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Ferry Boats and Their Captains

As their were no bridges across the Mississippi, trade and travel made ferries necessary. Here are some of the early operators from Providence to the Mississippi shore. (*NOTE - Please read the note at the bottom of this page)
Captain Year
Silas R. Gilmore 1836
James C. Wilkins 1838 (from Wilkins Plantation to Washington, Co., Ms.)
George N. Parks 1841, 1844-1845
John P. Preston 1842
William Glathary 1843
Captain George Harrell 1887 (from Providence to Ben Lomond)
C. W. Edwards 1894
Maguire & Schneider 1907
Mrs. Ollie M. Wood 1911
Dr. John L. Kennedy 1916 (from 25cents to 35 cents)
C. LaCost & C. H. McMurray 1918 (price increased to 50 cents round trip)
John Edwards 1920
Here are some of the Ferry Boats that were used across other body's of water in Carroll Parish.
Ferry Location
"Bosworth Ferry" (Across the Tensas Bayou)
"Purvis' Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Lester's Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Jackson's Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Floyd Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Lane's Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Ashton Road Ferry" (Across Bayou Macon)
"Rush's Ferry" (Across Boeuff River)
"Wallis' Ferry" (Across Boeuff River)
"Owen's Ferry" (Across Boeuff River)

Notice in Carroll Parish Record Newspaper on August 4, 1866 Notice is hereby, given that the following named Ferries, in and for the Parish of Carroll, will be leased to the highest bidder for a term of twelve months from the 4th of Sept., A. D. 1865. Sealed proposals will be received by the undersigned at the Court House, in Floyd, on said 4th of Sept., 1866, for each Ferry, separately. And the parties to whom the said Ferries are awarded, will be required to give bond and approved security on the spot, and to pay one-forth of their bids in cash, and the remainder quarterly.
(ALL LISTED ABOVE) The lease of the Corbin Ferry to take effect from the first Monday in October next, and to expire at the same time of the leases of the other Ferries.
Given under my hand officially, at Floyd, La., this 1st day of Aug. A. D. 1866. H. M. Shaw, President Police Jury ATTEST: J. L. Cheatham, Clerk Police Jury. *NOTE: Please send any history, pictures, etc. of any of the Captains and/or Steamboats. They were so much a part of Carroll Parish's history. I will be glad to place them and your name here with it. I will also make a link to any websites that have any of the Steamboats that visited Carroll Parish's waterways.

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  1. Do you know if C. W. Edwards 1894 was kin to John Edwards 1920? I know John's daughter, Rosa, also worked on the ferry with him. I have pictures of Rosa's son, Johnny Edwards, checking the lights on the river in 1945 and a few of him with his airplanes if you are interested. Thanks, Brittany (Johnny's Granddaughter)