S. Griffith's son), Ohio, Oct. 04.
Hain, John A., 22, Tn., Sept. 09.
Hamilton, Mrs., 25, Ohio, Sept. 28.
Hamilton, Robert, 1, O(hio?), Sept. 28.
Hoffman infant, (child of Mrs. Hoffman,
who died same day), 1 week, Sept. 28.
Hoffman, John Q., 28, Ohio, Sept. 09.
Hoffman, Mrs., 30, Ohio, Sept. 28.
Hogan, James, 3, O(hio?), Sept. 27.
Hogan, John, 50, Ireland, Sept. 17.
Irish Pete, (at McAuley's), 23, Ireland, Sept. 09.
Irishman, (at McGinty's), Ireland, Sept. 09.
Irishman, (at Pat Foley's), Ireland, Sept. 17.
Irishman, (at Pat C. Foley's), Ireland, Sept. 21.
Jordan, Henry D., 4, La., Sept. 25.
Kate, Miss, 20, Ireland, Sept. 24.
Kauffman, B., 17, Germany, Sept. 17.
Kauffman, M., 45, Germany, Sept. 17.
Kelly, John, 28, Ky., Sept. 26.
Kennedy, S., 7, La., Sept. 30.
Kimball, Abel, 35, Maine, Sept. 27.
Kimball, Lula, 4, La., Sept. 01.
Koffman, Jacob, 18, Germany, Sept. 09.
Lambert, (at Dollroff's), Tn., Oct. 02.
Langford, Ben, 35, Ala., Sept. 17.
Lewis, Miss Mary, 16, Germany, Oct. 02.
Lilly, John, 6, La., Sept. 28.
Lilly, Mr., 50, U. S., Sept. 26.
Lilly's, child, 2, U. S., Sept. 25.
Man at Hospital, Sept. 20.
Man at Hospital, 55, Germany, Sept. 20.
Marks, Mrs. H., 22, Germany, Sept. 27.
Matthews, 39, Ms., Oct. 03.
Maxey, Thomas, flatboat, 50, England, Oct. 07.
McAuley, Alex, 35, Ireland, Sept. 25.
McAuley, (Samuel's nephew), Ireland, Oct. 11.
McFall, William, 30, Ireland, Sept. 19.
McGuire, Hugh, 33, Ireland, Sept. 26.
McGuire, Mary, 22, Ireland, Sept. 09.
McGuire, Mrs. William, 20, Sept. 20.
McKinney, 36, Indiana, Sept. 20.
Meny, Ben, 10?, Ms., Sept. 26.
Merry, J. K., 48, N.J., Sept. 27.
Merry, Susan, 43, N.J., Sept. 30.
Michael, (at Logan's), 25, Ireland, Sept. 09.
Miller, Harriet, 60, Va., Sept. 09.
Miller, John W., P.M., 71, Va., Sept. 09.
Miller, Selina, 14, Va., Sept. 17.
Moran, Martin, (at Ashton), Ireland, Oct. 06.
Murrel, Charlotte, 4, Ms., Sept. 09.
Negro (belonging to Harry Met__el), 45, Oct. 01.
Negro man, Perry (belonged to Bryan), 45, Sept. 24.
Negro woman, Betsey, (Cora's mother), Oct. 03.
Negro woman, (belonged to F. B. Richardson), Sept. 24.
Negro woman, (in country), (belonged to Sibley), Oct. 08.
Norman, Mrs. Dr., 30, U. S., Sept. 25.
Norman, S. R., Oct. 08.
Nicholson, (in country), N.S. (Nova Scotia?), Oct. 07.
O'Conner, Pat, Ireland, Sept. 09.
O'Daniel, Ireland, Sept. 23.
O'Donnell, 43, England, Sept. 09.
Owen, W., 23, Wales, Sept. 09.
Painter, Warren, 25, Sept. 19.
Patterson, Thomas T., 28, U. S., Sept. 09.
Pennington, Mrs., 60, O(hio?), Sept. 25.
Price, boy child of Mrs. Price, Tn., Sept. 20.
Price, infant of Mrs. Price, 1, La., Sept. 17.
Price, Miss, 12, Tn., Sept. 27.
Richardson, F. B., 30, La., Sept. 23.
Roberts, Dr. S. P., 35, Ms., Oct. 04.
Roberts, T. O., (in country), Ms., Oct. 04.
Scott, Miss, 17, Ky., Sept. 20.
Selby, Julia, 30, Ky., Sept. 01.
Settle, John, 28, U. S., Sept. 17.
Shaw, daughter, La., Oct. 06.
Shaw, Miss, 12, La., Sept. 28.
Spratling, Mrs., U. S., Sept. 23.
Streble, daughter, 9 mo., La., Oct. 04.
Streble, John, 4 1/2, La., Sept. 30.
Terry, Jo, 25, Ala., Sept. 17.
Thomas, William O., 33, Ms., Oct. 05.
Tuttle, Thomas, 24, U. S., Sept. 23.
Van Devender, 45, U. S., Sept. 19.
Warren, painter, 25, Sept. 27.
White, J. O., 28, U. S. , Sept. 28.
Wiley, Mike, 18, Tn., Sept. 21.
Wilson, C.L., (in country), 30, Ky., Oct. 03.

NOVEMBER 23, 1878
(East Carroll Democrat and from the Madison Journal):
A. V. Brown died of Y. F. at Delta, Louisiana.
Thad Smith is down with the fever.
(total deaths in N. O. La, this year is 4,500)

NOVEMBER 30, 1878
East Carroll Democrat
Through the attention and kindness of Dr. E. M. Divine, we have been furnished with the following list, which comprises the deaths of whites from yellow fever in the Goodrich’s Landing neighborhood. Our friend, the Doctor has labored assiduously during the entire prevalence of the dreadful disease, and is entitled to the grateful consideration of our people for his self-sacrificing exertions:
Capt. A. C. Rhoten
Dr. R. T. B. Hays
Tommie Denson
Jimmie Craig
Mrs. Leopold Mayer
Marcus Mayer
Mrs. M. W. Chapline
Mr. J. A. MacDonald - owner of “Bill Forest” at Goodrich’s Landing last week.
Oscar Bernd
Mrs. C. L. Langham
Mrs. G. A. __?__
Mr. And Mrs. R. ?. Powell
Robert Powell
Charlie Langham
an infant of Mrs. Barbam’s
Miss Vickers
W. F. Bledshoe
Eugene Graves
Master Armstead, a Swede at Dr. Wyly’s
William Kleinhentz.

1905 Yellow Fever Deaths
Daily Democrat of Greenville, MS.
Sept. 20, 1905. W. K. Alston, one of the prominent residents of the town died at 6:30 this evening. He had been ill only 3 days.

Banner-Democrat, Nov. 4, 1905
THE DEATHS LIST FROM YELLOW FEVER.--Reported by Dr. Krauss and Rev. C. Mahe, is as follows:
Captain. V. M. Purdy
Col. W. H. Benjamin
T. W. Allen
Gus Johnson
B. M. Ralph
W. M. Houx
B. F. Crain
Harry Hill
D. Houx
W. K. Alston
W. K. Spurlock
R. Farrier
John Franklin
J. T. Lindsey
Mrs. G. P. Welsh
H. Colletti
J. Dorson
Jimmie Pearl
Grandison Conn
Simon Harris
T. Conn
Louis Jones
Robert Diggs
???? Braxton
A. Robinson
B. L. Green.

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