Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mayors and Board of Aldermen

From "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Pinkston
Year: Mayor: Salary:
1855-0857 Robert M. Campbell
1859 Francis M. Hayes
1861 George W. McCarroll
1862-1868 There was no local government officials during these years.
1869 R. W. Roberts & W. H. Schneider (appointee)
1870 Mayor Egelly $100. yearly
1870 MalachI DuBose
1871 D. B. Gorham
1872 A. W. Roberts
1873-75 Ed. F. Newman (colored)
1875 C. R. Egelly
1876 Edward J. Delony
1884 Mayor Therrell $200. Annually
1903 Mayor Powell $400. A year
1919-1943 Mayor Biggs
1920 Mayor Powell $500. A year
1930 Mayor Biggs $1,000. A year
1950 Mayor Johnson $1,200. A year
1956 William B. Cone
1974 Mayor Jackson $12,000. A year
(In one place it shows the in 1920 Mayor to be Powell, and in the bio of Biggs it shows him serving as mayor for 24 years, appointed in 1919.
1873 Willie Neal (colored)
1876 D. L. Morgan, Charles R. Egelly,
V. M. Purdy, James Maguire & Jason Hamilton
1876 F. S. Garner
1876 James Maguire
1876 Charles R. Egelly, D. L. Morgan & V. M. Purdy

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