Saturday, March 6, 2010


We're a band of dusky darkies,
Who run this river wide,
No matter what the weather is--
No matter how the tide.
On the bully steamer Julia,
Not gaudy nor yet fine
But she's the Queen of the Mississippi,
And the pet of the Anchor Line.

Our captain is a regular brick,
Of that there's no mistake;
'Tis useless sure to tell you,
That his name is William Blake.
William Goebel is his bower,
Charles Quesnel is the same--
Assisted by Pell Thomas,
A full hand for any game.

With George Riley on the lookout,
And his partner, Jimmie Reed,
You can go to bed at nightfall,
And sleep in peace indeed.
For they're two old Jolly stagers,
Upon the stormy deep,
Who guard your lives from danger,
When you are all asleep.

Before we go much farther,
Right here we'd like to state--
Fitzgerald runs the lower deck,
A first class river mate.
And when he cries out "wood pile,"
We light upon a yard,
And the way we make the wood fly,
As a credit to "Kerrigan's Guard."

George Todd is in the cabin,
A steward that's hard to beat,
Assisted by John Harris--
Who fix things good to eat.
And up in "Saratogo,"
Ben Prather sits in style,
And his viands are so tempting,
It causes all to "smile."

Hold on there, captain, hold on!
Let down the stage a minute;
Here's the mail bag for Frank Whiston,
And I know there's something in it.
Yes, indeed, in every letter
There's an order for some mutton,
So buy it for us fresh and good,
And send it back by Sutton.
May 1875, Carroll Watchman newspaper, Author UNKNOWN.

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