Sunday, September 20, 2009

Postmasters of Lake Providence, La.

Postmaster & Year Appointed
Thomas I. Chambliss 1835
William R. Jones 1837
Joseph C. Hollingsworth 1840
Hercules Hillman 1844
Thomas V. Davis 1845
James G. Fitzgerald 1856
Elihu Ferry 1847
John W. Miller 1849
James M. Berry 1853
Anozi W. Rendisell 1853
Isaac N. Kent 1855
J. K. Whitford 1855
John Harvey 1857
Frank H. Harvey 1858
George W. McCarroll 1859
Edward Matthews 1865
George C. Benham 1866
_______Bernard 1867
George C. Benham 1868
William H. Schneider 1869
Charles E. Moss 1870
George Van Kirk 1871
Charles E. Shearer 1872
Isaac L. Lewis 1875
Sterling T. Austin 1876
Robert L. Jones 1876
Thomas I. Galbreth 1878
Robert L. Jones 1879
Thomas I. Galbreth 1881
Robert L. Jones 1882
Felix H. G. Taylor 1885
Susie Taylor 1898
William Rous 1905
Adah Rous 1909
Alonzo J. McKee 1917
Lillian P. Witerow 1919
Mabel Tommy Biggs 1937
William E. Scott 1961
The first post office in Lake Providence was established on December 26, 1835. The town was located northeast of the present one, but the original site has long since caved into the Mississippi River or was destroyed during the Civil War. The Carroll Conservative of November 30, 1878, gives us the location of the post office: "The post office is now located on Lake Street (next door to Phil's Saloon). Where it will be located next week we will not venture to predict."
(out of the book by Mrs. Pinkston, "A Place to Remember")

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