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Order of the Easter Star, Chapter #42

(Organized on September 26, 1907)
The first meeting was at the Pecan Grove Lodge Hall. Early activities included social and musical programs, teas, receptions, a wedding reception for two members, Bessie Blackburn and Thomas J. Powell, and a reception in honor of the Grand Worthy Matron of Louisiana.
At the first meeting was Special Deputy, Mary S. Herring and member of the "Louise Chapter of Monroe".
1st WORTHY MATRON: Mrs. Rebecca Blackburn
1st WORTHY PATRON: Charles Hill
Mrs. Josephine Bass ~ J. W. Pittman
Phil McGuire ~ Mrs. Delha Bell Allen
Mrs. Roseta Levy ~ Mrs. M. J. Walker
Mrs. J. N. Hill ~ Mrs. Henry Maben
Mrs. Wilmoth Nemmo ~ Mrs. Lela Bell
Mrs. Susie Peck
GRAND ESTER: Juanita Ingram
DISTRICT DEPUTY:Grace Van Valkenburgh
DISTRICT DEPUTY: Helen Tschabold
Rosetta Levy ~ Omie Pinkston Warren
Ammiebelle Hill ~ Minnie Wagner
Delha Bell Allen ~ ^Mary Hall Reed
Anna P. Hill ~ Louise Porter House
Narcisse Blackburn Maguire ~ *Grace G. Van Valkenburgh
Annie Kaufman ~ Wilma Warren Russell
Katie White ~ Ethel King Watts
Bonnie Levy ~ Ottilie Wall
Clara May ~ *Minnie B. Erwin Bass
Dora Pepperman ~ Hazel Thompson White
Rae Stockner ~ Flora Maben Merrill
Helen Erwin ~ Lois Carnely
Susie Martin ~ Lorraine Mitchell
Bessie Powell ~ Bessie C. Walsworth
Mabel Biggs ~ Dora Roberts Nelson
Dora Stockner ~ Sue Maben Abernathy
Annie Belle Hill ~ Dolly Russell Newman
Annie Lindsey ~ Erwin Mildred ~ Allen House
Nellie Peck Kennedy ~ Helen Warren Tschabold
*^Maude M. Van Fossen ~ Doris LeFevre McDonald
Annie H. Abernathy ~ Iola Shay
Cora Lee Ragland ~ Fleeta Howell
Georgia Durham Pinkston ~ Icie Lovelady
Mildred Girod Muirhead ~ Alma Brown
Leona Perry ~ Sally Cochis
Lillie G. Bowers ~ Ruby Magee Deal
Juantia Taylor Ingram ~ Edna Arnold
Yvonne Taylor Tweedy ~ Betty Howard
(*Received Silver Certificates (in 1951) for 25 year membership)
(^Rec. Silver Certif. & Gold Chrysanthemums (in 1965) for 50 years membership)
"A Place to Remember ..." , Georgia Pinkston

BIOGRAPHIES: “Mary Warren Hawkins, the oldest daughter of Morgan L. & Omie Pinkston Warren, Mary, was born in the parish in 1904. She attended school in Transylvania and graduated from French Camp, Miss.. She received a degree from Northeastern University . She married W. B. Hawkins in 1928. Their son, W. B. Jr., graduated from Camberlain-Hunt Academy in Port Gibson, Miss., and from Louisiana Tech. He was a pilot during the Korean Conflict. For 30 years Mary Hawkins served as Treasurer of the Herrington Baptist Church in Monticello, La. She is a member of the Eastern Star and long taught 1st grade in the public schools. For more than 40 years she was a 4-H Club leader, and has served on the parish Welfare Board, the Library Board, the Red Cross and Parish Advisory Committees. “Miss Mary“ is known as a good neighbor and has given much of her time to the care of the sick and the needy.” From the book “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.
BIOGRPHIES: “Mrs. Kenner Howard has been a Sunday School teacher and department director at the 1st Baptist Church continuously since 1949. She has served as President of Baxter Bayou Home Demonstration Club and has been a member of the East Carroll Parish Library Board since the library opened in 1954. She is a member of the Trail Blazers Library Trustees; a 4-H Club leader; Rainbow Girl’s Leader; Cub Scout Den Mother; member of Eastern Star, and Chairman of Brairfield Academy library.” From Georgia Pinkston’s Book “A Place to Remember”.

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