Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Project on East Carroll Parish

I really don't want to spill the beans right now, but would like to have YOUR input on some information for a project I am trying to get together.... but I have to have information from my followers and readers.
My question to ya'll is 'What are some of the most interesting/significant things about Lake Providence/Carroll Parish that you know about?'   I will mention some of the things I think about so that you might think of some things that you know of about there.
1) Beautiful Arlington Plantation.            
2) Cotton, cotton, and more cotton.
3) The Dairy Queen in town and the Skating Rink over the lake.
4) The split of Carroll Parish into East and West Carroll parishes.
5) The beautiful lake, with it's moss covered cypress trees.
6) Grant's Canal and Soldiers' Rest.
7) Joseph Ransdell, Charles Carroll, Maude VanFossen.
8) Yellow Fever Epidimics and Floods.
9) Teddy Roosevelt's bear hunt.
10) The 4th Louisiana Infantry.
11) The Miss Louisiana Beauty Pageant.
12) Sportsman's Paradise and the muddy Mississippi.
These are a few of the things I can remember, but would love to read what you know of my old hometown.  Please let me hear from you with your comments below or email to me. 
P.S.  If I get enough of a response I will tell you about this plan I am working on.
If you have pics I would love to see them... please send in Subject: "L.P. Project", by email:

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  1. Hi Sandy,
    My name is Perri Cole and I've just been listening to my grandfather, Perry Cole's audio tapes about the 1905 (?) yellow fever epidemic in Tallulah. He actually lived at Neely in Omega and they all were quarantined there, and on Moneygal Plantation as well. Apparently my relation, Judge Jim Gilfoil had yellow fever. I have a few more details if you're interested?
    Kind regards,