Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tornado Destroys Monticello, Louisiana

February 09, 1867 (East Carroll Parish newspaper)
A portion of our parish was visited by a very severe hurricane (tornado) on Friday evening, the 1st inst. It came from the west, passing directly east, and following almost immediately the Goodrich Landing, Monticello, and Monroe Road, and crossed the Mississippi River at the Wilton Plantation. We are informed that it tore everything to pieces in its track. The town of Monticello was almost completely demolished, and almost every plantation along the road was injured by the blowing away of houses, cabins, stables, &c., and on some places it did not leave a house of any description standing. Several persons were badly injured. We also learn that it did considerable damage in Mississippi, but have heard no particulars. It was from a quarter to a half mile in width, and extended across the whole of our parish from west to east.

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