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Newspapers & Proprietors, Editors, Reporters, etc....

Before the newspapers came out there were three public places that listed notices.
(1) The oak tree at "the mouth of Hood's Lane",
(2) The Pecan Grove Post Office,
(3) and the road leading to the Village of Monticello, La.

"Carroll Watchman", publication was from 1845 until 1854.
"The Louisiana Republican", published in 1850 - 1851.
"Lake Providence Herald", established in 1854, published until 1861. T. B. Hatch as editor.
"Bayou Macon Times", publishing in Floyd, La. in 1857.
"The Louisianan" published from 1858 - 1859.
[During the Civil War all newspapers ceased publication]
"Carroll Record" began in 1866 in Floyd, La. Editors; Edward & E. J. Delony. Records show that it moved to Lake Providence in 1867.
"The Elton Eagle", publishing in 1869 by George Benham, a "Yankee" editor/writer.
"Carroll Republican" began in 1871. Was devoted to the Republican Party.
"The Lake Republican", was being published in 1873. It claimed to be the largest paper & containing more original matter than any other paper outside of New Orleans. It's owner was Cain Sairtain, a Negro man, and the publisher was August D. Wright.
"The Carroll Watchman"; 1875. A. W. Roberts was editor.
In 1877 "The Carroll Conservative" appeared and was edited by D. L. Morgan. It was the 1st printed journal of the newly formed East Carroll Parish, La. It closed in 1879 when J. A. Delauney was publisher.
In either 1882 or 1883 "The East Carroll Democrat" began publication. M. S. Powell was the manager and J. N. Turner was publisher. Turner was publisher until he sold the renamed "Banner-Democrat" to Owen S. Brown in 1941.
May 4, 1882 Mrs. M. L. Garner, bought newspaper; 1st woman publisher in E. C. Parish.
Later the paper sold to D. L. Morgan.
"The Carroll Banner" was being published at the same time as the "E. C. Democrat". Owner was S. B. Kennedy. On August 6, 1892, the East Carroll Democrat and the Carroll Banner merged together to form "The Banner-Democrat". James N. Turner was owner and both S. B. Kennedy and D. L. Morgan continued as editors. The Banner-Democrat is still being published today.
A. B. Custer, worked there for 43 years; Business manager.
"The Delta News", published by A. C. Carlton, owner & editor, since it's beginning in 1964.
Margaret Surles also served as editor. [The Delta News is no longer being published]
Other Newspapers:
"Lake Providence Sentry", published in 1900.
"The Pelican", published briefly in the 1960's by Van Dixon, a Negro.
Women in Journalism:
Mrs. M. L. Garner, and her sisters, daughters of Warren M. Benton, were early reporters. One of Benton's daughters, married to T. J. Powell, was owner and editor of a newspaper.
Margaret Surles, helped to start the Delta News and served as editor, reporter, & photographer.
Mildred Rushing, was the correspondent for the daily papers in the area. Her featured stories won many commendations.

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