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The Pennington~Roberts Wedding on March 10, 1869

(March 20th, 1869 newspaper)
In this village on the evening of the 10th inst., at the residence of the bride, by the Reverend M. DuBose, Colonel William F. Pennington and Mrs. Mattie Roberts. Colonel Pennington was a brave and gallant officer of the 4th Louisiana Infantry, and, as such, served with distinction in the cause of the Confederacy; and it is with peculiar pleasure that we tender our most sincere congratulations upon the consummation of his happiness. The editors of the Record were handsomely remembered. And as we raised the drinking glass, O'erflowed with the sparkling wave, We drank "long life to the happy pair, and a health to the fair and brave."
"When kindred hearts in rapture meet,
When e'en their plaintive sighs are sweet,
There dwells celestial bliss below,
Their flies all thought of care and woe."
The above lines suggested themselves to our mind on Wednesday evening while we gazed with unfeigned pleasure and satisfaction upon one of the most happy scenes it has been our privilege to witness for years. We refer to the marriage of our friends, Colonel Pennington and Mrs. Mattie D. Roberts. The bride looked truly magnificent in the splendor of her dress and person, while her gentle nature and goodness of heart shone out vividly in the lustre of her eyes; it has been many a day since we have seen so much to admire and approve as its the pair who stood up to exchange their marital vows. The Colonel looked fully self-possessed, and confident in the assurance of this future happiness. There was a "goodly company" in attendance who done ample justice to the good cheer which had been profusely provided; man a pleasant smile was provoked, and merry joke elicited among the joyous crowd. The bride and bridegroom were heartily toasted with all the good wishes that warm-hearted friends could conceive, in all of which we most earnestly joined, wishing them all the happiness this world can afford, be the vicissitudes what they may--
Closing with a cheery good night to the happy pair.

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