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Matthew B. Sellers' Family at Oakland Plantation

Some information from the pages of "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Payne Pinkston
Matthew B. Sellers purchased Oakland Plantation from Wiley Taylor in 1832, "1,856 acres, cattle, farming utensils, 26 slaves, the crop and all appurtenances" for $20,000.
Matthew Sellers served as president of the Police Jury from 1854 to 1858. Mrs. Sellers, the former Elizabeth M. Cash of Philadelphia, PA., took great pride in the home-site which overlooked the calm and placid lake. There were trees of cypress, oak, pecan, and magnolia on the grounds.
Mrs. Matthew Sellers, the daughter of Thomas Cash, died in January, 1867, and was buried in Woodland Cemetery in her home town, It was after then that Matthew B. Sellers sold his beloved Oakland, probably moving to back to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
A party held at Oakland in those days illustrates gracious living of the ante-bellum period. Guest from plantations and town were invited to attend a masque or character portrayal party. Mrs. Dr. Burwell was mistress of the parlor and dance room; Mrs. Frank Coleman was hostess of the supper room, Mrs. Sellers, Hostess of the home, graciously invited her guests to "freely partake of the bountiful supper..."
Some guest came dressed as Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and Aaron Burr. "Never have we had the pleasure of being present at a more elegant, sociable and pleasant costume ball", one guest was hear to remark.
Many social activities occurred at the elegant residence on Oakland Plantation in pre-Civil War days. The house was described as a mansion. Surrounding the home grounds was an iron fence across the feront, or near the public lake road, and high picket fences on the sides and rear.
The plantation was fronted on the north side by the lake, on the upper or western side by Bellaggio, below, or on the south, by Jefferson Ridge owned by John S. Chambliss."
Land Patents
SELLERS, M B 05/01/1827 74 LA0860__.053
SELLERS, MATTHEW B 04/02/1829 75 LA0860__.057
SELLARS, MATTHEW B 08/01/1838 330 LA0930__.026
SELLARS, MATTHEW B 08/01/1838 404 LA0930__.027
SELLERS, MATHEW B 06/20/1837 1441 LA0880__.175
SELLERS, MATHEW B 06/15/1837 279 LA0860__.287
SELLERS, MATTHEW B 08/21/1832 331 LA0860__.124
SELLERS, MATTHEW B 08/05/1837 3408 LA0910__.223
1840 CENSUS of Carroll Parish:
Mathew B. Sellars 0000001000000 0000010000000
(He was in his 40's, she was in her 30's)
1850 CENSUS of Carroll Parish:
462 Sellers, Mathew B. 50 m U.K. planter 59250
Elizabeth 40 f PA
The following is from the local newspaper "Carroll Record" in Floyd, Louisiana:
February 18, 1867
Died, in the city of Philadelphia, on Monday, 28th of January, 1867, Elizabeth M. wife of Matthew B. Sellers, of Lake Providence, Louisiana, and daughter of the late Thomas Cash. Funeral from the residence of her sister, No. 235 South 13th Street, on Thursday morning, 31st of same month. Interment at Woodland's Cemetery.
NOTE: After his wife Elizabeth died Mathew Bacon Sellers must have moved back toward Maryland. Matthew Bacon Sellers was born in Baltimore, Maryland on March 29, 1869. He was the first of four children born to Matthew B. Sellers, Sr., and Angelina Leathers (Lewis) Sellers, who was descended from families native to Kenton and Carter Counties, Kentucky.
Matthew B. Sellers, II, invent many remarkable things. He almost beat the Wright Brothers in flight, however, he did patent the 1st retractable landing gear. He died in 1932. If you want to find out more about Mathew B. Sellers II, you can visit the website:
Barbara has put together a book about him that should be coming out in November of 'o9. You can find out about it on the same website.
On February 5, 1863, Grant headquartered at Arlington Plantation while he inspected the work at Lake Providence. (Arlington was the home of General Edward Sparrow) Grant ordered other Federal troops in to help on the canals. Federal troops numbered 20,000.
General McPherson established his headquarters on Oakland Plantation on Feb. 24, 1863. (The plantation had been deserted by Dr. Matthew B. Sellers)

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  1. I'm seeking to see if he is related to Robert B. Sellers, the father of Eli G. Sellers of Philadelphia. Robert may have been born in India? and emigrated in 1839. Lauralight1972@yahoo.com