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Baseball Players Mentioned In Newspapers

[compiled by Sandy Moore]
July 1875 Newspapers in Carroll Parish

Mr. Carpe, Captain of the nine. The game to take place at "Concord," the plantation of Mr. David Hall, in this parish.
The Carondelets are a club formed in and around the neighborhood of Goodrich's Landing.
Mr. Basil Kiger stands, we believe, as the best player among the Regulators, particularly on fly balls. Captain Rhoton, of the Regulators, stands par excellance with the bat.
Gatesby Green, certainly, is not behind when he sent a ball so far in the right field that Clark Hall made the entire run for him.
Carp - good on the catch and run.
Boyd - good on the catch and run.
Newman - good on the catch and run.

August 1875
“ Peerless VS Fearless “
A large attendance of ladies and gentlemen graced the occasion of the Base Ball game between the above Clubs, Tuesday afternoon. The score stood 75 to 7, in favor of the Peerless. The Fearless have good material. They must practice, and “try, try again”.

The Junior Base Ball Club organized on Tuesday night and took the name of the “Star”.
Mr. Phil Aicklen; boss

J. J. Stanhill; boss
The last agony is the
in which we were shown the names:
S. Dreyfuss, short stop
Col. A. W. Green, second base
Bernard Leddy, pitcher
William Maquire, catcher
Simon Lewis
S. T. Austin, Sr.
Govy Hood, and others, in the field. This is a club among the “Boys”.

June 7, 1873
At a meeting held last Sunday night at the courthouse, a baseball club was organized, composed of some of our most promising young men, noted in particular for their personal beauty and their proficiency in never refusing to "take sun'thin'" when asked.
W. W. Benham was unanimously chosen President
Frank P. Armstrong, Secretary.
With this pair of roosters, in the chair and wielding the pen, they business of selecting a playing nine and electing the other officers was a matter of comparative case.
W. M. Abbott, the light and airy Deputy Clerk of Carroll, was chosen to look after the money as Treasurer, (he'll have a nice time finding any)
Charles Sweet, Captain of the Field
Hugh Leddy, Lieutenant
The following are the playing nine, who are to immortalize themselves this season;
Charles Sweet, Catcher
Hugh Leddy, pitcher
Frank Armstrong, first base
Frank Leddy, second base
Thomas Leddy, third base
Eugene Leddy, short stop
James Dunn, left field
Abbe Richard, centre field
J. J. Stanfill, right field.
The Eurekas will hereafter meet every Saturday night, at 7 o'clock, in the Courthouse. The Secretary is now looking for challenges from the Haymakers, Bostons, and Baltimores, but we suppose those clubs will disband immediately when they hear of the Eurekas.

June 14, 1873
The following are the names of the young gentlemen composing the newly organized Base Ball Club under the style and name of the True Louisianans, JR..
W. C. McRae, Catcher
James Lyons, Pitcher
F. J. Cannon, 1st Base
W. T. Smith, 2d Base
J. W. Dunn, 3d Base
James Turner, Short Stop
George Powell, Left Field
Paul Jones, Center Field
W. K. Spurlock, Right Field.
June 7, 1873

Jim Leddy ~ Catcher
Leonard Kolhar ~ Pitcher
Fen. Cannon ~ 1st base
Thad Smith ~ 2nd base
Tompkins ~ 3rd base
Clark Hall ~ Short Stop
Dubois ~ Left field
Green ~ Right field

July 22, 1875
The "O. K." were composed of persons living in the neighborhood of Concord place, and some gathered up from the Independence Club in Providence.
Mr. Clark Hall, Captain
Charley Oliver is equal to Mr. Basil Kiger ,as the best player among the Regulators, on fly balls.
Clark Hall
We consider that the Captain of the O. K.’s, Mark Hall, deserves more credit than any one on the field, for he was like that little troublesome insect, he was here, there and every where, directing, encouraging and cheering his men.

August 28, 1886
The Oak Ridge Base Ball Club will play the Providence Club here on the 15th of September. The public can look for a first class entertainment.
The ball given by the Hay's Landing Base Ball Club last Tuesday was a delightful affair. Many of our town people went down, and they speak in the highest praise of their Issaquena hosts.
The Providence and Milliken's Bend Base Ball Clubs will play a match game at Milliken's Bend on Monday the 6th of September. The Steamer Issaquena has generously given them low rates, $2 round trip, not including meals.

September 11, 1886
Milliken's Bend Club, mentions Charley Hope & Ben Yerger
[to be continued...]

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