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Knights of Pythians

Knight of the Pythians, No. 28. [newspaper articles]
July 21, 1883
Thomas O. Benton, Grand Chancellor of the District of Louisiana K. of P. visited our town in the interest of the order; A meeting of Lodge No. 28 was called and an entertainment given in honor of the event on Monday evening the 16th inst.
February 23, 1884
Two of our popular Bunches Benders, W. C. McRae and Mr. J. C. Murphy, were in town Tuesday night attending the meeting of the K. of P., Mr. C. C. Miller explained that both gentlemen are worthy aspirants for the "Knightly" rank.
March 06, 1884
Knight of Pythians.-- Mr. Browder Beard and Hon. Ed. F. Newman, District Attorney of the Floyd District came to town by the direct over land water route, from our sister city of Floyd, on Tuesday last. Mr. Newman was a visitor, we learn, to the Providence Lodge, K. of P., on Tuesday night, and witnessed the charging of Mr. C. C. Miller in the Chivalric rank. He saw something rare.
May 07, 1887
Our fellow citizen J. G. Oldfield is representing Providence Lodge 28, K. of P. in the Grand Lodge at New Orleans.
February 11, 1888
The following gentlemen were installed on Tuesday night as officers of Providence Lodge No. 28, K. of P. for the ensuing year: J. M. Kennedy, P. C.; E. J. Delony, C. C.; W. C. McRae, V. C.; James Beard, P.; F. R. Bernard, M. of E.; W. N. White, M. of F.; W. H. Schneider, K. of R. & S.; N. Reinstine, M. A.; James N. Turner, I. G.; V. Gargaro, O. G., Mr. Ed. Hamley as Representative to the Grand Lodge.
Knight of the Pythians, No. 28.
D. J. Delaney, Past Chancellor
W. C. McRae, Chancellor Commander
James Beard, Vice-Chancellor Commander
S. D. Tomkins, Preciate
W. H. Schneider, Keeper of Records
F. R. Bernard, Master of Exchequer
W. N. White, Master of Finance.
J. N. Turner, Master at Arms
V. Gargaro, Inner Guard
T. J. Fatheree, Outer Guard
June 11, 1892
Proceedings of Meeting of Confederate Veterans.-- L. P., La., June 5, 1892 in pursuance of a notice published in the Carroll Democrat, and in accordance with a call issued by Major John Glynn, Jr. the Confederate Veterans of East Carroll met at the Court House for the purpose of establishing a Camp Fire in this Parish.
The meeting was called to order by Judge F. f. Montgomery, upon whose motion Comrade Nat Murfee was elected temporary Chairman.
Upon motion of Comrade E. J. Delony, Charles R. Egelly was elected Secretary.
Comrade J. C. Bass briefly stated the object of the meeting, and upon motion of Comrade Montgomery, the Secretary of this meeting was instructed and authorized to communicable with Major Gen. John Glynn, Jr., commanding Louisiana Division of Confederate Veterans, and procure from him all necessary data relative to the permanent organization, to enroll their names at the Secretary’s office in the Town of Lake Providence, where the Roster can be found.
After transacting all business that could be accomplished at this meeting, Comrade J. C. Bass invited the Veterans and visiting gentlemen to partake of a sumptuous repast which he had caused to be prepared, and after spending several hours pleasantly in the interchange of incidents around the camp fire, the meeting adjourned to convene at the Court House on Monday, July 4th, 1892. Nat Murfee, Chairman, and Charles R. Egelly, Secretary.
December 24, 1892
Providence Lodge No. 28, Knights of Pythians, met on Tuesday evening last and elected the following officers for the ensuing years: J. D. Tompkins [C. C.], Yancy Bell [V. C.], G. M. Franklin [P.], W. N. White [M. of P.], W. H. Schneider [R. & S.], F. R. Bernard [M. of E.], and V. Gargaro, [M. at A.].
February 25, 1893
Providence Lodge K. of P. No. 28, met on Tuesday evening and installed the following officers: J. D. Tompkins, C. C.; Yancy Bell, V. C.; James Beard, M. of W.; W. H. Schneider, K. of R. & S.; D. H. Parker, P.; F. R. Bernard, M. of E.; W. N. White, M. of F.; G. M. Franklin, M. at A.; Walter Goodwin, L. G.; Dan O’Sullivan, O. G. The Lodge for the first time worked under the new ritual. A resolution was passed authorizing the C. C. to appoint a committee to draft a charter and submit it to the Lodge, to enable the Lodge to invest its surplus funds under the law as a body corporate. The C. C. appointed the following members of said committee; C. R. Egelly, W. N. White, and J. S. Milliken.
March 4, 1893
The Masonic fraternity held their regular semi-monthly communication on Wednesday evening, and worked in the first and second degrees. Pecan Grove is prospering.
December 23, 1893
Mr. J. D. Tompkins Chancellor Commander of Providence Lodge No. 28, K. of P. requests us to say that the officers elected on Tuesday night, will please be present at the next meeting Jan. 2nd to be installed. The members elected for the different positions are: Mr. Yancey Bell, Chancellor Commander; J. M. Kennedy, Jr., Vice-Chancellor; G. M. Franklin, M. of W.; Walter Goodwin, P.; Dr. F. R. Bernard, M. of E.; W. N. White, M. of F.; T. F. Montgomery, M. of A.; All the members are requested to be present.
May 12, 1894
Tribute of Respect.--Removed from this world our worthy brother Knight, Preston B. Wood, who was called away and whose spirit took flight from earth at the little town of Marietta, in the Indian Territory on the 25th of march, 1894.
He whom his brother Knights were pleased to honor with the high and honorable position of Prelate of this Lodge and upon whom doubtless higher honors would have been confirmed. We can only state that in the death of brother Wood, Providence Lodge No. 28, has lost a true and valiant Knight, friendly, cautious, and brave in every respect. While we morn his death, we can only offer to his heart-broken father and orphan child the consolation that he has gone to a better world, from whence no traveler returns. Fraternally submitted in F. C. and B.; Charles R. Egelly, W. H. Schneider, and J. M. Kennedy. April 30, 1894
[to be continued....]

August 02, 1884 [Newspaper Issue]
Colored K. of P.
On Friday night last the 25th inst, the above named Lodge of Colored Pythians assembled for the purpose of publicly installing their officers elected for the ensuing term. The large and commodious store on the corner of Lake and Levee Streets was secured for this purpose. Dr. C. A. Williams, Grand Chancellor of the State of Louisiana, officiating as Installing officer, assisted by William H. Green, Supreme Representative, officiating as Grand Master of ceremonies, in a clear and able manner performed the duties devolving upon them in their several official capacities and publicly installed the following officers: W. J. Yell, C: C; S. E. Overton, V., C; John Asberry, Prelate; T. I. Galbreth, K. of R. & S.; Jacob Ware, M. of E; Charles J. Brown, M. of F; G. W. Stewart, M. at A; Robert Diggs, I. G; Harry Harris, O. G. (skip)
This Lodge of Colored Pythians was instituted here only a short time since and from what we can learn is composed of good material and increasing in members, and is represented in the Grand Lodge by Grand Master-at-Arms, C. J. Brown, of this place, who was elected to that position at the recent session of that Body held at Monroe.
The summer lethargy of our town was enlivened on Monday last by the procession of colored Knights of Pythias, preceded by the Providence Brass Band, as they marched through our principal streets, and thence to the grove at the outskirts of the town, where an attractive and enjoyable picnic had been prepared.
January 22, 1887
Lakeview Lodge No.18
Mr. R. B. Baquir, Grand Chancellor, installed the following named officers of Lakeview Lodge No.18: W. J. Yell, P. G.; G. W. Stewart, C. C.; E. M. Baily, V. C.; Alex Armstrong, P.; Jacob Ware, M. of Ex.; M. E. Massee, M. E.; T. I. Galbreth, K. of R. & S.; Charles Gregory, M. at A. The Grand Chancellor is making his rounds of the Lodges throughout the state, sixty-five in number, preparatory to meeting the Grand Lodge, which convenes in Shreveport the third Monday in April next. He reports the Lodges doing well, affected only in some sections by the general financial depression.
March 31, 1894
S. W. Green, Grand Chancellor of the colored Knights of Pythias of the State, returned home a few days ago from his annual lecturing tour over the State. He is one of the best learned colored men in the State, and is competent to fill the high position. He tells us that the hard times are visible all over the State, and that East Carroll, in his opinion, is better off than the majority of the places he visited.
[to be continued....]

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