Saturday, September 19, 2009

Murders & Outrages of Carroll Parish, La.

Assistant Commissioner for the State of Louisiana
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, 1865 - 1869.
National Archives Microfilm M1027 Roll 34 Records Relating to Murders and Outrages
Mar. 1867 - Nov. 1868
May 26th, 1866 - Lieut. G. W. Rollins, Lake Providence, reports a freedman insulted the wife of W. R. C. Lyons (owner of a leased plantation) during his absence from home. On his return, Lyons gave the freedman 30 lashes. The overseer of the place, Hopkins (employed by the lessee), told Lyons he would protect the freed people. Lyons then went to Lake Providence and returning to the plantation with his crowd, knocked Hopkins down with a pistol, gave him 300 lashes with a cowhide, brought him to the river, put him on a steamboat and sent him down the river. An infantry force was sent to Lake Providence and remained there for some time but were unable to arrest any of the accused who absconded for the time.
May 27th, 1866 - Lieut. Rollins, Lake Providence, reports that about 10 o'clock on Sunday morning in the town of Lake Providence, Martin Day, freedman, for answering a white boy quickly was knocked down by Mr. Kingsly (white), taken through the town facing the East and there stopped and terribly beaten with rawhides by Kingsly and some 6 or 7 other men, who put a rope around his neck, nearly choked him, jumped upon him &c. Civil Authorities took no notice of the affair and on arrival of the Military the parties left the Parish.

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