Sunday, September 20, 2009

Clerks of Court

1832 Parish Recorder Thomas J. Cooley
1837 9th District George G. Skipworth
1846 10th District Eli Harris
1859 10th District P. W. DeFrance
1860 13th District John L. Cheatham
1869 13th District R. K. Anderson
1873 13th District David Jackson
1877 13th District Benjamin H. Lanier
1880 8th District Cyrus A. Hedrick
1884 8th District William Rous
1888 8th District J. D. Tompkins
1898 9th District J. S. Guenard
1900 9th District George F. Blackburn
1912 9th District John C. Bass, Jr.
1920 6th District George F. Blackburn
1933 6th District Wm. McF. Long
1937 6th District Emilie Keene
1940 6th District James H. Guenard
1948 6th District Rubye N. Guenard
1952 6th District Edna Bishop
1956 6th District Edna Bishop Brock

“BLACK CONTRIBUTORS TO EARLY HISTORY: Henry Jones remembered favorably by many was a merchant. In 1896 he erected a nice residence south of the courthouse. Today the house is occupied by his son-in-law and daughter, the Henry Simmonses, Charles Hicks, another sheriff and member of the School Board, is mentioned in records for 1875. David Jackson was Clerk of Court and Marion Sweet was recorder.” From “A Place to Remember”, by Georgia Pinkston.

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