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1886 Keller's School Examinations

JULY 3, 1886

Miss M. C. Keller's school closed on 11th of June, and she gives an exact report of those who passed the highest examination, also those who won prizes.
Arithmetic-- Charlie Beard, James Beard, and Mary Beard; from United States money to Ratio; 197 examples were given them, worked all.
Charles Ikerd, and Dollie Kennedy; 297 examples were given them in U.S. money, fractions, denominate numbers, denominate fractions to ration; worked all.
John Kennedy, Maggie Crowly, Mande Williams and Olander Hamilton; 197 from beginning to the end of Arithmetic, worked all.
Albert Taylor, Ikie Cohn; worked all.
Suzett Maguire, Phenie Cohn, Morgan Larche; fractions, ratio, interest,Partial payments, partnerships, insurance, denominate fractions, profit and loss, commission and analysis; 319 were given them, failed on two.
Francise McBarron; 197 given her, worked all.
Ollie Keller, Pauline Larche, worked all of the 319
Nimo White, primary arithmetic, 48, worked all.
Ollie Cohn, Louie Martin, and William Taylor; 46 examples given, worked all.
ALGEBRA-- 100 examples were given worked all.
Mamie Therrel, 197 given her, worked all.
GRAMMAR-- Charlie Beard, James Beard, Mary Beard, Dollie Kennedy, Maggie Crowley, and Maud Williams, Olander Hamilton out of 299 questions answered all.
John Kennedy, Ikie Cohn, Francise McBarron out of 299 failed on 3.
Albert Taylor out of 299 failed on 2.
Suzett Maguire, Morgan Larche, and Phenie Cohn out of 489 questions false syntax answered all.

Pauline Ammons, Jake Purdy, Bessie Rhodes, Morgan Larche,
Nannie Rhodes, Moreau Purdy, Mamie Therrel, John Kennedy,
Dollie Kennedy, Morgan Hamilton, Mattie Hamilton,
Charles N. Ikerd, Pauline DeLauny, O. Hamilton, Francis McBarron,
Ollie Cohn, Hattie Blunt(Blount?), Suzet Maguire, Pollie Williams,
Ikie Cohn, Lizzie Therrel, Nimo White, Annie Belden, John Jenkins,
Maggie Crowley, Jason Hamilton, Annie Cassino, Lonie Martin,
Phenie Cohn, Lucien Killkist, Mary Brock, Bob Williams,
William Taylor, and Albert Taylor
Enrolled 61 children.

PRIZES-- Poems by Longfellow and Tennyson. Histories by Abbot, Story and picture books, Life of Cleveland, George Eliot and other poetry by Rose Cleveland.

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