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Masonic Lodges of Carroll Parish

Monticello Masonic Lodge #92
(Recorded on Sept. 1, 1866)
"Walter T. C. Anderson and wife, Pamela Jane Jackson, in consideration of his great desire to promote the cause of Masonry and morality throughout the land and for the general good of the community, has given and granted forever unto Hewett J. Drew, Master, and Walter T. C. Anderson, Secretary, and Littlebray J. Land, Junior Warden of the Masonic Lodge known as Monticello Lodge No. 92, and to their successors in office.... a parcel of land situated in the town of Floyd....."
MASTER: Hewett J. Drew
SECRETARY: Walter T. C. Anderson
JUNIOR WARDEN: Littlebray J. Land
Cyrus A. Hedrick, James S. Millikin, and James Graham Oldfield.
By 1889 the Monticello Lodge ceased to function.

Old Solomon Lodge #130
(Chartered in 1855)
Masons met near Goodrich Landing. Later this lodge joined with the Pecan Grove Lodge. Old Solomon suffered "the destruction of its hall, furniture, jewels and charter by the U. S. Soldiers during the Civil." From "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Pinkston)

The Pecan Grove Lodge #222
(Established May 5, 1875)
The Pecan Grove Lodge #222, was first located at Goodrich Landing, but in February of 1889 it was moved to Lake Providence. Its' first meeting hall was upstairs in a building on Levee Street. It remained there until a new building was constructed on the corner of Lake and Hood Streets in 1957.
D. L. Morgan
John C. Bass
Emanuiel Mayer
Joe Beard
Leopold Mayer
C. A. Hedrick
Jacob Stein
Henry Marks
W. R. C. Lyons
E. J. Delony
Ed F. Newman
S. Lewis.
Oliver J. Morgan of Wilton Plantation was WORSHIPFUL MASTER of Western Star Lodge in Monroe in 1823. He was also an attorney and parish judge. Dr. Edward Delony, great grandfather of Vail M. Delony, wrote the Rules of Order for the Masonic Lodge of Louisiana which are still followed.
On February 1, 1957 it was dedication day for the new two-story brick building, which was constructed at a cost of $75,000. There were two rental suites on the first floor, with the lodge hall, kitchen, and other facilities upstairs. Grady McDonald, a former officer, presented the trowel of the ceremony to Harold King, a member recognized for his untiring work toward the building program.
Claude Coleman
H. G. Schneider

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