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Prisoner escapes on his Lawyer’s horse.

Here are a couple of posts, stories out of the East Carroll Delta Newspaper in the mid 1960's.  It was a regular column that brought out some of the history of Lake Providence and also some of the days in the life of Nookie, the writer of the columns. 

Prisoner escapes on Lawyer’s horse.
November 25th, 1965
by Unk Nook
Hello Folks,
The story has its beginning on the Saturday night following the Thanksgiving Holiday of 1904.
This whole episode was the result of a little misunderstanding. A misunderstanding between two very good friends- leaving one of those involved in deep trouble. For the sake of anominity [sic] we shall call these two “A” and “B”. It seems that “A” was eating a piece of cheese, “B” had asked for some cheese but had been told by “A” that there wasn’t enough to share. The reader must also bear in mind that both “A” and “B” had been squeezing the jug quite heavily all night. When “A” refused to share his cheese “B” uncorked a haymaker that put “A” on the dirt sidewalk for what should have been the count of one thousand. “B” made the mistake of getting down close to “A” to finish him off. ”A” put his arms around “B’s” neck and bit his nose, leaving “B” with a smooth face from forehead to his chin. “A” made his escape from the law but this Thanksgiving firewater made him break into a saloon on Lake Street. Just as he wal leaving the Drink Emporium he walked into the arms of the Night Marshall, loot and all. He was placed in the callaboose [sic] until Monday, then taken around to the jail to await December term of court.
“A” had a sister living in another city and she employed her home town lawyer to defend her brother, “A” was charged with fighting and disturbing the peace- breaking and entering, and assault by biting off the snozzle [sic] of his fellow man.
Sunday afternoon the lawyer rode into Lake Providence on a beautiful sorrel horse and a brand new saddle and bridle. On Monday morning he hitched his steed to the hitch rack back of the jail and made himself ready for the defense of his client.
“A” case was called a few minutes after nine a.nm. after hearing the testimony of several witnesses and debating with the D. A., this out of town lawyer requested a short recess to talk privately with his client. The judge granted the request.
In an ante room during the secret confab the client asked permission to be excursed (the bathroom was in the jail house yard).
In the meantime I was in the kitchen begging Uncle Alf (he was cook and part-time jailer) to let me rent his goat and wagon for two bits - Uncle Alf was holding out for 4 bits. We were ion the middle of this discussion when “A” walked through the kitchen - Uncle Alf told “A” to take the lawyer’s horse. “A” needed no further invitation. Paul Revere’s ride could not compare with “A’s” ride.
The out of town lawyer wound up with no horse, no case, and no client.
“B Cing U”
Unk Nook

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