Friday, March 1, 2013

May 15, 1868, Ohio Democrat article

"Another Negro Outrage" [Printed as it was written]
The Vicksburgh Times, of the 22d ult., gives the particulars of a recent murder of a family at Omega Landing, on the Mississippi river.  Four negroes, it appears, determined to kill a man named Keenan, for the purpose of obtaining some money they supposed he had just received for a lot of wood.  On the 11th inst., as Keenan left the Landing, he was shot by one of the negroes.  They then proceeded to search the victim, but found nothing in his pockets, and consequently determined to visit his house. 
Arrived there they killed Keenan's wife and son with an axem and then tied a daughter, a little girl, to a bed and set it on fire.  The murderers were pursued, and after a long pursuit, two of them were captured.  While the officers were conveying the wretches to prison, a mob of negroes seized them, and at once made a fire and roasted the criminals to death.

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