Sunday, September 20, 2009

Parish Attorneys

From "A Place to Remember", by Georgia Pinkston
Parish records are filled with the names of lawyers serving in the parish.
Each year listed below is the year each name first appeared in the court records:
Year Names
1835 Henry T. Daggett
1837 James Friend, Louis Selby
1838 Messrs. Amerson Stacy, M. Browder, Dunlap, T. N. T. Richardson
1840 B. F. Bosworth
1841 Thomas N. Pierce, Samuel Dupuy, F. D. Galloway, G. W. Copley
1842 John W. Wilson, Charles Wilson, J. W. Wyly
1843 George G. Willson
1844 Bartlett, H. Short, Felix Bosworth, B. F. Bosen
1845 William E. Blackburn, A. B. Caldwell
1846 Messrs. Short Draw
1847 W. Bosworth, Aquila Bolton Caldwell, W. Bryan, Berry, Parham
1848 H. R. Bonner, John A. Collins
1850 M. DuBose, Ferd M. Goodrich, R. Graham
1851 Charles A. DeFrance
1852 Edward Sparrow, Goodrich, Caldwell
1853 L. Selby, R. Graham, Andrew B. Hynes, H. R. Bonner
1854 Goodrich, DeFrance
1855 Sparrow, Montgomery
1856 Hugh Short, Parham, F. F. Montgomery
1857 A. W. Roberts, E. J. Delony
1858 Benjamin F. Clark
1859 Charles M. Pilcher, W. G. Wyly, William J. Duncan, E. R. Duncan
1860 Ben D. Roberts, A. W. Currie
1862 Ed. F. Duncan, D. C. Jenkins
1863 H. W. Drake
1866 Ferd M. Goodrich
1869 Malachi DuBose, W. B. Spencer
1870 D. B. Gorham, John Edward Leonard
1871 Abaisha W. Roberts
1872 D. B. Gorham
1873 C. A. DeFrance
1879 William Gillespi
1880 A. H. Embry, R. G. Campbell
1883 Robert W. Whetsone, Ransdell, Ransdell
1888 Wayles S. Brown
1889 Robert Kennedy
1890 Charles S. Wyly
1892 Clifton F. Davis, Leonard K. Barber
1893 E. D. Saunders
1894 Gray, McIntosh
1898 C. F. Davis
1938 H. G. Noteis

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