Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ferderal Regiments/Troops at Lake Providence, La.

Bissell's Engineer Brigade

Dietzler, G. W., Colonel.

Duff, Colonel - Engineer Brigade

Ellet, Alfred W. - Marine Brigade

Taylor, Dick Taylor - Trans-Mississippi Dept.

Reid, Hugh T. Reid, General
[3 companies at Bass Plantation]
[2 companies at Wilton Plantation]

1st Arkansas Volunteers (African Descent)

1st Kansas Mountred Infantry
[5 companies stationed at Camp Butler, near L. P.]
[9 companies]

1st Missouri
[cut levee at Ashton Plantation]

3rd Division
Logan, General

4th Minnesota Infantry

5th Minnesota

6th Division
McArthur, General John

8th Louisiana (African Descent)

16th Wisconsin

17th Army Crops-
McPherson, General

17th Wisconsin Infantry

23rd Iowa
General Denis

31st Ohio Regiment
Brundage, Dr. Alfred

42nd Ohio Infantry

48th Ohio Vet. Volunteer Infantry

78th Ohio
[Chaplin: Thomas M. Stevenson]

81st Illinois Regiment

95th Illinois Regiment

124th Regiment Illinois Infantry Volunteers

(confederate or federal??)
18th Texas Infantry

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  1. Gen. Reid was commander of the 1st Brigade, 6th Div., 17th Army Corp. Army of the Tennessee
    The 1st Brig. consisted of the 16th Wi and the 1st Kansas.
    The 1st Missouri Light, Battery C was with the 6th Div.Artillery.
    The 17th WI and the 95th IL were in the 2nd Brig., 6th Div.

    Jim Oates