Sunday, September 20, 2009

Carroll/East Carroll Teachers & Educators

From “A Place to Remember”,
by Georgia Payne Pinkston,
& "Between the Rivers"
by Florence Stewart McKoin, else where mentioned
Pre-Civil War: Henry De Los Briggs @ Floyd, La.
1872: John Garner taught Charlie Reneau & Hugh Cheatham
1874: Mrs. Louisa France Pulley taught the Layman children
1875: Mr. R. K. Jayne @ Firemen’s Hall, L.P., La. (The Watchman)
1878: Henry Goodrich, Jr., Principal & Miss Saint, assistant
@ White Public School (Carroll Conservative)
1890's: Mr. Grubbs taught Mr. Chess Cawthorns brother's children
@ Unity Community
1893: At Mason Lodge; Mrs. R. W. Shillings, Mr. Dunken, & Mr. Burkett
1897 - 1914 Teachers:
1897: Miss Maud Taylor; 1st Assistant, Providence
Miss Mary Beard, 2nd Assistant, Providence
Miss Katie McCulloch, 3rd Assistant, Providence
Miss Emma Pope @ Longwood, Miss Ella W. Rous @ Shelburn,
and Miss Fannie Keene @ Transylvania
1898: Miss Edith Deval, and Miss Carrie M. Jackson
1900: (Opening of the new L. P. Public School) Professor Roberts
& S. B. Kennedy
1901: Mrs. F. A. Newman, Ward #1, Miss Bessie Nicholson
@Villa Vista, Miss Eddie Bass, Miss Carrie Byerly, and Miss Elodie Brown
1903: Miss Ethel Peck, & Miss Beula Goodrich
1904: Zula & Alma Rentz, G. B. Reneau, Mathew Redmond, Emily Jackson,
Claudia Pardue, Lydia Pearce, Estelle & Hattie Hedrick, Martilda Hornberger,
Clara Mae Rundell, & Estelle Allen @ Floyd School.
1905 Mary Redmond was added @ Floyd School.
1906 C. M. Tillman, trustee added @ Bayou Macon School.
1906 Miss Emily Jackson taught at Vaugh School (near Forest Home Plantation)
1907 - 1908 L. P. school:
Professor C. C. Lewis; Principal & Superintendent
Miss Lucie Nunn, 1st Assistant, Miss Irma Williams; 7th & 8th grades
Miss Belle Briant; 5th & 6th grades, Miss Eula Bean; 3rd & 4th grades
Miss Nettie Brown; Literature, Expression, & Physical Culture, and
Miss Minnie Collum teaches Music
1908: Reverend Grimes, Sr. @ Magnolia Church School
1909: Reverend Joseph Watkins @ Magnolia Baptist Church school.
1909-1910 Vaughn School:
Miss Emily Jackson, Miss Alma Rentz, Miss Claudie Pardue,
& Miss Clara Mae Rundell. Mr. Clyde Turner & Mr. H. M. O'Connell,
paid $10, for giving examinations.
Mathew Redmond, Principal, Julia White & Julia King @ Pioneer school.
Miss Lillian King @ Millikin, Miss Ethel Mitchell @ Transylvania,
Miss Marian Dunn @ Waddell, & Miss Susie Bell Peek @ Sondheimer,
Miss Pearl LeFerve @ Bayou Macon, Miss Jesse Moore @ Unity School,
Miss Lillian Long @ Floyd, and W. V. Hiter, Miss King, & Miss White @ Pioneer.
Miss Isabel Ransdell, Mrs. Eugene Guenard, Miss Narcisse Blackburn,
Miss Myrtle Rice, and Miss Carmen Breazeale @ L. P.
Miss Margaret Murphy @ Waddell, Miss Ola Johnson @ L.P., and
Miss Mary Hall, J. D. Stephenson, and Miss Robie Williams.
Misses Ola Johnston, Ethel Mitchell, Chrichton D. Cox, Lucy L. White,
Annie L. Cook, and Ruth Maguire. (during Spanish flu epidemic)
Miss Ethel Wyly, Miss Delma Beard, Miss Catherine Buchanan,
Miss Edna Fant, Miss Katie McSween, Miss Lucy White,
Miss Regina Reid, Miss Dorothy Vought, Miss Nita Mitchell
@ Sondheimer, and Miss Ernestine K. Soear @ Transylvania.
Miss Mary Bass, Miss Christine Johnston, Miss Marie Crosby,
Miss Beatrice R. Frey, M. H. Folk Jr., Miss Elizabeth Crymes,
Miss Sallie Faulk, Miss Laura Price @ Caney School, and
Miss Lorelle Melton.
Miss Bessie Louise Miller, Miss Etta Vaughn, Miss Mary Murff,
and Miss Louise Miller @ L. P. schools.
Mr. R. W. Watts, Principal & Mrs. R. W. Watts was a teacher
at Monticello School
Miss Edna McPherson @ Caney, Miss Mary Warren @ Bunch’s Bend,
Miss Katherine Mickie, Miss Inez Cox (piano & violin),
Miss George Huff, Miss Margaret Walters, Miss Mary Taylor,
Mr. Guy Summers, D. F. O’Steen, Mrs. Bessie Madray,
Miss Julia Waller, & Mrs. C. E. Hester (Kindergarten)
A Folk School was held at Monticello conducted by Miss Mary Mims.

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  1. It would have been nice to see African American teachers included. There were school for them in East Carroll Parish.