Saturday, September 19, 2009

Steamer "David White" Blew Apart

February 26, 1867 (East Carroll Parish newspaper)
This boat was blown up a few days ago, about sixty miles above this point. We understand that the boat was completely separated bout the middle, and the ladies' cabin floated off down the river, thereby saving all the ladies on board, who were safely rescued at some distance below. The Captain, Engineer, Clerk, and one Pilot were lost, with some thirty-five or forty other persons, as we learn. We know of but one of the passengers who, and who got on the boat at this place. He was Dr. Bush, formerly, we believe, of New Orleans, late of Louisville.
We are not at all surprised at this catastrophe. This boat was utterly unfit to navigate the Mississippi. We traveled on her from Baton Rouge to this place last August; she was then almost a wreck, and seemed to be too old and crazy to hang together; we felt ourselves in constant danger.--by what authority this miserable concern has continued to run the river we know not. But doubtless official corruption has kept apparent life and motion in it, until the usual end and destruction of human life, which generally follow in all such cases, has been the fatal result.

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